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  Cytinium   - a city in Doris, Greece
DARE (map)
  + Cytenium , Cytinians
205/1 of Xanthus to an appeal for aid from the town of Cytenium in Doris.
160/8a ecision in a dispute between Cytinium and Sparta, about voting in the
    Within translations:
Philoch_56 ippus seized Elateia and Cytinium, and sent to Thebes repr
SEG_38.1476 (206/5)   ians and the city of Kytenion, rendering assistance
Syll_399 (278/7)   ropolis : Teisias of Kytinion, son of Alexandros P
Syll_492 (c. 263)   piades Agatharchos of Kytinion, the son of Euphanes
Syll_538 (204/3)   adaia, Andronikos of Kytinion, Lykeas of (?) Rhada
Syll_553 (207/6)   . . . of Gomphoi, Damon of Kytinion, . . ., (?) Ar
Syll_668 (c. 161/0)   ree of the Kytinians. When . . . was

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