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  Cleomenes   I - king of Sparta, (?) 520-490 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
[Longin]:Subl_31   his madness," he says, " Cleomenes cut his own flesh into
Polyaen_1.14.1   rest of their journey. [14] & Cleomenes. In a war between
Polyaen_8.33.1   [33] Telesilla. Cleomenes king of Sparta defeated the

  Cleomenes 2   II - king of Sparta, 370-309 B.C.
308/7 The death of Acrotatus, son of Cleomenes (? = grandson of Gyrtias).
308/8 saying of Cleomenes II, about some fighting cocks.
308/9 Areus succeeds Cleomenes II as king of Sparta.
    Within translations:
Plut:Agis_3 left two sons, Agesipolis and Cleomenes. Agesipolis, aft

  Cleomenes 3   III - king of Sparta, 236-222 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
240/9 The education of Cleomenes, and his marriage to Agiatis.
234/7 of Leonidas II, and accession of Cleomenes III as king of Sparta.
229/7 Cleomenes of Sparta seizes Belbina, on the border with Megalopolis.
228/12 The Spartan ephors recall Cleomenes from Arcadia.
228/13 Cleomenes confronts the Achaean army at Pallantium, but Aratus preven
227/3 Cleomenes defeats Aratus in a battle by Mt. Lycaeum.
227/7 Cleomenes kills his opponent Archidamus.
227/12 Cleomenes defeats the Achaeans at Ladoceia, where Lydiades is killed.
227/13 Cleomenes has the ephors killed.
227/14 Cleomenes reforms the Spartan constitution, and attempts to reimpose
227/16 Cleomenes invades the territory of Megalopolis.
226/7 Cleomenes captures Mantineia.
226/8 Cleomenes heavily defeats the Achaeans at the battle of Hecatombaeum.
225/1 The Achaeans negotiate with Cleomenes, and offer him the leadership
225/2 breakdown of the negotiations between the Achaeans and Cleomenes.
225/11 eserts the Achaeans and join Cleomenes, along with Caphyae, Pellene,
225/15 The inhabitants of Corinth transfer their allegiance to Cleomenes.
225/19 eans, led by Aratus, appeal to Antigonus for help against Cleomenes.
224/2 Cleomenes invades the territory of Sicyon.
224/8 rage Argos to revolt against Cleomenes, which forces him to retreat
224/10 Cleomenes sends his mother as a hostage to Egypt.
224/12 ures some forts belonging to Cleomenes, near Aegys and Belbina in Arc
223/7 Cleomenes enters Megalopolis in a surprise attack, but is forced out
223/13 Cleomenes raises extra troops by freeing helots, and captures Megalop
222/7 Cleomenes devastates the countryside around Argos, without meeting
222/8 Cleomenes leads a second raid against Argos.
222/11 King Ptolemy withdraws his subsidy to Cleomenes.
222/12 Antigonus enters Laconia and encamps opposite Cleomenes at Sellasia.
222/13 eral remarks about the war between Cleomenes and the Achaean League.
222/14 ral remarks about the reign of Cleomenes, a brave but ruthless king.
222/15 Antigonus defeats Cleomenes at Sellasia, and forces him to escape fro
222/27 Cleomenes takes refuge in Alexandria, where Ptolemy gives him a
219/4 Ptolemy puts Cleomenes under house arrest, at the instigation
219/5 Cleomenes fails to enjoy the entertainment at a banquet in Egypt, bec
219/6 Cleomenes is killed while attempting to escape.
Plutarch,- PLUTARCH, Cleomenes
    Within translations:
Athen_4.142 lf-denial." [21.]   But Cleomenes was a man of eminent
Euseb]:Chron_243 the Achaeans, defeated Cleomenes the king of the Spartan
Just_28.4 these proceedings, king Cleomenes returned, with his whol
Just_29.1 lected Lycurgus in the room of Cleomenes. And that no cha
Phylarch_51 ed, possibly by the friends of Cleomenes. [52] & Plut:Arat
Phylarch_52 us, because of his mistrust of Cleomenes. [53] & Polyb_2.5
Phylarch_55 galopolis refuse to join Cleomenes, after the capture of
Phylarch_58 draws his financial support of Cleomenes. [59] & Plut:Cleo
Plut:Agis_2 Spartan kings, Agis and Cleomenes, who were not inferior
Plut:Arat_* 35-46 * aeans should engage with Cleomenes, whose spirit and power
Plut:Cleom_* 1-10 * own home, and given to his son Cleomenes. Cleomenes was
Plut:Cleom_* 13-28 * they applied to Cleomenes, who not only bore the title,
Plut:Cleom_* 31-39 * isle of Cythera, where Cleomenes first touched, he saile
SEG_60.586 (221)   at took place against Kleomenes at Sellasia, I gran

  Cleomenes 4   - a rhapsodist
Athen_14.620 of Simonides. And Cleomenes the rhapsodist, at the Olympi
Athen_14.638 now Gnesippus, nor & Cleomenes with all his nine-strin

  Cleomenes 5   of Rhegium - Greek poet, 5th century B.C.
Athen_13.605 ve-songs & Of Sappho, Meletus, Cleomenes, and Lamynthius.

  Cleomenes 6   of Naucratis - governor of Egypt, under Alexander the Great
Wikipedia entry
322/13a Ptolemy kills Cleomenes, the previous governor of Egypt.
    Within translations:
Arrian:Fr_1 borders upon Egypt, with Cleomenes, formerly governor of
Just_13.4 common soldier; 11 and Cleomenes, who had built Alexandr
PsCallisth_1.31 of Alexander. Now Cleomenes the Naucrititan and Deinacrat
PsCallisth_3.19 reading the letter sent Cleomenes, overseer of Egypt, to

  Cleomenes 7   of Syracuse - an officer of Verres in Sicily
73/15 coast of Sicily, and defeat Cleomenes of Syracuse, who has been put

  Cleomenes   - in documents
SEG_43.311 (197-185)   s son of Nikokrates, Kleomenes son of Nikiadas, Ech
SEG_59.1406A (281)   hanos son of Mykkas Kleomenes son of Hermagoras Ari
Syll_397 (278)   omenes dedicated this to Athen
Syll_523 (c. 220)   as of . . .], Kleomenes of Kyphaira, Ageas [of Am
THI_25 (148)   t;} for the safety of Kleomenes, the governor of
THI_99.O (c. 130)   das, Ageas son of Nikodamos, Kleomenes son of . . .

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