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  Cnidus   - a city on the coast of Caria, in south-west Anatolia
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  + Cnidian , Cnidians
282/27 ding a loan from the city of Cnidus to Miletus, to enable Miletus to
282/39 uction of the Pharos at Alexandria, designed by Sostratus of Cnidus.
239/10 Aristogenes of Cnidus is a slave of Chrysippus, and doctor to Antigon
199/5a about games instituted in Cnidus after an epiphany of the goddess
127/4 Nicomedes offers to buy the famous statue of Aphrodite at Cnidus.
100/19 _55, copies from Delphi and Cnidus of a Roman decree which imposes
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1Macc_15   Aradus and Gortyna and Cnidus and Cyprus and Cyrene.
Aelian:NA_4.21   pay heed to the historian of Cnidus. [22] & The Sea-sco
Aelian:NA_5.3   account given by Ctesias of Cnidus. [4] & The Porpoise
Aelian:NA_16.31   dog-breeders. The Cnidian writer gives the reasons as fol
Aelian:NA_16.41   urther, Ctesias of Cnidus says that in the neighbourhood
AnthPal_6.172   Anonymous & { F 20 } & Cnidian Porphyris suspends before
AnthPal_6.295   used to line to wipe his Cnidian pens, the ruler for marki
AnthPal_7.465   er, I am Aretemias, my country Cnidus. I was the wife of
AnthPal_12.61   Look ! consume not all Cnidus utterly, Aribazus ; the
AnthPal_16.160   ATO & { F 23 } & On the Cnidian Aphrodite of Praxiteles
AnthPal_16.162   Cypris, seeing Cypris in Cnidus, said, "Alas ! alas ! wher
AnthPal_16.165   & { Ph 10 } & On the Cnidian Aphrodite Pallas and the
AnthPal_16.166   her in full view of the Cnidians, having the vote of Pari
AnthPal_16.170   you see, stranger, the Cnidian Cythereia, you would say
AntipSid_16.167   & { G-P 44 } & On the Cnidian Aphrodite and on Praxitel
Apollod:Fr_48   of comedies; and Eudoxus of Cnidus, an astronomer. [49]
Apollod:Fr_76   rt_8'90 (Eudoxus) & Eudoxus of Cnidus and Eudoxus of Sicil
Arrian:Fr_11   ttalus and his troops attacked Cnidus, Caunus, and Rhodes.
Athen_2.45   And Ctesias the Cnidian explains also in what manner
Athen_4.155   Agatharchides the Cnidian, in the eighth book of his Hist
Athen_6.246   Agatharchides of Cnidus, in the twenty-second book of
Athen_6.262   (and they are between Cnidus and Syme) a difference aro
Athen_6.272   Agatharchides the Cnidian, in the thirty-eighth book of
Athen_9.387   87] But Agatharchides of Cnidus, in the thirty-fourth book
Athen_11.508   by Eurypylus and Dicaeocles of Cnidus in the ninety-first book of
Athen_12.539   ], and Agatharchides of Cnidus, in the tenth book of his
Athen_13.591   odelled the Aphrodite of Cnidus from her body; and on the
ChronPasc_472   rus. Dexiphanes of Cnidus was the engineer who carried out
Cic:Brut_316   Magnesia, Aeschylus of Cnidus, and Xenocles of Adramytti
Cic:Brut_325   kind were Aeschylus the Cnidian, and my contemporary Aesc
Cic:Rep_1.22   later marked by Eudoxus of Cnidus (a disciple of Plato, it
DiogLaert_7.186   Chrysippus, a native of Cnidus, a doctor from whom Erasis
Euseb]:Chron_57   ver 1,300 years, as Ctesias of Cnidus says in his second
Euseb]:Chron_59   Lesbos and Ctesias of Cnidus, and then Herodotus of Hal
Hieron:Chron_king   Ar.] Sostratus of Cnidus ["the son of Dexiphanes" - Ar.]
Joseph:AJ_12.5   Agatharchides of Cnidus, who wrote the acts of Alexander
Joseph:AJ_13.370   who was called Eucaerus, from Cnidus, and made him king
Just_35.2   to a friend of his at Cnidus, with a large quantity of
Malal_218   elp of the Dexiphanes of Cnidus, who turned the sea into
Nepos_9.4   were attacked by Conon off Cnidus and put to flight in
Nepos_9.5   that he had fought off Cnidus had given him high standing,
OGIS_66   (c. 290-280)   nted to Sostratos of Knidos, the son of Dexiphanes,
OGIS_67   (c. 280-270)   praise Sostratos of Knidos, the son of Dexiphanes,
Philoch_144   partans in the sea battle near Cnidus. Phi{lochorus} will
Phld:Sto_76   Timocles of Cnossus or of Cnidus, Damocles of Messene, Gorgus of
Plin:HN_5.104   stand the free city of Cnidus, Triopia, and then Pegusa, also
Plin:HN_5.133   15 miles distant from Cnidus, and in the same
Plin:HN_6.214   Caunus, Rhodes, Cos, Halicarnassus, Cnidus, Doris, Chios, Delos, the
Plin:HN_7.127   large debt owed by the Cnidians. Daily testimony is borne to
Plin:HN_35.167   a fresh water spring at Cnidus earth becomes petrified in less
Plin:HN_36.20   many people have sailed to Cnidus to see. He had made
Plin:HN_36.21   state's vast debts. The Cnidians, however, preferred to suffer
Plin:HN_36.22   this lustful act. [22] In Cnidus there are also other marble
Plin:HN_36.83   piers: this he did at Cnidus.
Poseidon_99   from near Gades, and also from Cnidus. [100] [212.K] & PLI
POxy_1380   sage, freedom ; 80 & at Cnidus dispeller of attack, disco
PsCallisth_3.33   of gold coinage, and to the Cnidians (?) a gift. I wish
SEG_29.1130   (200-150)   p; The judges of the Knidians - [to whom they entru
SEG_38.812   (c. 200)   [since the people of Knidos] has [renewed the frien
SEG_60.1569   (c. 160-150) were given the [people of] Knidos as an arbitrator by the
SelPap_1.178   one artaba of wheat and two Cnidian jars of wine o
SelPap_3.104   Sostratus, son of Dexiphanes, a Cnidian. In Egypt there are no
Simonid_9.700   roy. * & On the Lesche of the Cnidians at Delphi. [9.757]
Syll_1168.B   (late 4th cent.) 32 Antikrates of Knidos, eyes. This man had been
Syll_418   (272-270)   mos Since Sokrates of Knidos, the son of Telesias,
Syll_588   (190-180)   dians: & Athenians: & Knidians: & Myndians: & Sami
Syll_761.A   (48/7) Since Kallistos of Knidos, the son of Epigenes, a
Syll_761.C   (48/7) atue C. Julius] Theopompos [of Knidos, the son of] Artemidoros,
Syll_953   (300-286)   il and the people {of Knidos}, as recommended by] t
THI_4.A   (45) the Forum the people of Knidos made a treaty [with the
THI_215   (62 A.D.)   nbsp; Myndus,   Cnidus,   Physcus,  
THI_61.D   (173-169)     Demetrios of Knidos, the son of Artemon bear
ValMax_8.11e.4   in the temple of the Cnidians, as if she were breathing,
Vit:Arat_1   rs. For Eudoxus of Cnidus wrote a book called Phaenomena,

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