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  Cocytus   - one of the rivers of Hades
Wikipedia entry
AnthPal_7.377   Furies in the middle of Cocytus, with a dog-collar that
AnthPal_7.700   me, and you, flood of Cocytus, where wailing is loud,
AnthPal_9.218   ? Call me the dismal hull of Cocytus. I brought death
AntipSid_7.464   our foot on the beach of Cocytus, carrying in your young
Athen_13.597   shape; even the lawless Cocytus he saw, raging beneath
Cic:Tusc_1.10   and the roaring waves of Cocytus, and the passage over Acheron,
Julian:Caes_310   his wreath was taken off and Cocytus instantly swept him
Nicand:Th_230   Wayfarers call him the snaky Cocytus. Two fangs in his upper

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