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  Dacia   - a Roman province north of the Danube, equivalent to the modern Romania
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  + Dacian , Dacians , Dacias
44/91 increases the power of the Dacians, by conquering neighbouring trib
    Within translations:
CIL_add.1   routed] the army of [the Dacians] and the Bastarnae in
Festus:Brev_8   ajan conquered the Dacians, under King Decibalus, and made
Festus:Brev_25   the frontier troops of Dacia, he might seek a resolution
Just_32.3   sailed out of the sea. 16 The Dacians are descendants of
NicDam_125.1   hese are called Pannonians and Dacians. [ See the work:
Oros_1.2.30   first, Alania; in the middle, Dacia (there we also find Gothia);
Oros_6.21   Thracians and the Sarmatian Dacians, the largest and strongest
Oros_6.22   the commotion raised by the Dacians. 3 During this period when
Oros_7.10   against the Germans and the Dacians. While the Domitian himself in
Oros_7.22   ruined Greece, Pontus, and Asia; Dacia beyond the Danube was lost
Ovid:Cons_377   apacious Danube, and the Dacian (?) Apulian in his far-off
Plin:HN_6.219   the Borysthenes and so across Dacia and part of Germany, and
Plinius:Ep_6.27   returned from his victories in Dacia in 106 A.D. [28] &
Plinius:Ep_6.31   the Emperor was in Dacia, the heirs had written a joint
Plinius:Ep_8.4   ates that Decebalus, the Dacian king, diverted the course
Plinius:Ep_10.14   conspicuous virtues. (*) & In Dacia, probably in 106 A.D.
Plinius:Ep_10.74   n's generals in command of the Dacian war. & Susagus was

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