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  Clodius   (P. Clodius Pulcher) - tribune of the plebs, 58 B.C.
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67/1 P.Clodius encourages disaffection in the Roman army stationed at Nisi
67/13 Clodius leaves Lucullus' army, and joins his brother-in-law Marcius.
67/28 being captured and released by pirates, Clodius proceeds to Antioch.
66/15 his wife Clodia, accusing her of incest with her brother Clodius.
66/31 Clodius accuses Catilina of extortion while governor of Africa, and
65/15 lina is eventually brought to trial by Clodius, but he is acquitted.
64/3 Murena goes out to govern Gaul, accompanied by Clodius.
63/61 Fulvius, Clodius and others leave Rome with the intention of joining
62/30 P.Clodius is discovered, disguised as a woman, in the house of Caesar
61/9 Clodius is brought to trial for sacrilege, but is acquitted, allegedl
61/10 Cicero and Clodius argue in the senate.
60/2 the Helvetii and attempts to transfer P.Clodius to the plebeians.
60/9 Cato counters Clodius' accusations against the priests and priestesse
60/10 Celer blocks further attempts to transfer Clodius to the Plebeians.
59/13 Clodius is transferred to the plebeians, after being "adopted" by P.F
59/29 Clodius is elected tribune for the following year.
59/42 Clodius prevents Bibulus from making a speech at the end of his year
58/2 P.Clodius passes a law to provide the corn dole at Rome completely
58/3 P.Clodius restores the right to belong to guilds.
58/4 Clodius restricts the ability of the censors to punish senators.
58/5 Clodius prohibits the use of "watching the sky" to obstruct legislati
58/6 Clodius forms an armed gang of slaves, and occupies the temple of Cas
58/7 M.Antonius joins the supporters of Clodius.
58/8 Pupius Piso invites Clodius to dinner.
58/9 Clodius mollifies the opposition of the tribune L.Ninnius.
58/13 Clodius passes a law to give the consuls the provinces of Macedonia
58/14 Clodius proposes a law, to punish anyone who has taken the life of
58/15 ero, anticipating the use of Clodius' law against himself, approaches
58/17 The consuls support Clodius against Cicero.
58/20 Clodius passes a law to turn Cyprus into a Roman province; M.Cato is
58/22 Clodius passes another law, explicitly banishing Cicero.
58/23 Clodius seizes Cicero's possessions, and destroys his house in Rome.
58/45 Clodius is accused to plotting to murder Pompeius.
58/46 Clodius turns against Pompeius, and prevents him from leaving his hou
58/52 Clodius helps Tigranes, the son of king Tigranes, to escape from cust
58/66 Clodius proposes that freedmen should be able to vote among the rural
58/67 Clodius is bribed to pass a law appointing Brogitarus priest of Magna
57/3 ill for Cicero's recall, but Clodius dispels the assembly by violence
57/4 announce adverse auspices, but is wounded by Clodius' supporters.
57/6 T.Milo attempts to prosecute Clodius, but is obstructed by Metellus
57/7 of armed supporters, and engages in street fighting with Clodius.
57/33 Dom, Cicero's speech against Clodius, in defence of his right to rebu
57/42 Clodius stands as a candidate to be aedile for the following year.
57/43 escribing violent attacks by Clodius on Cicero and his workmen, and
56/4 Milo, who is prosecuted by Clodius for hiring the support of gladia
56/7 ablets about his exile, which were placed on the Capitol by Clodius.
56/13 efence of P.Sestius, who is accused of violence in opposing Clodius.
56/15 Cato defends the legality of Clodius' acts as tribune, including his
56/21 Clodius, as aedile, brings slaves onto the stage during the Megalensi
56/39 Clodius denounces Cato's conduct in Cyprus.
56/56a speech for the tribune L.Racilius, a vigorous opponent of P.Clodius.
53/17 Clodius decides to postpone his attempt to be elected praetor, becaus
53/35 Clodius buys a house from Scaurus.
53/37 eaks in the senate, to rebut Clodius' claim that Milo's debts should
53/38 Clodius is forced to run off for protection when he is violently assa
52/2 omments on the violent and subversive political career of P.Clodius.
52/3 Clodius is murdered by Milo's followers, near Bovillae.
52/4 Clodius' body is burnt in the senate-house, and the building is destr
52/17 ree condemning the murder of Clodius, the burning of the senate-house
52/20 Trebellius Calcha pretends to the (?) heir of Clodius.
52/26 The first day of Milo's trial is disrupted by Clodius' supporters.
52/28 convicted of the murder of Clodius, despite a speech in his defence
52/31 the principal henchman of P.Clodius, is brought to trial and convi
52/65 Metellus Scipio annuls Clodius' law, which had curtailed the powers

  Clodius 2   - the son and heir of the actor Aesopus, 1st century B.C.
53/41 Clodius, the son and heir of Aesopus, swallows pearls dissolved in

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CIL_1.1051 .1051 Latin Text Sextus Clodius, freedman of Decimus,
CIL_1.1279 horus. Rome. Aulus Clodius Apollodorus freedman of Au

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