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  Boreas   - the Greek god of the North Wind
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  + Borras
Alcaeus_7.495 bitter fate by the blast of Boreas. My body, washed by
AnthPal_6.245 broken by the blast of Boreas, as the tempest lashed the
AnthPal_7.397 yet I lie, reproaching furious Boreas. [398] Antipater_of_
AnthPal_9.376 do not dread the omen ? Boreas persecuted me on land ;
AntipSid_7.303 the truly Thracian & Boreas cast him into the swelling
AntipThes_9.550 for of old the winged sons of Boreas & got you renown.
Athen_6.244 egasus, & Or the sons of Boreas, or whoever else & Is fast
Athen_11.495 gar, & Trembling, like age, by Boreas much shaken. But Cle
Philip_9.88 the sea, complaining of Boreas (for not even the wind tha
Syll_546 (214/3)   from the temple of [Borras] to the wooded valle
THI_147 (270-250)   ndary to the temple of Borras; from the temple to t

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