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  Cinna   (L. Cornelius Cinna) - Roman consul, 127 B.C.
127/_ Consuls: L. Cassius Longinus Ravilla, L. Cornelius L.f. Cinna

  Cinna 2   (L. Cornelius Cinna) - Roman consul, 87 B.C.
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  + Cornelius
88/58 Octavius and Cinna are elected consuls, and are forced to swear not
87/_ Consuls: Cn. Octavius Cn.f., L. Cornelius L.f. Cinna
87/4 Cinna attempts to pass a law to redistribute the new Italian citizens
87/14 Cinna raises an army of supporters from the Italian towns.
87/19 Cinna, Carbo, Sertorius, and Marius surround Rome with their forces.
87/22 Cinna captures Ariminum and Placentia.
87/29 Marius and Cinna launch an attack on Rome, but are repelled; a soldie
87/35 The senate sends envoys to Cinna and Marius, and agrees to allow them
87/37 Octavius is murdered by Censorinus, an associate of Cinna.
87/41 lder son commit suicide, to avoid capture by the followers of Cinna.
87/51 ans are killed by Marius and Cinna; and Sulla is declared a public
87/52 refuse to plunder the property of the victims of Marius and Cinna.
87/58 Cinna and Marius declare themselves consuls for the following year
86/_ Consuls: L. Cornelius L.f. Cinna (II), C. Marius C.f. (VII)
86/2 Cinna and Sertorius massacre the freed slaves, who had been responsib
86/45 Cinna is re-elected consul for the following year.
85/_ Consuls: L. Cornelius L.f. Cinna (III), Cn. Papirius Cn.f. Carbo
85/17 Opponents of Cinna sail from Italy to join Sulla.
85/27 Cinna and Carbo appoint themselves consuls for the following year,
84/_ Consuls: Cn. Papirius Cn.f. Carbo (II), L. Cornelius L.f. Cinna (IV)
84/3 Cinna and Carbo make preparations for the war against Sulla.
84/7 Cinna transports his army to Liburnia.
84/8 Caesar marries Cornelia, daughter of Cinna.
84/9 General remarks on Cinna's crimes during his period of power.
84/10 Cinna is killed in a mutiny at Ancona.
    Within translations:
Cassiod:Chr_670   as his heir. [670] &   L. Cinna (IV) and Cn. Papirius
Cic:Tusc_5.54   be elected four times, like Cinna? [50] I have no doubt
CIL_1.713   consulship of Lucius Cornelius Cinna, in the month of
CIL_1.891   in the consulship of Lucius Cornelius and Lucius Va
CIL_1.892   in the consulship of Lucius Cinna and Gnaeus Papirius.
Diod_38.1-6 *     The Romans sent envoys to Cinna to treat for peace.
Exsuper_22   [22] While this was happening, Cinna and Octavius were ele
Exsuper_49   ius (for the seventh time) and Cinna were elected consuls.
Exsuper_25-32 *   rces, and forced his colleague Cinna into exile. [26] In
FastCap_p74   ffice , L. Cornelius L.f. L.n. Cinna - forced to resign
GranLic_21   the envoys who were sent by Cinna. He secretly discusse
GranLic_23   hat an envoy should be sent to Cinna to discuss peace. On
GranLic_15-18 *   in the verses that, if Cinna and six of the tribunes wer
Nepos:Att_2   by the disturbances of Cinna, and that no facility was
Obseq_70   Octavius; [ Cn. Octavius, L. Cinna ]; C. Cinna, as tribune
Obseq_56a   When Cinna and Marius were cruelly ravaging
Oros_5.19   consulship and the third with Cinna as his colleague 86 B.C.
Oros_5.20   escaped the political power of Cinna, the cruelty of Marius, the
Oros_5.24   to the Marian and Cinnan conflagration, while another, the
Sall:Hist_1.67   forgetting the crimes of Cinna, upon whose return to our
ValMax_1.6.10   arms against his colleague Cinna, he from thence prognosticated
ValMax_4.3.14   with which Marius and Cinna infested the commonwealth, the
ValMax_4.7.5   the town was taken by Cinna's army, he, being old and
ValMax_5.3.3   shelter in the time of Cinna's proscription - as he could
ValMax_5.6.4   doubt, that Sulla, Marius and Cinna despised as ridiculous.
ValMax_6.9.6   Social break the power of Cinna, and compel the man who
ValMax_8.9.2   the swords of Marius and Cinna, raging with a reckless desire

  Cinna 3   (L. Cornelius Cinna) - Roman praetor, 44 B.C.
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72/25 Parthenius of Nicaea is captured by (?) Cinna, and brought to Rome.
70/33 ses the return from exile of L.Cinna and other supporters of Lepidus.
44/20 Flavus to return from exile, at the request of the praetor Cinna.
    Within translations:
NicDam_130.76   after this, the praetor Cinna propitiated Caesar to the
ValMax_9.9.1   he was mistaken for Cornelius Cinna, upon whom they imagined they

  Cinna 5   (Cn. Cornelius Cinna Magnus) - Roman consul, 5 A.D.
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FastCap_p84 Cornelius L.f. Magni Pompei n. Cinna Magnus & from 1st Jul

  Cinna 6   (C. Helvius Cinna) - Roman poet and tribune, 44 B.C.
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