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  Bacchides   - a Syrian general, sent by Demetrius I against the Jews
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161/7 Bacchides installs Alcimus as high priest by force.
160/5 Judas is defeated by Bacchides and killed at Berea.
160/18 battle between Bacchides and Jonathan by the river Jordan.
    Within translations:
1Macc_* 7-10 * m." So the king chose Bacchides, one of the king's frie
2Macc_8 forces of Timotheus and Bacchides they killed more than
Hieron:Chron_1862 eader of the Jews, drove Bacchides the general of Demetriu
Joseph:AJ_* 12.393-396 * was very angry, and sent Bacchides, a friend of Antiochus
Joseph:AJ_* 12.420-423 * was with him, he sent Bacchides again with an army into
Joseph:AJ_12.426 enemy. [426] But Bacchides drew his army out of their
Joseph:AJ_12.428 sun-set, Judas saw that Bacchides and the strongest part
Joseph:AJ_13.4 nians. [4] And now Bacchides gathered those Jews together
Joseph:AJ_* 13.7-14 * ish army. [7] When Bacchides heard this, and was afraid
Joseph:AJ_* 13.22-30 * abode there. But Bacchides, when he had secured all Juda
Joseph:AJ_13.33 oth sides. [33] So Bacchides thought this a pretty decent
Joseph:AJ_13.38 the Jewish nation whom Bacchides had shut up in the cita
Joseph:AJ_13.43 ans of Demetrius, and of Bacchides, the general of Demetri
Joseph:BJ_01.35 were put to death. Bacchides also, who was sent to keep
Joseph:BJ_01.36 of his in it, and slew Bacchides with daggers; and there

  Bacchides 2   - a eunuch in the service of Mithridates VI of Pontus
70/6 Mithridates send Bacchides to kill his wives and concubines, includin
    Within translations:
Aelian:Fr_12 the current situation [Bacchides] had given to each woma

  Bacchides   - in documents
CIL_1.2689 slave of Quintus Pullius Bacchides, slave of Marcus Pa

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