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  Brennus   - the leader of the Gauls who captured Rome in 390 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
Oros_2.19   strong Gallic army under Brennus was besieging Clusium, now
Polyaen_8.7.2   leadership of their king Brennus, made themselves masters

  Brennus 2   - a leader of the Gauls who invaded Greece in 279 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
279/36 Brennus defeats Sosthenes.
279/41 the rout of the Gauls, and Brennus the king of the Gauls is killed.
    Within translations:
Athen_6.234 who formed the army of Brennus when he made his expediti
Euseb]:Chron_235 face the dangerous invasion of Brennus the Galatian. The
Just_* 24.6-8 * In the meantime Brennus, under whose command a part of
Just_25.1 behind by their general Brennus, when he marched into Gre
Just_32.3 had lost their leader Brennus, had fled, like exiles,
Polyaen_7.35.1 also: Herodotus, 4.201] [35] & Brennus.   Brennus, king
Polyaen_7.35.2 llic army marched into Greece, Brennus saw some gold statu

  Brennus   - in documents
SEG_47.1745 (after 188)   men Antigenes, Brennos, Heliades, whom you sent to

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