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  Carystius   of Pergamon - a grammarian of the 2nd century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
Athen_6.235 parasite is one which Carystius of Pergamon, in his tre
Athen_11.508 us, put him to death; as Carystius relates in his Historic
Athen_12.542 holy worship. And Carystius of Pergamon, in the third boo
Athen_12.548 men and all gods." And Carystius of Pergamon, in his His
Athen_13.577 the son of Conon." And Carystius, in his Historical Comm
Athen_13.603 repeated it. And Carystius, in his Historical Commentari
Athen_13.610 his own dominions, as Carystius tells us in his Histori
Athen_14.620 of him; concerning whom Carystius, in his Historical Reco

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