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  Carthage   - a city on the north coast of Africa, near modern Tunis
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  + Carthaginian , Carthaginians , Poeni , Punic
323/67 The Carthaginians execute Hamilcar, their envoy to Alexander.
314/21 secretly condemned by the Carthaginian senate, and dies soon after
312/15 Carthaginian fleet makes a raid on the harbour of Syracuse.
312/19 Carthaginian army takes up a strong position near Gela.
311/10 lcar son of Gisco arrives as the new Carthaginian general in Sicily.
311/18 The Carthaginians under Hamilcar defeat Agathocles by the river Himer
311/25 gathocles escapes to Gela, where he beats off a Carthaginian attack.
311/34 lian cities changes sides to support Hamilcar and the Carthaginians.
310/24 Agathocles defeats a Carthaginian army under Hanno and Bomilcar.
310/26 The Carthaginians recall their army from Sicily, but Agathocles captu
310/29 thocles makes a surprise attack on the Carthaginian army near Tunis.
310/30a Syll_321, an Athenian decree, concerning two Carthaginian envoys.
309/16 thocles narrowly defeats the Carthaginian army in a battle in the int
308/3 rene, brings an army to help Agathocles in the war against Carthage.
308/14 death after he fails to gain power in an armed uprising at Carthage.
307/16 up his army, which is then heavily defeated by the Carthaginians.
307/19 Agathocles defeats the Carthaginian fleet off Syracuse.
307/24 gathocles is defeated by the Carthaginians in a battle which is follo
307/27 remainder of Agathocles' army agrees terms with the Carthaginians.
306/18 Agathocles agrees to peace terms with the Carthaginians.
306/28 The Romans renew their treaty with the Carthaginians.
280/30 The Carthaginians defeat Hicetas.
279/34 Mago the Carthaginian admiral offers support to the Romans, and a fur
278/6 Enna calls in a Carthaginian garrison to protect it against Phintias.
278/11 bassy to Pyrrhus, asking him to help them against the Carthaginians.
278/19 make an alliance with the Carthaginians and try to stop Pyrrhus
277/2 Pyrrhus attacks the territory of the Carthaginians in Sicily.
277/13 The rest of the Carthaginian possessions in Sicily go over to Pyrrhus
276/2 Negotiations between Pyrrhus and the Carthaginians.
276/18 Pyrrhus defeats the Carthaginians in a final battle.
276/19 yrrhus is generally successful in the war against the Carthaginians.
276/20 aly; he is attacked and defeated by the Carthaginian fleet en route.
272/13 Carthaginian fleet sails up to Tarentum, but leaves without taking
269/15 The Carthaginian general Hannibal persuades the Mamertines not to sur
267/9 plains about the presence of Carthaginian ships at the siege of Taren
267/9 Roman embassy at Carthage complains about the presence of Carthagin
264/1 Carthaginian garrison occupies Messana.
264/6 The Carthaginian garrison is forced to withdraw from Messana.
264/7 Acragas enters into an alliance with Carthage.
264/8 The Carthaginians and Syracusans combine to besiege Messana.
264/12 Negotiations between Claudius and the Carthaginians.
264/13 ius declares war against the Carthaginians and Syracusans: the start
264/15 Claudius defeats the Carthaginians.
263/8 consuls arrive in Sicily: 67 cities revolt from the Carthaginians.
263/10 laudius celebrates a triumph for his victory over the Carthaginians.
263/13 The Carthaginians raise fresh forces, and concentrate them at Agrigen
262/1 mph for his victory over the Carthaginians, during which a painting
262/3 The Carthaginians send an army to Sardinia.
262/5 The Romans defeat a Carthaginian sally at Agrigentum.
261/2 The Romans defeat the Carthaginians, and capture Agrigentum.
261/11 The Carthaginians send Hamilcar to replace Hanno in Sicily.
260/2 sina is trapped and captured by the Carthaginian commander Hannibal.
260/8 Duilius defeats the Carthaginians in a naval battle off the Liparae
259/3 oved from the command of the Carthaginian navy, but escapes further
258/1 triumph of L.Scipio, over the Carthaginians, Sardinia, and Corsica.
258/7 The Carthaginian commander Hannibal is defeated by Sulpicius in Sardi
258/13 The triumph of C.Aquillius, over the Carthaginians.
258/14 The triumph of C.Paterculus, over the Carthaginians and Sardinia.
256/2 The triumph of A.Atilius, over Sicily and the Carthaginians.
256/4 triumph of C.Atilius, for his naval victory over the Carthaginians.
256/13 The Romans defeat the Carthaginian fleet off Ecnomus.
256/14 The Carthaginians send Hanno as envoy to the Roman commanders.
256/20 The Carthaginians recall Hamilcar from Sicily to Africa.
256/22 The Romans defeat the Carthaginian army at Adys.
256/25 triumph of L.Manlius, for his naval victory over the Carthaginians.
255/2 Inconclusive negotiations between Regulus and the Carthaginians.
255/3 The Carthaginians appoint Xanthippus as their general.
255/16 The Carthaginians besiege Aspis.
255/18 The Romans defeat the Carthaginian fleet near the Hermaean promontory
255/21 Xanthippus leaves Carthage and returns home to Sparta.
255/22 The Carthaginians send Hasdrubal to command their army in Sicily.
254/10 The Carthaginian general Carthalo captures Acragas.
254/15 The Carthaginians capture some Roman ships returning from Panormus.
253/1 The triumph of Ser.Fulvius, over the Cossurenses and Carthaginians.
253/2 The triumph of M.Aemilius, over the Cossurenses and Carthaginians.
252/1 The triumph of Cornelius Asina, over the Carthaginians.
252/2 The triumph of Sempronius Blaesus, over the Carthaginians.
251/4 The triumph of Cotta, over the Carthaginians and Sicilians.
250/6 L.Caecilius defeats the Carthaginian army under Hasdrubal at Panormu
250/7 The Carthaginians destroy Selinus.
250/14 The Carthaginian commander Himilco foils a plot to betray Lilybaeum.
250/16 The Romans drive back a Carthaginian sally at Lilybaeum.
250/19 The Carthaginians burn down the Roman siege works at Lilybaeum.
250/21 The Carthaginians send M.Regulus to Rome to negotiate peace terms and
250/22 Roman senate and urges them to reject the Carthaginians' proposals.
250/23 Regulus returns to Carthage after the failure of his mission to Rome.
249/1 Regulus is tortured to death after his return to Carthage.
249/10 The Carthaginian admiral Adherbal defeats the Roman fleet under P.Cla
249/11 The Carthaginian admiral Carthalo attacks the Roman fleet at Lilybaeu
249/13 his fleet on a rocky shore to avoid meeting the Carthaginian fleet.
249/21 The Romans and Carthaginians exchange prisoners.
247/2 Hamilcar Barca is appointed Carthaginian commander.
247/4 The Carthaginian general Hanno captures Hecatompylus.
247/14 The Carthaginians send an embassy to Ptolemy II, but fail to get
247/15 The birth of Hannibal, the famous Carthaginian general.
245/16 The Romans defeat the Carthaginian fleet near Aegimurus.
243/12 ries at Eryx desert from the Carthaginians to the Romans, and then
241/4 Hanno sets sail with a Carthaginian fleet, carrying supplies to the
241/5 Lutatius destroys the Carthaginian fleet at the battle of Aegates Ins
241/6 Carthage gives Hamilcar powers to negotiate peace with Rome.
241/7 able to see ships leaving Carthage from a view-point near Lilybaeu
241/12 sons of Regulus torture two Carthaginian prisoners, Bodostor and Ham
241/14 are agreed between Rome and Carthage: end of the First Punic War.
241/22 Gesco transports the Carthaginian mercenaries to Africa.
241/27 triumph of Lutatius, for his naval victory over the Carthaginians.
240/32 The Carthaginians appoint Hamilcar to share the command against the
239/19 The Carthaginians make Hamilcar their sole general.
239/21 Utica revolts from Carthage.
239/22 Carthage appeals to Hieron for help against the mercenaries.
239/23 The Carthaginians appeal to the Romans for help against the mercenari
238/4 The mercenaries are forced to raise the siege of Carthage.
238/10 Mathus defeats and kills the Carthaginian general Hannibal.
238/13 Romans declare war on the Carthaginians, after a dispute about Sar
238/14 The Carthaginians cede Sardinia to the Romans.
237/3 Utica surrenders to the Carthaginians: the end of the Mercenary War.
237/7 The Carthaginians appoint Hamilcar to be their general in Spain.
237/9 Hamilcar sails from Carthage to Spain.
235/7 Romans from making war on Carthage because of the dispute over Sar
233/11 The Romans once again threaten the Carthaginians with war.
229/19 amilcar, who is succeeded as Carthaginian commander in Spain by Hasdr
224/17 pts to prevent Hannibal from joining the Carthaginian army in Spain.
221/19 of expansion in Spain, and seeks political influence at Carthage.
221/20 Hannibal is appointed to be the new Carthaginian commander in Spain.
221/23 The Barcid faction at Carthage appeals to Hannibal for help.
219/2 aguntum, and Hannibal sends their envoys to Carthage for a decision.
219/33 Roman embassy at Carthage.
218/12 The Carthaginians reject the ultimatum of a Roman embassy: the start
218/23 Sempronius defeats the Carthaginian fleet at Lilybaeum.
218/45 Cn.Scipio defeats the Carthaginian general Hanno at Cissa.
217/11 Cn.Scipio defeats a Carthaginian fleet near the Ebro.
217/17 The Carthaginians demand Hannibal's son for a human sacrifice.
217/41 Carthaginian fleet approaches Caieta in Latium.
216/2 Hannibal asks for reinforcements from Carthage, but receives none.
216/6 Carthaginian caught spying at Rome is released with his hands cut
216/26 Carthaginian fleet raids the coast of Sicily.
216/38 the battle of Cannae to Carthage, and shows as proof a large pil
215/1 Casilinum surrenders to the Carthaginians.
215/9 The Romans and Carthaginians prepare for the next year's fighting.
215/11 The Carthaginians order Hasdrubal to lead his army into Italy.
215/23 The Carthaginians foment a revolt in Sardinia.
215/27 .Sempronius Longus defeats a Carthaginian force under Hanno near Grum
215/38 omans relieve Iliturgi, after defeating the Carthaginian army there.
215/39 The Carthaginians capture Locri and Croton.
214/2 teen legions to the commanders of the war against the Carthaginians.
214/20 The Roman and Carthaginian armies fight near Munda.
213/5 reparations of the Romans and the Carthaginians for the coming year.
212/9 The Carthaginians capture Thurii.
212/13 Peace is agreed between Syphax and the Carthaginians.
211/3 The Carthaginian admiral Bomilcar declines battle against the Roman
211/22 Marcellus defeats the Carthaginians by the river Himera; the completi
211/24 Carthaginian fleet joins in the blockade of the Roman garrison
209/14 Spanish leaders leave the Carthaginian army and go over to Scipio.
208/17 The three Carthaginian generals in Spain hold a conference, and decid
207/20 The Numidian king Gala seizes Carthaginian territory.
206/20 the Balearic Islands; the end of Carthaginian resistance in Spain.
205/14 receives reinforcements from Carthage, and sets about raising an army
203/3 The Carthaginians resolve to continue the war in conjunction with Syp
203/4 Scipio defeats the Carthaginians at the battle of the Great Plains.
203/5 The Carthaginians attack the Roman fleet at Utica, while Scipio is
203/6 returns territory which had been captured by Masinissa to Carthage.
203/14 Scipio agrees to a short truce with the Carthaginians.
203/22 Hannibal is ordered by the Carthaginians to leave Italy, and sails
203/23 Carthaginian envoys appear before the Roman senate to discuss peace
202/4 The Carthaginians seize some Roman transport ships bringing supplies
202/10 Scipio captures three Carthaginian spies, but releases them unharmed.
202/23 between the Romans and the Carthaginians; the end of the Second Pun
201/4 ssies from Philippus and the Carthaginians appear before the senate.
201/5 The Roman senate and people ratify the peace with Carthage.
200/11 Romans send an embassy to Carthage, Masinissa, and Vermina the son
200/26 enter office, and receive a Carthaginian embassy with the first paym
196/13 Hannibal as sufete reforms the Carthaginian government and finances.
195/1 Hannibal is forced to leave Carthage.
193/7 Hannibal sends Ariston of Tyre on a secret mission to Carthage.
193/14 Masinissa invades Emporia, and the Carthaginians appeal to Rome.
188/14 Romans hand over two men to Carthage, because they had assaulted som
187/7 the sympathy of the audience by recalling his victory over Carthage.
186/4 The birth of Cleitomachus, the Carthaginian philosopher.
182/15 mediate in a dispute between Carthage and Masinissa, but do not reach
174/3 reports on contacts between the Carthaginians and the Macedonians.
172/8 aginian embassy accuses Masinissa of seizing Carthaginian territory.
172/8 Carthaginian embassy accuses Masinissa of seizing Carthaginian terr
171/23 the son of Masinissa and a Carthaginian embassy make more accusatio
170/18 pear before the senate, from Carthage and Masinissa, from Alpine stat
162/5 Cleitomachus leaves Carthage and goes to live in Athens.
162/11 seize Lower Syrtis from the Carthaginians, and is supported by the
157/12 senate sends an embassy to arbitrate between Masinissa and Carthage.
153/13 oman commission is sent to arbitrate between Masinissa and Carthage.
152/6 M.Cato goes as ambassador to Carthage.
152/10 ato urges the destruction of Carthage, and illustrates the threat by
151/3 Another Roman embassy, led by Scipio Nasica, is sent to Carthage.
151/11 the son of Masinissa, and reports on Carthaginian war preparations.
151/16 The Carthaginians expel Masinissa's supporters.
150/3 battle between Masinissa and the Carthaginians.
150/5 Masinissa forces the Carthaginian army to surrender.
150/8 Romans start to raise an army to fight against the Carthaginians.
150/14 The Carthaginians send an embassy to defend their action against Masi
150/15 senate to go to war against Carthage, despite the opposition of Nasi
149/5 The Romans declare war on Carthage: start of the Third Punic War.
149/6 The Carthaginians send an embassy to try to avert war.
149/7 The Carthaginian embassy decides to formally surrender to the Romans.
149/9 The Carthaginians hand over hostages to the Romans.
149/10 The Carthaginians hand over their weapons to the Romans.
149/12 The Romans order the Carthaginians to abandon their city.
149/13 The Carthaginians decide that war is inevitable, and begin to make
149/21 The consuls assault Carthage.
148/24 The Carthaginians send envoys to Africa, Mauretania, and Macedonia,
148/26 Hasdrubal, grandson of Masinissa, is murdered at Carthage.
147/1 Mancinus captures part of Carthage.
147/2 Scipio rescues Mancinus from a Carthaginian counter-attack.
147/6 Scipio breaks into the Megara district of Carthage.
147/16 Scipio cuts off Carthage by land.
147/18 hing Carthage by sea, and defeats the Carthaginians in a sea battle.
147/21 Scipio captures the outer quay at Carthage.
146/4 The Roman army advances to the Byrsa of Carthage.
146/10 which Scipio quickly and decisively defeated the Carthaginians.
146/11 Carthage is destroyed by fire, and razed to the ground: the end of
146/12 The destruction of Carthage, and the lack of a powerful rival, are
146/23 Laelius returns to Rome to announce the capture of Carthage.
146/24 cipio sends back spoils from Carthage to Sicily, without taking anyth
146/38 paintings of the capture of Carthage, to help his campaign to be ele
123/19 The Lex Rubria authorizes the founding of a colony at Carthage.
122/8 Gracchus goes to Carthage to organize the refounding of the city.
122/9 Drusus attacks Flaccus while Gracchus is absent in Carthage.
88/52 Marius attempts to land near Carthage in the province of Africa, but
44/2 Caesar plans to found a Roman colony on the site of Carthage.

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