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  Demeter   - the Greek goddess of corn and agriculture
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307/9 Philon enlarges the temple of Demeter and Persephone at Eleusis.
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Aelian:Fr_51   tan is maimed in the temple of Demeter. [52] & {55 DF} &
Aelian:Fr_332   Miltiades enters the temple of Demeter in Paros. [333] &
Aelian:NA_10.33   sacred to Aphrodite and Demeter, while the other kind is
Aelian:NA_10.40   of its water.' It was Demeter who caused this water to
Aelian:NA_11.4   mother. Yours, indeed yours, Demeter, is the power. Show
Aelian:NA_17.16   here and there the fruits of Demeter sown in the soil.
AnthPal_6.98   ZONAS & { Ph 2 } & To Demeter the Winnower and the Seas
AnthPal_6.258   Ph 2 } & This ewe, O Demeter, who preside over the fur
AnthPal_7.733   the Graces and Anaxo served Demeter. We wanted nine day
AnthPal_9.21   ine from the ears the fruit of Demeter. * & Nisyros, a vol
AnthPal_9.147   initiated, to the temple of Demeter, fearing not the
AnthPal_9.707   uts sweeter than the fruits of Demeter rise from me. &
AnthPal_16.200   the wheat-bearing furrow of Demeter. Looking up he said
Antiphil_6.95   sore toil, dedicates to Demeter his ox-turning iron-tippe
Antiphil_6.257   led me with the gifts of Demeter, the amphora fashioned
Antiphil_9.298   ness of the mysteries of Demeter more clearly with my eyes
AntipSid_7.209   corn-bearing furrow of Demeter, as you lie in the the
AntipThes_6.291   when she fell sick, addressed Demeter something in this
AntipThes_9.241   idon a horse for that of Demeter, Zeus a swan for Leda,
AntipThes_9.418   unce the dawn. For Demeter has ordered the Nymphs to perfo
Arrian:Fr_14   the office of priest of Demeter and her daughter, to whom
Asclepiad_5.150   to-night and swore by solemn Demeter. She comes not and
Athen_5.213   to the holy temple of Demeter and Persephone being clos
Athen_6.253   this city, & For here Demeter and Demetrius are & Prese
Athen_6.268   And in the name of Demeter, my companions, if these
Athen_10.416   luttony, and an image of Demeter Sito; near which, also,
Athen_10.432   mixed the liquor with Demeter's corn, & And took the
Athen_11.460   is also a 'cup-bearing ' Demeter, worshipped in Achaea in the
Athen_13.566   leitus and Tithonus; and Demeter with Iasion; and Aphrodit
Athen_13.597   ugh the Rarian plain to honour Demeter. And she is known
Athen_13.600   of fat sheep, and corn, Demeter's gift; & The trees love
Athen_13.609   ground and an altar to Demeter of Eleusis, in whose fest
Athen_14.618   and iouloi. And Demeter herself was called sometimes
Athen_14.619   iouloi are used in honour of Demeter and Persephone. The
Athen_14.624   says in his hymn to the Demeter in Hermione, where he spe
Athen_15.694   ther of Plutus, Olympian Demeter; & May you be ever near
Athen_15.694     Mother of Plutus Olympian Demeter
Callim:Epigr_40   & An offering to Demeter and Corē, apparently at
Callim:Epigr_41   ss, Sir, of old was I of Demeter and again of the Cabeiri
Callim:Hec_278   way down to Hades, which Demeter came to and learned from
Crinag_11.42   see those long nights of Demeter's holy rites, whereby whi
DiogLaert_7.147   pervading moisture, and Demeter, as pervading the earth
DionHal:Din_11   the smilax: "I pray, by Demeter and Kore." It is earlier
DioscEpigr_7.31   hat even in the house of Demeter you may dance delicately
Julian:Mis_346   visited the temple of Demeter three times in succession
Nicand:Al_130   draught of the fasting Deo; once with this did Deo moist
Nicand:Al_450   450 wrought round it in Demeter's honour their many-celle
Nicand:Th_480   is current how the Sorrowing Demeter did him injury when she
Nicarch_6.31   of good fruit, and to Demeter the Earth-goddess, and
PCairZen_59028   ent to give us at the feast of Demeter. Will you kindly
Philip_6.36   bandman dedicate to you, Demeter, who love the corn ; for
Philip_6.104   ploughing, suspends to Demeter with the wreath of corn,
Philip_7.394   shing servant of fertile Demeter, and on his death he set
Philip_9.89   Be not wrathful, Demeter, if the maidens clothed a child
Philoch_61   & There is a temple of Demeter Chloē on the acropol
Phld:Phil_31   there was a festival of Demeter . . . to pray
Plut:Demetr_12   onours that were paid to Demeter and Dionysus; and that
Plut:Eum_6   came to support the one and Demeter the other. A sharp
Plut:Mor_834   vulged the sacred mysteries of Demeter. And besides, he
Polyaen_1.20.2   omen performing a sacrifice to Demeter. He immediately dis
Schol:Theoc_7   the harvest festival of Demeter, and he set out with Eucr
SEG_18.343.B   (c. 85-25) Eubouleus at the altars of Demeter, and whenever she is present
SEG_38.603   (202-197)   75, Helios, Poseidon, Demeter, Apollo, Ares, Athena
SEG_43.212   (c. 200)   ncerning the temple of Demeter and Korē, wheth
SelPap_1.172   dine at the temple of Demeter to-day, the 9th, at
SelPap_2.405   south of the shrine of Demeter that of Zeus, Hera, A
Syll_1051   (c. 200) ine intends to offer to Demeter Chthonia; and that a theorodok
Syll_319   (314/3)   dedicated this monument to Demeter and Korē
Syll_400   (273/2)   iced at the Stenia to Demeter and Korē from t
Syll_485   (soon after 235/4)   ced] at the Haloia to Demeter and Korē and the
Syll_540   (214/3)   es during the year to Demeter and Korē and to
Syll_661   (c. 165/4)   ;ia and the Chloia to Demeter and Korē and the
THI_12   (c. 309-305)   s}, Poseidon, Apollo, Demeter, Ares, Athena Areia {
THI_87   (306-301)   rning the sanctuary of Demeter and to Philtylios,
THI_97   (294-288)   se for . . . and Apollo and Demeter and Dionysos. [
THI_100   (c. 200)   5;, Helios, Poseidon, Demeter, Ares, Athena Areia a
THI_137.A   (c. 100) tigone, make a dedication to Demeter, Korē and all the go
THI_147   (270-250)   ē {"Court of Demeter" ?} to the regi
THI_163   (c. 247/6) drain alongside the shrine of Demeter:   (?) 20 staters 1
THI_168.D   (end 2nd cent.) swear by Zeus, Poseidon and Demeter, that we have spent all
THI_184.B   gods, and especially towards Demeter and Korē and the
THI_188.A   (Late 4th century) votive statue to Kore and Demeter because a sacred vision had
THI_188.B   (Late 4th century) ppokrates, dedicated to Kore and Demeter a shrine and a statu
THI_211   (early 2nd century) Parians in the temple of Demeter, and the Allariotai in the

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