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  Berenice   - wife of Ptolemy I, king of Egypt
Wikipedia entry
316/20 Berenice becomes the mistress and then the wife of Ptolemy.
296/1 Antigone, the daughter of Berenice, and returns to Epirus, where
282/18 The character of Ptolemy, and his queen Berenice.
279/10 Philon gives to Berenice a sample of topazus, a precious stone from
279/11 The death of Berenice I, queen of Egypt.
278/14 fication of Ptolemy I and Berenice, and the first celebration
    Within translations:
Asclepiad_16.68   us see whether it may not be Berenice's. I am in doubt
Athen_5.202   door of the temple of Berenice; and there was also an
Athen_5.203   of all Ptolemy and Berenice were crowned with twenty
ChronPasc_425   Philadelphus, the son of Berenice and Ptolemy Soter,
OGIS_14   (c. 316-270)   Ptolemaios and queen Berenikē, was dedicate
OGIS_23   (281-265)   of Ptolemaios and Berenike the Soteres, dedic
OGIS_26   (278-270)   lemaios and queen [Berenike], was dedicated to [
OGIS_27   (278-270)   lemaios and [queen] Berenike, was dedicated to Ol
OGIS_54   (c. 246)   Ptolemaios and queen Berenike, Saviour Gods, the de
Plin:HN_37.108   as a gift for Queen Berenice, the mother of Ptolemy the
Schol:Theoc_17   olemaeus, son of Lagus, and of Berenice. Therefore Munatiu
SEG_18.636   (283-274) son of Ptolemaios and Berenike the Saviours, Archagathos son
Syll_462   (260-252)   [Ptolemaios] and queen [Berenike], erected this s
Vit:Lycoph_1   olemaeus, son of Lagus, and of Berenice, daughter of Antig
Vit:Theoc_2   Ptolemy son of Lagus and of Berenice the daughter of

  Berenice 2   - daughter of Ptolemy II; wife of Antiochus II, king of Syria
Wikipedia entry
252/10 Antiochus marries Berenice, the daughter of Ptolemy Philadelphus.
246/1 Ecdemus and Demophanes expel Berenice and turn Cyrenaica into an inde
246/39 Berenice and her son are murdered at Antioch.
246/39a Cildara, commending them for their support of Berenice and her son.
    Within translations:
Athen_2.45   aving given his daughter Berenice in marriage to Antiochus
Just_27.1   death his step-mother Berenice, the sister of Ptolemaeu
Malal_205   Callinicus, his son by Berenice, was king for 24 years,
Polyaen_8.50.1   afterwards married Berenice, daughter of king Ptolemy,
Porph:Fr_43   war, gave his daughter Berenice as a wife to Antiochus,
ValMax_9.10e.1   been slain† by Cyrus. And Berenice, grieving at the loss of

  Berenice 3   - daughter of Magas; wife of Ptolemy III, king of Egypt
Wikipedia entry
246/40 Egypt for Syria; his wife Berenice dedicates a lock of her hair
245/4 The astronomer Conon discovers the "Lock of Berenice".
221/9 Berenice rebukes Ptolemy for playing dice while sentencing crimina
220/14 Berenice encourages the production of perfume at Alexandria and Cyren
220/15 Berenice keeps a pet lion.
220/16 murder of Magas, the brother of Ptolemy, and his mother Berenice.
    Within translations:
Aelian:NA_5.39   ion was the companion of Berenice ** and was no different
AET_6.3.A   of power athlophoros of Berenice the beneficent, and the
AET_6.3.B   of power athlophoros of Berenice the beneficent, and the
AET_6.3.C   trophy of power athlophoros Berenice the beneficent, and the
AET_6.3.D   of power athlophoros of Berenice the beneficent, and the
AET_6.4.C   with the athlophoros of Berenice l.p.h. the Beneficent, with
AET_7.10.A   victory athlophoros before Berenike the Beneficent, Philinne
AET_7.10.B   of victory athlophoros before Berenike the Beneficent and the
AET_7.12   Bearer]-of-the-Trophy-of-Victory athlophoros of Berenice, the Beneficent; and
AET_7.12.B   Bearer-of-the-Trophy-of-Victory athlophoros of Berenice, the Beneficent; and
AET_7.13.A   of victory athlophoros before Berenike, the beneficent, [who] are
AET_7.13.B   of victory athlophoros before Berenike, the beneficent, who are
AET_7.13.C   athlophoros before Berenike, the beneficent, who are in
AET_7.18.B   Timolaos was athlophoros of Berenice l.p.h. Euergetes, and when
AET_8.12   was Prize-bearer before Berenice the Beneficent, while
AET_9.4.A   of victory athlophoros before Berenice the goddess Euergetis was
AET_9.4.D   5 and the athlophoros before Berenice the goddess Euergetis was she
Athen_15.689   the attention that Arsinoe and Berenice paid to such matters; and
Callim:Epigr_52   ts. & [52] & & On Berenice, the wife of Ptolemy Euerge
Just_26.3   rothed his only daughter Berenice to his brother Ptolemaeu
OGIS_20   (246-221)   s statue of [queen] Berenike, [the sister and]
OGIS_65   (c. 245)   s Adelphoi, and queen Berenike the wife and siste
OGIS_86   (c. 210-204)   ng of Ptolemaios and Berenike the gods Euergetai,
OGIS_726   (245-221)   Ptolemaios and queen Berenike, his wife and sister,
OGIS_739   (112/11) . was athlophoros of Berenike Euergetis; and Phila... was
PHaun_6   but (?) was called Berenice φος πτ
Phylarch_T1   rgetes, and the death of Berenice, and up to the death of
SEG_20.467   (c. 217)   Ptolemaios and queen Berenike the gods Euergetai, a
SEG_36.1218   (243/2)   wned me and my sister Berenike; and they announced
SEG_38.1476   (206/5)   of Ptolemaios and Berenike, the gods Euergetai,
SEG_39.1426   (238-221)   inoē [and] to Berenike, and they shall also
SEG_39.1596   (217-204)   Ptolemaios and queen Berenike the gods Euergetai,
SelPap_1.1A   (173) when the athlophoros of Berenice Euergetis was Sarapis daughter
SelPap_2.311   ary seventh day of the goddess Berenice Euergetis. (Fo
Syll_463   (soon after 246)   Ptolemaios and queen Berenike, the sister and wif
THI_65   (c. 238)   ios [C]   Queen Berenike of Macedonia, the dau
THI_257   (243) ng Ptolemaios and [ queen Berenike ], the gods Euergetai, [a
THI_259   (217)   us and queen ArsinoŽ {Berenice}, the Benefactor G
THI_260   (186)   . ;] the athlophorus [of Berenice Euergetes] was .
Zenob_3.94   he confined his mother Berenice in a chamber, and handed

  Berenice 4   - wife of Attalus III, king of Pergamon
Just_36.4 and sometimes his wife Berenice, had been destroyed by

  Berenice 5   - daughter of Ptolemy IX; queen of Egypt, 81-80 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
  + Cleopatra
81/71 Soter; his daughter Cleopatra Berenice takes over as ruler of Egypt.
80/7 Alexandria after murdering Berenice, and is succeeded by Ptolemy
    Within translations:
AET_6.3.C   called Alexander and the queen Berenice, his sister, his wife, and
AET_8.13   (c. 90)   Two Lands, Cleopatra Berenice, the two Philometo
AET_8.13.A   of the Two Lands, Cleopatra Berenice the two Philometores beloved of
Euseb]:Chron_165   complete 36 years, to Cleopatra, the daughter of the
Euseb]:Chron_167   the brother of the aforesaid Cleopatra. He reigned for
OGIS_740.A   (95) called Alexandros and Queen [ Kleopatra ] his sister, the gods

  Berenice 6   - daughter of Ptolemy XII; queen of Egypt, 57-55 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
58/42 ing at Alexandria, and his daughter Berenice becomes queen of Egypt.
57/39 The death of Cleopatra, the mother of Berenice.
57/40 ummoned to be the consort of Berenice, but dies before reaching Egypt
56/18 the consort of Berenice, but Berenice puts him to death soon after
56/35 Archelaus is installed as the consort of Berenice.
55/11 Ptolemy kills his daughter Berenice.
    Within translations:
Euseb]:Chron_167 Cleopatra Tryphaena and Berenice, one year as a joint rei
ExcBarb_36B new Dionysus, Cleopatra Berenice was (?) the last of the

  Berenice 7   Troglodytica - a city on the Red Sea coast of Egypt
Wikipedia entry     ☆ DARE (map)
257/15 Ptolemy founds the city of Berenice on the Red Sea coast, and const
Plin:HN_6.103   journey from Coptus to Berenice takes twelve days. [104]
Plin:HN_6.168   of harbours, the town of Berenice named from the mother of
Plin:HN_6.171   other hand at the first Berenice mentioned above, on the actual
Plin:HN_37.136   distant from the city of Berenice. In every other respect it

  Berenice 8   - wife of Seuthes III, early 3rd century B.C.
SEG_42.661 (c. 300-280)   h good fortune. Oath of Berenike and her son

  Berenice 9   - daughter of the high priest Psherenptah, 1st century B.C.
33/6a THI_4, the epitaph of Berenice, daughter of Psherenptah.
AET_5.5   O lady, . . ., Berenice, daughter of the god's father,

  Berenice 10   - daughter of Salome, late 1st century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
Joseph:BJ_1.553   by his marriage with Bernice, Salome's daughter, Aristobulus had

  Berenice 11   - a city on the coast of Libya, the modern Benghazi
Wikipedia entry

Berenicesee Bereniceus

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