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  Caesarion   - the son of Cleopatra and Julius Caesar
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  + Caesar , Ptolemy
46/56 Cleopatra and her son Caesarion come to stay in Rome, with the approv
44/105 Caesarion, the son of Cleopatra, is offically recognised as joint kin
30/31 ranges the household of Antonius; Caesarion and Antyllus are killed.
    Within translations:
AET_4.12   (41)   a { VII } and her son Caesar, in the year 11, the
AET_4.13   VII } and her son Caesar in the year 11, the
AET_5.5   king Ptolemy 2 called Caesarion, the god Philopator Philometor,
Malal_217   a son, whom she called Caesarion - so Julius Caesar cons
NicDam_130.68   him a son, named Cyrus [(?) Caesarion], there. This he
OGIS_129   (c. 42-30)   bly Cleopatra VII and Caesarion who ordered this de
OGIS_194   (39)   Philopator, [and of] Ptolemy also called Caesar, th
SelPap_1.256A   (35) ilopator and Philopatris, and Ptolemy also called Caesar, go
THI_5   hea Philopator, and king Ptolemaios, who is also Cae

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