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  Augustus   (Imp. Caesar Augustus) - Roman emperor, 30 B.C.-14 A.D.
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  + Augusti , Caesar , Octavianus , Octavius , Sebastus
106/20 ergamum, a rhetorician who became one of the teachers of Octavianus.
64/40 orus of Pergamum, the future teacher of Octavianus, is in his prime.
63/39 The birth of C.Octavius, the future emperor Augustus.
63/40 and Catulus both have dreams about the future greatness of Octavius.
61/25a ulus has a dream about the future greatness of the young Octavianus.
59/1 Cicero sees the young Octavianus while accompanying Caesar, and dream
58/11 The birth of Livia, the future wife of Augustus.
54/64 Octavianus shows signs of great promise, while only nine years old.
51/37 Octavianus delivers a funeral oration in honour of his grandmother
49/13 Octavianus, the great-nephew of Caesar, is sent away from Rome to pro
48/65 Octavianus puts on the toga virilis.
47/59 Octavianus appears in the forum during the Latin Festival.
47/66 Octavianus is persuaded by his mother Atia that he should not go
45/8 alm tree near Munda as a sign of the future greatness of Octavianus.
45/28 Octavianus joins Caesar in Spain.
45/51 composes his final will, which names Octavianus as his chosen heir.
45/62 Octavianus is sent to Apollonia, where he continues his studies.
44/106 Octavianus visits Cicero and wins some support from him.
44/111 Antonius prevents Octavianus from standing for election as tribune.
44/112 Rome bring about a reconciliation between Antonius and Octavianus.
44/114 Octavianus is accused of plotting to murder Antonius.
44/126 Octavianus brings a large number of veterans to Rome, but they refuse
44/129 ions desert from Antonius to Octavianus, while marching from Brundisi
44/139 Octavianus offers to use his legions to fight on behalf of the senate
44/140 utbreak of civil war between Antonius, Octavianus and their enemies.
44/22 Caesar appoints Octavianus to become magister equitum, when Lepidus
44/44 Octavianus decides to return from Apollonia to Italy.
44/45 Octavianus arrives at Brundisium, and takes on the name of Caesar.
44/51 Octavianus travels across Italy to Tarracina in Latium.
44/55 Octavianus arrives in Rome.
44/56 Octavianus meets Antonius, but fails to gain his support.
44/69 Octavianus raises money and pays 300 sesterces to every Roman citizen
44/70 uls for recovery of property from Octavianus, as the heir of Caesar.
44/89 Octavianus holds the Ludi Victoriae Caesaris, during which a comet
43/2 awards special honours to Octavianus, who is given the rank of pro
43/4 Octavianus takes up the fasces for the first time.
43/100 Octavianus, Antonius and Lepidus agree to form a political alliance
43/101 Octavianus, Antonius and Lepidus meet on an island near Bononia,
43/105 Octavianus performs a favourable sacrifice at Spoletium.
43/108 Octavianus resigns as consul, and Ventidius is appointed consul in
43/15 & Cic:EpFr_4'16, letters from Cicero to Trebonius and Octavianus.
43/35 Hirtius and Octavianus approach Mutina, but do not come into conflict
43/43 Octavianus is hailed as imperator for the first time; reckoned by som
43/47 Octavianus practices declamation during the fighting around Mutina.
43/51 following the victory at Mutina, and lesser honours to Octavianus.
43/65 Octavianus enters into communication with Antonius and Lepidus.
43/66 Cic:EpFr_4'1-6'5, letters between Cicero and Octavianus.
43/88 Octavianus sends some centurions to demand that he be made consul,
43/91 Octavianus marches on Rome.
43/92 Octavianus is appointed consul.
43/93 Octavianus forces the senate into compliance, and gives away money
43/94 [Cic]:AdOct_, a supposed letter from Cicero to Octavianus.
43/99 The death of Atia, the mother of Octavianus.
42/15 ompeius defeats the fleet of Octavianus near the promontory of Scylla
42/20 Antonius and Octavianus sail with their army from Brundisium to Maced
42/23 Antonius and Octavianus arrive at Philippi.
42/26 Octavianus vows to institute a festival and a temple of Mars Ultor
42/28 fleet carrying further reinforcements to Antonius and Octavianus.
42/29 Antonius and Octavianus attempt to force Brutus to fight another batt
42/38 of the eastern provinces, and Octavianus agrees to return to Italy.
42/42 Octavianus' return to Italy is delayed by a serious illness.
41/6 rbances throughout Italy, as Octavianus confiscates land to give
41/8 Octavianus repudiates his wife Claudia, the daughter of Fulvia.
41/9 parties in Italy, the veterans declare their support for Octavianus.
41/15 War breaks out between Octavian and his enemies in Italy; L.Antonius
41/17 ius takes refuge in Perusia, and is surrounded by Octavian's forces.
40/3 ius Pollio refuses to respond to some insults written by Octavianus.
40/4 Octavianus captures Perusia.
40/8 Octavianus marries Scribonia, the aunt of the wife of Sextus Pompeius
40/11 Octavianus seizes control of Gaul, after the death of the governor
40/20 Octavianus allows Lepidus to take control of the African provinces.
40/23 Antonius is reconciled with Octavianus at Brundisium, and agrees
40/28 Antonius and Octavianus go to Rome, where they are awarded ovations.
40/31 Rufus is killed, after being accused of plotting against Octavianus.
40/32 to Rome, where Antonius and Octavianus formally recognise him as kin
39/14 Octavianus divorces Scribonia, on the same day that their daughter Jul
38/1 Octavianus marries Livia.
38/5 deserts from Sextus Pompeius, and hands over Sardinia to Octavianus.
38/8 ndisium, but leaves soon afterwards as Octavianus fails to meet him.
38/9 Octavianus prepares to renew the war against Sextus Pompeius.
38/14 The fleet of Octavianus is destroyed in a storm, after he is defeated
38/21 letters from Octavianus to the cities of Aphrodisias, Ephesus and Sam
38/22 letters from Octavianus to Stephanus, and from Stephanus to Aphrodisi
37/1 Octavianus attempts to repair the damage to his fleet.
37/8 Antonius and Octavianus meet at Tarentum, and agree the terms for the
37/11 Messala leaves Antonius and joins Octavianus.
36/6 Octavianus and Lepidus launch a combined attack on Sicily.
36/7 The fleet of Octavianus is damaged in a storm; but Menas deserts from
36/10 Octavianus is defeated by Sextus Pompeius near Tauromenium, and force
36/13 Gabienus, a soldier of Octavianus, utters a prophecy to Pompeius afte
36/14 Octavianus decisively defeats Sextus Pompeius in a naval battle near
36/15 deserted by his army, and Octavianus strips him of his triumviral
36/17 Octavianus offers concessions to stop a mutiny amongst his soldiers.
36/21 African provinces, and brings them under the control of Octavianus.
36/22 Octavianus is awarded honours, perhaps including tribunician power,
36/23 Octavianus celebrates an ovation, for his victory in Sicily.
36/24 Octavianus rewards Agrippa with the unique honour of a "naval crown".
36/25 Octavianus returns the runaway slaves to their masters.
36/28 Maecenas governs Italy on behalf of Octavianus.
Suetonius,- SUETONIUS, Augustus
    Within translations:
AstrCan_4 ep.) & [4] Kings of the Romans Augustus 43 761 337 43 30
Athen_14.652 received this name from Augustus the emperor, because he
ChronPasc_465 senate chose Octavius Augustus, a relative of Caesar,
ChronPasc_468 Firstly, Caesar Augustus was given the west with Italy;
ChronPasc_469 the 8th year of Augustus Caesar, the Romans gave the
ChronPasc_472 returned to Rome with Augustus, died and bequeathed his
ChronPasc_473 Sosibius also says that Augustus was the first emperor
ChronSynt_67 ith this [Hyrcanus], and Augustus the emperor of the Roman
ChronSynt_91 ered by the Romans, when Augustus the emperor of the Roman
ChronSynt_95 tipater was appointed by Augustus Caesar to be the first
ChronSynt_100 Cleopatra. Then Augustus was emperor at Rome, and kille
ElegMaec_1.1 of your war-service for Caesar and your equal loyalty to
ElegMaec_1.103 ctory: it was the judgement of Augustus that counted him
ElegMaec_1.17 blameless comrade, as Augustus' warrior, gallant and
ElegMaec_2.1 mighty achievement of mighty Caesar's training. Would
ElegMaec_2.11 and I die in your friendship, Caesar ; and, as I die, it
ElegMaec_2.27 youths doubly worthy of Caesar grow up to your support
Euseb]:Chron_5 tarting from Julius Caesar and Augustus; and the consuls
Euseb]:Chron_69 .C.]. In her time, Augustus was emperor of the Romans, who
Euseb]:Chron_71 atra died] in the 15th year of Augustus' reign. From then
Euseb]:Chron_125 continuously until the time of Augustus. In Augustus' time
Euseb]:Chron_129 .C.]. And from this time until Augustus the Roman emperor,
Euseb]:Chron_169 aesar, also called Augustus, conquered Egypt in the battle
Euseb]:Chron_171 emperor, Octavius Caesar Augustus, called Sebastos in Gree
Euseb]:Chron_213 a second time [At this time] Augustus became emperor of
Euseb]:Chron_263 rors of the Romans, from Augustus to our time The consuls
ExcBarb_* 46B-49 * an end when Octavianus Augustus was emperor, in the 14th
ExcBarb_49B audus Gallus and Agrippa Octavianus and the son of (?) Ner
ExcBarb_50A sar was killed, and Octavianus Augustus became emperor.
ExcBarb_50B Mary, in the (?) 13th year of Augustus, on 25th March.
ExcBarb_51A hat time in the reign of Augustus, John the forerunner,
ExcBarb_51B consuls, in the reign of Augustus, our Lord Jesus Christ
ExcBarb_52B year of these consuls, Augustus died and Tiberius became
FastCap_p78 der to manage public affairs C.Octavius C.f. C.n., who was
FastCap_p80 office , C. Julius C.f. C.n. Caesar (who was later calle
FastCap_p84 mp. Caesar Divi f. Augustus pontifex maximus XXIII Consuls
FastCap_p86 ian power: Imp. Caesar Divi f. Augustus pontifex maximus
FastCap_p88 ian power: Imp. Caesar Divi f. Augustus pontifex maximus
FastTr_p109 nuary) [40] & Imp. Caesar Divi f., triumvir r.p.c., & an
!Festus:Brev.2-7 Octavianus Caesar Augustus to Jovian, there were imperato
Festus:Brev.11 under Octavianus Caesar Augustus, Galatia was reduced to
Festus:Brev.13 mes of Octavianus Caesar Augustus she took the form of a
Festus:Brev.19 Octavianus Caesar Augustus, Armenia conspired with Parthi
Festus:Brev.20 Trajan, who, after Augustus, set in motion the muscle of
Hieron:Chron_1898 called it Sebaste in honour of Augustus. 166th OLYMPIAD
Hieron:Chron_1953 ator and tutor of Calidius and Augustus, was in his prime.
Hieron:Chron_1974 Octavianus Caesar Augustus became the 2nd emperor of the
Hieron:Chron_1976 iles. [not in Ar.] Augustus defeated Antonius, but the sen
Hieron:Chron_1983 Herodes was appointed by Augustus and the senate to rule
Hieron:Chron_1984 for 37 years. A treaty between Augustus and Antonius. [198
Hieron:Chron_1986 Artorius, the doctor of Augustus, died in a shipwreck aft
Hieron:Chron_1987 aesar was given the name Augustus, and because of this the
Hieron:Chron_1988 988] [1990 in Ar.] Augustus returned to Rome and celebrate
Hieron:Chron_1989 anished from Rome and Italy by Augustus. 188.2 . [1990]
Hieron:Chron_1991 Indians sent envoys to Augustus to ask for a treaty of
Hieron:Chron_1992 992] [1993 in Ar.] Augustus reduced Calabria and Gaul [
Hieron:Chron_1993 nce. [1994 in Ar.] Augustus was offered the title of king,
Hieron:Chron_1995 ed. 189.3 . [1995] Augustus took away the liberty of the
Hieron:Chron_1996 r.] Tiberius was sent by Augustus to seize Armenia [ or
Hieron:Chron_2000 ashes, and in honour of Augustus he called it Augusta,
Hieron:Chron_2001 191.1 . [2001] Augustus adopted Gaius Agrippa as his
Hieron:Chron_2005 005] [2003 in Ar.] Augustus was appointed by the senate
Hieron:Chron_2012 012] [2013 in Ar.] Augustus banished his own daughter Juli
Hieron:Chron_2013 ear. [2014 in Ar.] Augustus presented a gladiatorial show
Hieron:Chron_2014 born in the 41st year of Augustus, and suffered in the 15t
Hieron:Chron_2018 018] [2017 in Ar.] Augustus adopted Tiberius and Agrippa
Hieron:Chron_2021 was appointed by Augustus to be the successor of Herodes
Hieron:Chron_2029 198.1 . [2029] Augustus and his son Tiberius conducted
Joseph:AJ_14.280 Antonius and the younger Caesar: [281] but as Malichus was
Joseph:AJ_14.301 Now Antonius and Caesar had beaten Cassius near Philippi
Joseph:AJ_14.383 the Romans. [383] Caesar was also the forwarder to raise
Joseph:AJ_14.388 dissolved, Antonius and Caesar went out of the senate hou
Joseph:AJ_14.407 not to desert him, when Caesar, and Antonius, and the sen
Joseph:BJ_01.20 Herodes's death, while Augustus was the Roman emperor,
Joseph:BJ_01.118 ged, and these given them from Sebastus and Agrippa. [119]
Joseph:BJ_01.242 ng. [242] But when Caesar and Antonius had slain Cassius
Joseph:BJ_01.283 Romans; [283] and as for Caesar, Herodes found him better
Joseph:BJ_01.285 separated, Antonius and Caesar went out, with Herodes bet
Joseph:BJ_01.298 who was sent thither by Caesar, and Antonius, and the sen
Julian:Caes_309 ntion, was jesting thus, Octavianus entered, changing colo
Julian:Caes_317 appear before them, then Octavianus, and thirdly Trajanus,
Julian:Caes_325 rried the water-clock to Octavianus, but gave him a smalle
Julian:Caes_* 329-335 * arbarians; to Caesar and Octavianus in that I did not, lik
Just_41.5 use the titles of Caesar and Augustus. He, after reigni
Just_42.4 ssius and Brutus against Augustus and Antonius; and, after
Just_42.5 troops against him and Caesar; but being severely harass
Just_44.5 over-run, until Caesar Augustus, having subdued the rest
Lucian:Macr_17 Bosporus by the divine Augustus, at about ninety years
Lucian:Macr_21 Stoic, tutor of Caesar Augustus the divine, through whos
Lucian:Macr_23 who was tutor to Caesar Augustus the divine and helped
Malal_197 year of the reign of the Augustus Caesar, who was also cal
Malal_* 218-226 * pointed three triumvirs: Augustus Octavianus, the relative
Nepos:Att_12 sest intimacy with young Caesar, though, through his own
Nepos:Att_19 such prosperity attended Caesar, that fortune gave him eve
Nepos:Att_20 this connexion, however, Caesar not only, when he was abse
NicDam_* 134-136 * the daughter of Augustus and wife of Agrippa, arrived
NicDam_125.1 the young Caesar] [1] Men gave him this name [Augustus]
NicDam_* 127.4-7 * gment 127 [3.] [4] Octavius, at the age of about nine [twe
NicDam_* 127.13-27 * sdiction of the consuls, Octavius sat on the Tribunal in
NicDam_* 128.31-33 * known. [14.] [31] Octavius asked permission to go home
NicDam_129.36 Fragment 129 [36] Octavius lived soberly and in moderatio
NicDam_* 130.37-40 * agment 130 [16.] [37] &# Octavius spent three months in
NicDam_* 130.43-55 * in dreams. [43] Octavius received advice of various sor
NicDam_130.58 place I shall speak of Octavianus on whose account this
NicDam_* 130.107-131 * his friends counselled Octavianus to cultivate Antonius'
NicDam_* 130.135-139 * that was accompanying Octavianus from Rome (the messeng
Ovid:Cons_119 you on your return? If Caesar's consort may speak thus,
Ovid:Cons_199 voice and tears, O Caesar, you did praise your foster-son,
Ovid:Cons_21 hat achievement of Caesar, the one half of your hopes, has
Ovid:Cons_299 to him, and daughter of Caesar, nor did you seem less tha
Ovid:Cons_377 sacred palace of all-powerful Caesar were struck. Nay,
Ovid:Cons_411 even a few hours, when Caesar brought you succour agains
Ovid:Cons_429 the sight of the people did Caesar weep. But fixed and
Ovid:Cons_445 have earned praise from Caesar's sacred lips, and drew
Ovid:Cons_59 urth to draw tears from mighty Caesar. Shut now, O Fates,
Plut:Mor_206 was the first surnamed Augustus, being yet young, demand
Plut:Mor_207 ntonius and went over to Caesar; but bragging immoderately
Polyaen_08.24.1 ing turn he gave to it. [24] Augustus. Augustus did not
Polyaen_* 08.24.4-7 * arrying bricks. Augustus directed his generals always
Polyaen_08.32.1 Cassius, Brutus fought against Augustus in Macedonia. He
Porph:Fr_36 up until the reign of Caesar Augustus,. [37] [7'7] Porph

Augustussee Constantinus

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