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  Cleitor   - a town in the north of Arcadia, Greece
DARE (map)
Anyte_6.153 artist is Aristoteles of Cleitor, who bears the same name
Athen_2.43 states [ Fr_63 ] that at Cleitor there is a spring which
Athen_8.332 ose which are found near Cleitor, in Arcadia, in the river
Euseb]:Chron_205 B.C.] - Cleomantis of Cleitor, stadion race 112th [332
FGrH_255.6 [336 B.C.] Cleomantis of Cleitor won the stadion race, and
Phylarch_63 hen_2.43'f & A spring at Cleitor, with water that causes
Syll_559 (c. 207/6)   i Stymphalos Phleasia Kleitor Phenea Pellane Phiala
THI_149 (175-172)   were conducted from Kleitor by the men sent for thi

  Cleitor   - in documents
AnthPal_* 6.182-187 * for mountain beasts, and Cleitor his for those of the deep
Archias_6.16 his neck-fetters for birds, Cleitor his drift-nets. Mak
Archias_* 6.179-181 * the beasts of the forest, and Cleitor his for those of
LeonTar_6.13 these from beast, and Cleitor his from the denizens of

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