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  Demetrius   Poliorcetes - king of Macedonia, 294-287 B.C.
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  + Demetrian
319/5 The birth of Antigonus Gonatas, the son of Demetrius.
314/24 Antigonus leaves his son Demetrius in charge in Syria, and marches
313/25 Demetrius takes his army by forced marches to Mallus, but arrives aft
312/12 Antigonus rebukes the young Demetrius during a battle.
312/13 Ptolemy defeats Demetrius at the battle of Gaza.
311/2 Demetrius defeats Cilles, the general of Ptolemy.
311/13 Demetrius leads a raid against the Nabataeans.
311/14 Demetrius persuades Antigonus to attempt to extract asphalt from the
310/6 Demetrius leads a raid against Babylonia, during which he briefly gai
310/19 Demetrius defeats the generals of Ptolemy in Cilicia.
307/12 Demetrius the son of Antigonus captures Peiraeus and expels Demetrius
307/17 Demetrius captures Megara.
307/22 Demetrius captures and destroys Munychia.
307/30 ans grant extravagant honours to Demetrius and his father Antigonus.
306/5 Demetrius defeats Menelaus and begins to besiege Salamis.
306/12 Demetrius heavily defeats Ptolemy in a naval battle off Salamis.
306/13 Demetrius takes control of Cyprus, but allows Menelaus to escape
306/19 Antigonus and his son Demetrius adopt the title of King.
305/2a cree in honour of residents at the court of Antigonus and Demetrius.
305/10 Demetrius arrives at Rhodes and begins to besiege the city.
305/11a decree of the League of Islanders at Delos, in honour of Demetrius.
305/17 The Rhodians repel Demetrius' first attack on their harbour.
305/21 ians repel another attack by Demetrius, by land and sea; after which
305/25 Demetrius constructs a large siege engine, which is called a Helepoli
305/26 Demetrius begins to be called Poliorcetes, "the Besieger".
304/1 ans send out ships to attack Demetrius' supply bases, and Menedemus
304/1 ply bases, and Menedemus captures a ship sent by Phila to Demetrius.
304/2 Demetrius prevents the destruction of a picture by Protogenes.
304/4 Demetrius fails to bribe Athenagoras, one of the Rhodian commanders,
304/6 ttack by the Rhodians forces Demetrius to pull back his siege machine
304/8 Demetrius captures the island of Salamis.
304/9 other unsuccessful attack by Demetrius, during which the Rhodian magi
304/9 rrange a short truce between Demetrius and the Rhodians, which is fol
304/10 Demetrius agrees to end the siege of Rhodes, through the mediation
304/11 Demetrius leaves behind his siege engines for the Rhodians to keep.
304/16 Demetrius crosses to Greece and captures Chalcis.
304/21 Demetrius drives Cassander's army out of Attica and pursues it as far
304/23 The Athenians grant further honours to Demetrius.
303/1 Demetrius' licentious behaviour during his winter stay at Athens, esp
303/1 ena; Democles commits suicide to escape the attentions of Demetrius.
303/10 Demetrius captures Sicyon, and moves the city to a different site.
303/14 Demetrius captures Corinth, and then Bura, Scyrus, Orchomenus, and
303/15 odemus of Messene transfers his support from Cassander to Demetrius.
303/16 of Herodorus the trumpeter, Demetrius captures Argos, where he marri
302/1 Demetrius creates a new Hellenic League, and is appointed its leader.
302/2 Breakdown of negotiations between Cassander and Demetrius.
302/5 Demetrius is initiated into the mysteries at Eleusis, even through
302/6 Lamia holds a banquet at Athens in honour of Demetrius.
302/8 Pyrrhus is forced to leave Epirus, and goes to join Demetrius.
302/15 Demetrius invades Thessaly.
302/18a 49, recording honours given to Demetrius by his Athenian volunteers.
302/19 Demetrius is ordered by Antigonus to return to Asia, and he agrees
301/4 an Athenian decree in honour of Oxythemis,a supporter of Demetrius.
301/4a Eretrian decree in honour of Adeimantus, a friend of Demetrius.
301/5 350-351, a decree of Byzantium in honour of Antigonus and Demetrius.
301/6a decree of Ephesus in honour of Archestratus, a friend of Demetrius.
301/12 Demetrius and Antigonus quarrel about Demetrius' mistress Demo.
301/13 Demetrius and Lysimachus exchange insults.
301/16 The close relationship between Demetrius and his father Antigonus.
301/19 Demetrius escapes to Ephesus.
301/25 Demetrius thwarts a plot by Diodorus to betray Ephesus.
301/26 The Athenians refuse to support Demetrius.
300/13 Demetrius leaves Pyrrhus in charge of his garrisons in Greece, and
298/3 Seleucus meets Demetrius at Rhossus, and marries his daughter Straton
298/4 Demetrius seizes control of Cilicia.
298/5 Demetrius marries the daughter of Ptolemy.
298/8 Demetrius sends Pyrrhus to Ptolemy "as a hostage".
298/13 Demetrius and Seleucus quarrel over Tyre and Sidon.
296/8 Demetrius captures Samaria.
295/14b Demetrius is appointed "stephanephoros" of Miletus.
295/18 Demetrius attacks Athens, but loses part of his fleet in a storm.
295/24 Demetrius is wounded while besieging Messene.
295/25 ends 150 ships in an attempt to break Demetrius' blockade of Athens.
294/3 Demetrius captures Athens, after it is abandoned by Lachares.
294/4 an Athenian decree in honour of Herodorus, a friend of Demetrius.
294/10 Demetrius defeats the Spartan king Archidamus near Mantineia, and att
294/17 Coalition of Lysimachus, Seleucus, and Ptolemy against Demetrius.
294/19 Demetrius murders Alexander, expels Antipater, and becomes king of
293/10 Demetrius gains control of Thessaly and Boeotia.
293/11 Demetrius founds the city of Demetrias.
293/16 to revolt by Cleonymus of Sparta, but is recaptured by Demetrius.
291/5 Demetrius drives Pyrrhus out of Thessaly.
291/6 Demetrius and his son Antigonus recapture Thebes after a second revol
291/7a Inscr_93, a letter of Demetrius concerning the territory of Demetria
290/9 Demetrius holds the Pythian games at Athens, instead of Delphi.
290/14 hus, and becomes the wife of Demetrius, who thus gains control of Cor
289/3 Agathocles sends his son to arrange an alliance with Demetrius.
289/4 Pyrrhus defeats Pantauchus, the general of Demetrius.
289/6 Demetrius makes himself unpopular with his subjects by his haughty
289/7 Pyrrhus invades Macedonia, but is driven out by Demetrius.
289/8 Demetrius assembles an army and fleet to invade Asia.
289/4a SEG_48.588, a treaty between Demetrius and the Aetolians.
288/1 lemaeus, Lysimachus, and Pyrrhus form a coalition against Demetrius.
288/14 Demetrius advances against Lysimachus, but returns when he receives
288/17 army deserts to Pyrrhus, and Demetrius loses control of Macedonia.
288/21 Demetrius tours the Greek states in an attempt to rally support.
287/8 Demetrius makes peace with Pyrrhus and the Athenians.
287/10 Menedemus is sent as ambassador from Eretria to Demetrius.
287/11 Demetrius lands in Asia.
286/1 Demetrius wins over Ionia and Sardis.
286/16 Demetrius marches inland, pursued by Agathocles son of Lysimachus.
286/18 Pyrrhus attacks Demetrius' garrisons in Thessaly.
286/19 Negotiations between Demetrius and Seleucus.
286/20 Inconclusive fighting between the armies of Demetrius and Seleucus.
285/1 The policy of Demetrius towards the Greek states.
285/2 Demetrius is advised not to build a canal across the Corinthian Isthm
285/3 Demetrius complains to the Romans about the activities of Italian pir
285/4a bodyguard of Demetrius is killed after entering the oracle of Troph
285/5 Cynaethus indulges in absurd flattery of Demetrius.
285/6 Seleucus captures Demetrius.
285/7 Seleucus puts Demetrius under a strong armed guard.
285/15 rejects Lysimachus' advice that Demetrius should be put to death.
285/17 Demetrius hands over control of his remaining possessions to Antigonu
282/22 Demetrius Poliorcetes builds huge warships, with up to 15 banks of
282/23 The character and achievements of Demetrius Poliorcetes.
282/24 Death of Demetrius Poliorcetes.
282/25 The funeral of Demetrius.
280/17 Ptolemy Ceraunus defeats Antigonus the son of Demetrius.
Plutarch,- PLUTARCH, Demetrius

  Demetrius 2   II - king of Macedonia, 239-229 B.C.
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  + Demetrian
261/10 vades Macedonia, but is defeated by Demetrius, the son of Antigonus.
253/18 Demetrius son of Antigonus marries Stratonice, the daughter of Antioc
248/1a Syll_459, three letters from Demetrius to the governor of Beroea.
238/5 Stratonice leaves Demetrius and joins her nephew Seleucus in Syria.
238/6 The marriage of Demetrius and Phthia, daughter of Alexander of Epirus
238/15 The birth of Philippus, the son of Demetrius and Phthia.
237/4b The outbreak of war (the "Demetrian War") in Attica.
236/6b SEG_13.465, a treaty between king Demetrius and the city of Gortyn.
234/5c in Attica, in honour of Dicaearchus, a general of Demetrius II.
234/8 Demetrius invades Boeotia, and detaches it from Aetolia.
232/4 move to a new site, as a result of Demetrius' attacks on Aetolia.
230/4 The Dardani invade Macedonia and defeat Demetrius.
229/1a SEG_60.605, a letter of Demetrius concerning a citizen of Pythium
229/2 remark at a banquet about the young Philippus, son of Demetrius.
229/3 The death of Demetrius II, who leaves Antigonus as the guardian of
    Within translations:
Alcaeus_9.519   to King Philip, son of Demetrius} I drink, Bacchus, I
Alcaeus_11.12   oisoned by King Philip, son of Demetrius. This Philip was
AnthPal_16.6   immortals, the son of Demetrius, wielder of the strong
ChronSynt_90   Antigonus for 15 years Demetrius for 10 years [91] Antig
Euseb]:Chron_237   was succeeded by his son Demetrius, who conquered the whol
Euseb]:Chron_241-249 *   Gonatas - for 34 years Demetrius the Fair - for 10 years
ExcBarb_44A   gonus Gonatas for 35 years 36. Demetrius for 10 years 37.
Hieron:Chron_1774   134.2 * . [1774] Demetrius [became king] of Macedonia
Just_26.2   army. 11 His son Demetrius, however, though but a boy,
Just_28.1   she addressed herself to Demetrius king of Macedonia, and
Just_28.3   ccurring in Epirus, king Demetrius in Macedonia died, leav
Plut:Arat_17   it by means of his son Demetrius, sent him to make her
Plut:Arat_34   death of Antigonus, and Demetrius' accession to the thron
Polyaen_4.6.1   between her and his son Demetrius, and the splendour of
Polyaen_4.18.1   ious. [18] Philippus, son of Demetrius. When Philippu
Polyaen_4.18.2   Philippus son of Demetrius, when engaged in a war with
SEG_13.465   (237/6) of the reign of king Demetrios son of Antigonos, [when] the
SEG_38.603   (202-197)   lippos son of king [Demetrios, and these will agree
Syll_485   (soon after 235/4)   nian people and king [Demetrios] and queen [Phthia]
Syll_518   (222)   igonos, son of king Demetrios, [with the Macedoni
Syll_573   (c. 220-217)   ians, the son of king Demetrios, dedicated these sp
Syll_574   (217-201)   edonians, the son of king Demetrios, dedicated
Syll_575   (217-201)   lippos, son of [king] Demetrios, on account of his
THI_39   (235/4)   w stationed by king Demetrios on the headland of th
THI_202   (239-229) year of the reign of Demetrios, in the month of Peritios,
THI_207   (218) cedonia, the son of king] Demetrios, [on account of his virt

  Demetrius 3   I Soter - king of Syria, 161-150 B.C.
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  + Demetrianus
178/4b Demetrius replaces Antiochus as a Syrian hostage at Rome.
162/6 Demetrius makes a second unsuccessful appeal to the senate for his
162/7 Demetrius escapes from Italy.
162/10 Demetrius arrives at Tripolis and proclaims himself king.
161/4 Demetrius captures and kills Antiochus V and Lysias.
160/6 Demetrius suppresses a rebellion by Timarchus, satrap of Media.
160/7 Demetrius gains official Roman recognition as king of Syria, with the
160/15 Eumenes and Demetrius give gifts of grain to the Rhodians.
159/2 embassy from Demetrius appears before the senate.
157/3 Attalus sets up Alexander Balas as a rival to Demetrius.
155/8 Orophernes, the brother of Ariarathes, plots against Demetrius.
154/7 Cyprus accepts bribes from Demetrius, but is detected and commits
152/7 Demetrius frees the Jewish hostages in Jerusalem.
152/16 Demetrius sends Andriscus to Rome.
151/2 Demetrius makes further concessions to the Jews, including an exempti
151/13 Demetrius defeats Alexander Balas.
150/6 Demetrius is alleged to be frequently drunk.
150/7 Demetrius is defeated and killed by the army of Alexander Balas.
    Within translations:
1Macc_7-10 *   ar { 162/1 B.C. } Demetrius the son of Seleucus set forth
2Macc_14   Judas and his men that Demetrius, the son of Seleucus,
Athen_5.210   ntiochus, and the son of Demetrius, according to the accou
Athen_10.440   History [ 33.19 ], that Demetrius, when he fled after hav
ChronPasc_441   until the fifth year of Demetrius Soter and the time of
ChronSynt_92   chus Eupator for 2 years Demetrius for 12 years Alexander
Diod_40.2   when they rebelled from Demetrius, had sent envoys to the
Eupolemus_4   the fifth year of king Demetrius, and the twelfth year
Euseb]:Chron_253   six months. Then Demetrius, who had been given to the
Euseb]:Chron_255   aid of Demetrius the son of Demetrius. Ptolemy also
Euseb]:Chron_263   for 1 year and 6 months Demetrius Soter - for 12 years
ExcBarb_46A   chus Eupator for 2 years Demetrius Soter for 12 years Anti
GranLic_10   be made king, although Demetrius declared that he had
Hieron:Chron_1855   154.3 * . [1855] Demetrius Soter [became king of Macedon
Hieron:Chron_1860   against the generals of Demetrius, after he had been high
Hieron:Chron_1862   Bacchides the general of Demetrius out of Judaea, and beca
Joseph:AJ_12.389   389] About the same time Demetrius, the son of Seleucus,
Joseph:AJ_12.390   death by the command of Demetrius, when Antiochus had rei
Joseph:AJ_12.393   one. [393] At this Demetrius was very angry, and sent Bacc
Joseph:AJ_12.397   returned to Antioch to king Demetrius. [398] But Alcimu
Joseph:AJ_12.400-403 *   apply himself to king Demetrius for his assistance; [40
Joseph:AJ_12.415   ends, and would write to Demetrius that he would not fight
Joseph:AJ_12.420   & [420] But when Demetrius was informed of the death of
Joseph:AJ_13.23   peace, they sent to king Demetrius, and excited him to sen
Joseph:AJ_13.43   ander knew what promises Demetrius had made Jonathan, and
Joseph:AJ_13.44   him their friend against Demetrius, it was more for their
Joseph:AJ_13.47   greatly grieved Demetrius when he heard of it, and made
Joseph:AJ_13.48   are these: [48] "King Demetrius to Jonathan, and to the
Joseph:AJ_13.80   metor. [4.] & [80] Demetrius being thus slain in battle,
Joseph:AJ_13.35-39 *   they were at enmity with Demetrius, on account of his inso
Joseph:AJ_13.58-61 *   ses." [58] This was what Demetrius promised and granted
Just_34.3   the people, his uncle Demetrius, who was a hostage at
Just_35.1   th. BOOK 35 [35.1] Demetrius, having possessed himself of
Just_35.2   commencement of the war, Demetrius had entrusted two of
Just_36.1   gain returned to the family of Demetrius. Antiochus, reme
Just_36.3   On revolting from Demetrius, and soliciting the favour
Malal_207   years. After him Demetrianus the son of Seleucus was kin
OGIS_246   (160-120)   s Epiphanes {IV} the divine Demetrios Soter {I} .
Phld:Phil_10   {17} [10]   Demetrius . . . [Me]nochares .
Phld:Phil_27   {41} [27]   King Demetrius made a gift to Philonides
SEG_19.904   (c. 130/29)   the very great king Demetrios Soter, and of queen K
THI_175.A   theoroi to to king Demetrios,and Moschion also was appointed

  Demetrius 4   II Nicator - king of Syria, 145-125 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
147/14 Demetrius II invades Syria.
147/20 Jonathan defeats Apollonius, the general of Demetrius.
146/14 maeus VI transfers his support from Alexander Balas to Demetrius II.
145/19 eus' army returns to Egypt, and Demetrius II gains control of Syria.
145/25 Jonathan meets Demetrius at Ptolemais, and wins his support.
145/30 Demetrius' Cretan and Jewish mercenaries massacre the inhabitants of
144/7 ecisive battle near Asor between Jonathan and the army of Demetrius.
142/4 wins fresh concessions from Demetrius, and the Jews are in effect
140/5 Demetrius invades Mesopotamia.
139/11 Demetrius is captured by the Parthians.
129/2 Phraates releases Demetrius.
129/9 Demetrius is established as king.
129/29 Cleopatra II appeals to Demetrius for help against Ptolemy.
128/1 Demetrius attempts to invade Egypt.
128/5 The Syrians defect from Demetrius in his absence.
126/8 Alexander Zabinas defeats Demetrius near Damascus.
125/2 Demetrius is killed at Tyre.
    Within translations:
1Macc_10-15 *   year { 147 B.C. } Demetrius the son of Demetrius came fro
2Macc_1   In the reign of Demetrius, in the one hundred and sixty
Athen_5.211   which all men bore to Demetrius, concerning whom our
Athen_8.333   Sarpedon, the general of Demetrius, near the city of Ptole
ChronPasc_444   lexander, in marriage to Demetrius, Alexander's successor
ChronSynt_92   Alexander for 10 years Demetrius for 3 years Antiochus
Diod_33.4   had been brought low, Demetrius, as the only surviving
Diod_33.9   justice. [9] &   Demetrius, while he was staying at Laod
Diod_33.20   exandria in the battle against Demetrius. After the defeat
Diod_33.28   Cleopatra, the wife of Demetrius who had been captured
Diod_33.4a   eir ruler, defected from Demetrius and soon found many oth
Diod_34.15   itions: that his brother Demetrius was freed from captivit
Euseb]:Chron_255   us, who had come to the aid of Demetrius the son of Demetr
Euseb]:Chron_257   of Antiochus, through fear of Demetrius. One of the broth
Euseb]:Chron_263   Alexander - for 15 years Demetrius the son of Demetrius
ExcBarb_46A   chus Grypus for 10 years Demetrius Grypus for 3 years [46B
ExcBarb_46B   iochus Situs for 9 years Demetrius the son for 4 years Ant
Hieron:Chron_1877   160.1 * . [1877] Demetrius [became king] of Syria and
Hieron:Chron_1880   for 9 years. After Demetrius, his brother Antiochus, who
Hieron:Chron_1889   * . [1889] Then Demetrius [became king of Syria] again,
Joseph:AJ_13.86   and sixty-fifth year, Demetrius, the son of Demetrius,
Joseph:AJ_13.87   a safe posture there before Demetrius should come. [88]
Joseph:AJ_13.109-111 *   to assist him against Demetrius; so he dissolved his
Joseph:AJ_13.114-116 *   ersuaded them to receive Demetrius; [115] and assured them
Joseph:AJ_13.120-136 *   ed. [120] But when Demetrius, who was styled Nicator, had
Joseph:AJ_13.141   to deliver themselves up to Demetrius. [142] So he forg
Joseph:AJ_13.144-151 *   ole forces that had left Demetrius, because they had no
Joseph:AJ_13.154-156 *   ard that the generals of Demetrius's forces were come to
Joseph:AJ_13.159   therefore [159] Demetrius's men knew a day beforehand
Joseph:AJ_13.160   were laid in ambush by Demetrius's generals being behind
Joseph:AJ_13.174   But now the generals of Demetrius being willing to recove
Joseph:AJ_13.177   em. [177] But when Demetrius's commanders were informed
Joseph:AJ_13.180   osed to deliver up the city to Demetrius's generals. [181]
Joseph:AJ_13.184   ormerly. [184] But Demetrius passed over [Euphrates], and
Joseph:AJ_13.187   knew what had befallen Demetrius, he was no longer firm
Joseph:AJ_13.218-222 *   Now a little while after Demetrius had been carried into
Joseph:AJ_13.253   slain; and his brother Demetrius succeeded in the kingdo
Joseph:AJ_13.267-271 *   But as for king Demetrius, who had a mind to make war
Just_35.2   elder of the two, Demetrius, who had passed the age of
Just_36.1   th. BOOK 36 [36.1] Demetrius, having gained possession of
Just_38.9   dors to request aid from Demetrius king of Syria, a prince
Just_38.10   then that Phraates sent Demetrius into Syria, with a body
Just_39.1   in Persia, his brother Demetrius, being delivered from
Just_39.2   which, from hatred to Demetrius he had procured for Ale
OGIS_246   (160-120)   divine Phil[adelphos (?) Demetrios {II}] . . .
OGIS_260   (116/5)   kos, the son] of king Demetrios [and queen] Kleopat
Oros_5.4   conquered the prefect Demetrius. Now victorious, he
Poseidon_12   4.K] & Athen_4.153'a-b & Demetrius, as a hostage, attends
Poseidon_29   rowned, while fighting against Demetrius in Syria. [30]
THI_175.A   to as envoy to king Demetrios the son of king Demetrios,
THI_175.B   tiochos the son of king Demetrios, and to the Alabandians. A

  Demetrius 5   III Philopator (Akairos) - king of Syria 95-88 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
95/10 The accession of Demetrius, another son of Antiochus Grypus.
89/28 Demetrius Akairos defeats Alexander near Shechem.
88/48 Philippus defeats Demetrius, who goes into exile in Parthia.
    Within translations:
Joseph:AJ_13.370 for his fourth brother Demetrius, who was called Eucaeru
Joseph:AJ_13.371 ageously, he fell, while Demetrius and Philippus governed
Joseph:AJ_* 13.376-379 * They also sent to Demetrius Eucaerus, and desired him to
Joseph:AJ_* 13.384-386 * ty. [384] But when Demetrius was departed out of Judaea,
Joseph:BJ_* 01.92-95 * same time they invited Demetrius, who was called Eucaeru
Joseph:BJ_01.99 was the brother of Demetrius, and the last of the race of

  Demetrius 6   the Fair - king of Cyrene, about 250 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
250/11 Demetrius the Fair makes himself king of Cyrene.
247/8 Demetrius the Fair is assassinated.
    Within translations:
Euseb]:Chron_243 Antigonus, the son of Demetrius who went off to Cyrene
Just_26.3 ainst her will, sent for Demetrius, the brother of King
Plut:Demetr_53 two sons of the name of Demetrius, one surnamed The Slend

  Demetrius 7   I - king of Bactria, about 200 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
200/24b dication to Hestia on behalf of Euthydemus and Demetrius of Bactria.

  Demetrius 8   II - king of Bactria, about 170 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
169/13 Demetrius of Bactria conquers part of India.
169/14 Demetrius, king of Bactria, is defeated and killed by Eucratides.
    Within translations:
Just_41.6 when he was besieged by Demetrius king of the Indians,

  Demetrius 9   of Phalerum, Athenian statesman and orator, 4th century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
322/25 thenians send Xenocrates and Demetrius of Phalerum as envoys to Antip
319/19 The "floruit" of Demetrius Phalereus.
317/2 with Cassander, who sets up Demetrius of Phalerum as their leader.
316/21 Demetrius of Phalerum conducts a census of the inhabitants of Attica.
316/21a The poet Menander courts the favour of Demetrius.
316/21b Syll_318, an Athenian decree, in honour of Demetrius.
309/_ Athenian archon: Demetrius
308/2 the Dionysia in honour of Demetrius of Phalerum when he was archon
307/6 Laws passed by Demetrius of Phalerum while he was in control at Athen
307/7 Demetrius of Phalerum gives a garden to Theophrastus.
307/8 Demetrius of Phalerum preserves a boat which is said to have carried
307/10 the refined style of the public speeches of Demetrius of Phalerum.
307/11 The decadent private life of Demetrius of Phalerum.
307/12 onus captures Peiraeus and expels Demetrius of Phalerum from Athens.
307/31 The Athenians condemn Demetrius of Phalerum to death in his absence,
306/7 Demetrius of Phalerum meets the Cynic philosopher Crates at Thebes.
297/20 Demetrius Phalereus leaves Greece, and goes to the court of Ptolemaeu
282/7 Demetrius Phalereus helps Ptolemy to draw up laws.
282/9 Demetrius Phalereus sends back gifts to Athens from Egypt.
282/10 Demetrius persuades Ptolemy I to start collecting books for a libr
282/21 Demetrius Phalereus is put under arrest by Ptolemy II.
279/13 Demetrius Phalereus loses and then regains his eyesight.
279/14 Demetrius Phalereus plots against Lycus, the (adoptive) father of the
279/15 The death of Demetrius Phalereus.
260/11 Demetrius the grandson of Demetrius of Phalerum to be a magistrate
Diogenes- DIOGENES LAERTIUS, Life of Demetrius
    Within translations:
Aristeas_9   my narrative. [9] Demetrius of Phalerum, the president
Aristeas_11   translated,' answered Demetrius, 'for in the country
Aristeas_28   been done, he ordered Demetrius to draw up a memorial
Aristeas_29   the memorial. The Memorial of Demetrius to the great king
Aristeas_301   Three days later Demetrius took the men and passing alon
Aristeas_302   ied out under the direction of Demetrius. [303] And the
Aristeas_308   the work was completed, Demetrius collected together the
Aristeas_309   estowed warm praise upon Demetrius, too, and urged him to
Aristeas_312   er. And he said to Demetrius, 'How is it that none of the
Aristeas_317   eived the explanation of Demetrius on this point, he did
Arrian:Fr_9   imeraeus, the brother of Demetrius of Phalerum, fled to
Athen_4.167   was the descendant of Demetrius Phalareus, according
Athen_6.233   ding to the statement of Demetrius Phalereus, in consequen
Athen_6.272   at Athens conducted by Demetrius Phalereus into the numb
Athen_10.422   Successions, reproached Demetrius Phalereus for sending
Athen_12.542   aves. [60.]   And Demetrius Phalereus, as Duris says in
Athen_13.556   are Callisthenes, and Demetrius Phalereus, and Satyrus
Athen_13.567   elates in his History of Demetrius Phalereus; and he says
Athen_13.593   Rhodians." [65.] &# But Demetrius Phalereus being in love
Athen_13.610   the gods greatly bless Demetrius & And all the lawgivers
Athen_14.620   rst introduced on the stage by Demetrius Phalereus. Now
Cic:Brut_285   further ask you, whether Demetrius Phalereus spoke in the
Cic:DeOr_2.95   sister and the famous Demetrius Phalereus, the most polished
Cic:Rep_2.2   that learned man of Phalerum, Demetrius, revived it again. On the
Demetr:Eloc_289   to censure him. Demetrius of Phalerum dealt in this way
DionHal:Din_2   sociated with Theophrastus and Demetrius of Phalerum. Sinc
DionHal:Din_3   the citizens were impeached, Demetrius of Phalerum also
DionHal:Din_9   Simonides Hieromnemon Demetrius {of Phalerum} Caerimus
Hieron:Chron_1697   115.1 . [1697] [not in Ar.] Demetrius of Phalerum was
Hieron:Chron_1714   714] [1710 in Ar.] Demetrius of Phalerum went to Ptolemaeu
Joseph:AJ_12.12   occasion was this: Demetrius Phalereus, who was library
Joseph:AJ_12.16   the king thought that Demetrius was very zealous to pro
Joseph:AJ_12.34   ations, he gave order to Demetrius to give him in writing
Joseph:AJ_12.36   tle was to this purpose: [36] "Demetrius to the great king
Joseph:AJ_12.103   three days were over, Demetrius took them, and went ove
Joseph:AJ_12.107-111 *   ion in seventy-two days, Demetrius gathered all the Jews
Joseph:AJ_12.114   eceived these books from Demetrius, as we have said alread
Nepos_1.6   voted three hundred statues to Demetrius of Phalerum.
Nepos_19.3   latter belonged Phocion and Demetrius of Phalerum. Both these
Philoch_66   citizens were impeached, and Demetrius of Phalerum was
Plin:HN_34.27   statues erected to him than Demetrius of Phalerum had at Athens,
Plut:Demetr_8-10 *   leet of 250 ships. Demetrius of Phalerum governed the city
Plut:Mor_189   METRIUS PHALEREUS. Demetrius Phalereus persuaded King Ptol
Plut:Mor_850   he also frequently attended Demetrius of Phalerum. He
Plut:Phoc_35   Pythocles. As for Demetrius of Phalerum, Callimedon, Char
Polyaen_3.15.1   so: Plutarch, Sert_1'3] [15] & Demetrius Phalereus.   Whe
Porph:Fr_42   into Greek] . . . Demetrius of Phalerum, the Greek orator
THI_166.B   [ Works Demetrios of Phaleron ]
Tzetz:ProlCom_   With the help of Demetrius of Phalerum and other disting

  Demetrius 10   - the grandson of Demetrius of Phalerum
260/11 Antigonus appoints Demetrius the grandson of Demetrius of Phalerum
    Within translations:
Athen_4.167 Syracuse." [64.]   But Demetrius carried his extravaganc

  Demetrius 11   - a writer of New Comedy, early 3rd century B.C.
Aelian:NA_12.10 Necklace [fr. 416 K ] . . And Demetrius in his play Sicel
Athen_9.405 ording to the comic poet Demetrius, who, in his play entit

  Demetrius 12   -(?) head of the royal mint at Alexandria, 3rd century B.C.
258/15 PCZen_59021, a letter from Demetrius to Apollonius.

  Demetrius 13   - an official in Oxyrrhyncus, 3rd century B.C.
250/1 _100, a letter from Apollonius to Demetrius about wood for the navy.

  Demetrius 14   of Pharus - a ruler in Illyria, killed in 214 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
229/10 Demetrius of Pharus betrays Corcyra to the Romans.
222/26 Demetrius of Pharus extends his power over the towns of Illyria.
220/27 Scerdilaidas and Demetrius lead an Illyrian fleet in a raid against
214/25 Demetrius of Pharus dies in an attack on Messene.
    Within translations:
DioCass_fr.49 where he was and that Demetrius, as a result of her cap
DioCass_fr.53 tlessly. [53] &   Demetrius, encouraged by his position
Just_29.2 itating this enterprise, Demetrius king of the Illyrians,
Plut:Arat_50 howed them to Aratus and Demetrius of Pharus, sometimes

  Demetrius 15   of Alexandria - victor in the stadion race at the Olympic Games, 228 B.C.
228/_ Olympic victor in the stadion race: Demetrius of Alexandria
    Within translations:
Euseb]:Chron_207 race 138th [228 B.C.] - Demetrius of Alexandria, stadion

  Demetrius 16   - son of Philippus V of Macedonia; killed in 170 B.C.
191/28 Demetrius makes a good impression while staying as a hostage at Rome.
191/29 The Romans release Demetrius the son of Philippus V.
187/22 The birth of Demetrius, the son of Seleucus.
184/18 Demetrius defends his father Philippus before the senate.
183/2 Demetrius returns to Macedonia.
182/3 Rivalry between Perseus and Demetrius, after Perseus accuses Demetriu
182/3 trius, after Perseus accuses Demetrius of plotting to become king of
180/6 Philippus has Demetrius put to death, on a charge of treason.
    Within translations:
Ennius:Ann_343   ground. [343-4] & Demetrius, younger son of Philip, taken
Ennius:Ann_345   Philip on the exile of Demetrius : DONATUS , on 'Indeed
Euseb]:Chron_239   the death of his brother Demetrius by making accusations
Just_32.2   the senate-house between Demetrius, Philippus' son, whom
Just_32.3   ning. [32.3] After Demetrius was killed, and his rival rem
Oros_4.20   was pardoned after his son Demetrius, whom he had sent as

  Demetrius 17   of Rhenea - owner of a shrine at Delos, 2nd century B.C.
163/1 the senate about a shrine belonging to Demetrius of Rhenea at Delos.

  Demetrius 18   of Scepsis - a Greek grammarian, 2nd century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
Athen_2.44   the Carystian. And Demetrius of Scepsis says that Diocles
Athen_4.155   sion. [42.]   But Demetrius of Scepsis, in the twelfth
Athen_4.167   hiops the Corinthian, as Demetrius of Scepsis relates, of
Athen_6.236   enelaus in the belly, as Demetrius of Scepsis says; as als
Athen_10.425   σία, as Demetrius of Scepsis tells us,
Athen_14.644   here is a village, which Demetrius of Scepsis, in the twel
Athen_14.658   tation, respecting which Demetrius of Scepsis writes thus
Athen_15.697   for this word. For Demetrius of Scepsis, in the tenth book
Athen_15.697   Ulpianus, for this word. For Demetrius of Scepsis in the tenth

  Demetrius 19   - son of Heracleides; an Egyptian, 2nd century B.C.
120/4 banker's receipt for a payment made by Demetrius son of Heracleides.

  Demetrius 20   - governor of Gaulanitis, early 1st century B.C.
Joseph:AJ_13.394 He also accused Demetrius, who was governor of those
Joseph:BJ_01.105 of Gamala, and stripped Demetrius, who was governor there

  Demetrius 21   of Magnesia - a Greek grammarian, 1st century B.C.
Athen_13.611 death; as is related by Demetrius of Magnesia, in his tre
DiogLaert_7.31 death. {27} But Demetrius, the Magnesian, says, in his
DiogLaert_7.169 to the account given by Demetrius the Magnesian, in his
DiogLaert_7.185 one single old woman, as Demetrius tells us, in his People
DiogLaert_10.13 ter of Democritus. Demetrius the Magnesian says that he
DionHal:Din_1 rks of others. And Demetrius of Magnesia, who was reputed
Plut:Mor_847 le; and if we may credit Demetrius the Magnesian, on that

  Demetrius 22   of Byzantium - a Perapetic philosopher, author of a book about poets
Athen_12.548 sake of pleasure." But Demetrius of Byzantium, in the
Athen_14.633 rēgoi, were not, as Demetrius of Byzantium tells us

  Demetrius 23   of Gadara - a wealthy and powerful freedman of Pompeius
62/28 Demetrius the freedman of Pompeius buys property and gardens at Rome.
48/56 include Atticus of Neapolis, Demetrius, Furnius, Pythodorus, Theophan
    Within translations:
Joseph:AJ_14.75   ittle before, to gratify Demetrius of Gadara, who was his
Joseph:BJ_1.155   in order to gratify one Demetrius, who was of Gadara, and
Julian:Mis_358   out, "Stranger, where is Demetrius?" Now this Demetrius
Plin:HN_35.200   freedman of Lucius Lucullus, Demetrius, freedman of Pompeius, and

  Demetrius 24   - an Academic philosopher at the court of Ptolemy Auletes
51/9 Demetrius, an Academic philosopher, is punished by Ptolemy for ref

  Demetrius 25   of Chios - victor in the stadion race at the Olympic Games, 153 A.D.
Euseb]:Chron_217 233rd [153 A.D.] - Demetrius of Chios, stadion race 234th

  Demetrius 26   - Athenian archon, (?) 180 B.C.
180/_ Athenian archon: Demetrius

  Demetrius 27   - Athenian archon, (?) 123 B.C.
123/_ Athenian archon: Demetrius (?)
THI_203   (122/1) the ephebes in the when Demetrios was archon :

  Demetrius 28   - Athenian archon, 82 B.C.
82/_ Athenian archon: Demetrius

  Demetrius 29   Callatianus - an author of books about geography
Lucian:Macr_10 ruler for seventy years, as Demetrius of Callatis and

  Demetrius 30   of Citium - the father of Persaeus, 4th century B.C.
DiogLaert_7.6 ends, who was the son of Demetrius, and a Citiaean by birt
DiogLaert_7.36 of Citium, the son of Demetrius, whom some call a frien

  Demetrius 31   - the father of Timocrates, 4th century B.C.
DiogLaert_10.16 of Potamos, the son of Demetrius; according to the deed

  Demetrius 32   of Laconia - an Epicurean philosopher
DiogLaert_10.26 uminous author; [26] and Demetrius, who was surnamed the

  Demetrius 33   - author of a book about Athenian archons
Philoch_127 Laches to trial. Demetrius says that Laches was general
Philoch_137 ilochorus says, and also Demetrius in his Archons [138]
Philoch_142 ilochorus relates. Demetrius says that an additional charg

  Demetrius 34   - an Athenian, who died at the battle of Mantineia
Polyaen_2.32.1 Athenian, whose brother Demetrius had died in the battle,

  Demetrius 35   of Syria - a teacher of rhetoric, early 1st century B.C.
Cic:Brut_315 etorical Exercises under Demetrius the Syrian, an experien

  Demetrius 36   - son of Philippus, and brother of Antigonus I
Plut:Demetr_2 one after his brother Demetrius, and the other after

  Demetrius 37   - Athenian archon, 50 B.C.
50/_ Athenian archon: Demetrius

  Demetrius   - in documents
AnthPal_12.34 supped with the boys' trainer, Demetrius, the most blessed
AnthPal_7.230 CYZICUS & { Ph 12 } & Demetrius, when your mother recei
AnthPal_7.433 partan mother slew the Spartan Demetrius for transgressing
AnthPal_9.368 hen you should be called Demetrius, not Dionysus, being
AntipThes_7.531 ery mother who bore you, Demetrius, gave you death when
Asclepiad_5.185 } & Go to the market, Demetrius, and get from Amyntas
CIL_1.2693 ompany of Pitch- farmers Demetrius, freedman of Marcus
CIL_1.683 of Lucius . . . Demetrius, freedman of Aulus Aulus
CIL_1.727 of . . . Hermocrates, son of Demetrius. CIL_3.14625
Lucill_11.101 101] & { F 28 } & Demetrius, fanning slight little Artemi
Nicarch_11.124 ght, Damis, Aristoteles, Demetrius, Arcesilaus, Sostratus,
Nicarch_11.330 & I was invited yesterday, Demetrius, and came to supp
OGIS_106 (174-172)   as Nikostratos son of Demetrios Areios son of Diony
OGIS_175 (104)   tor; Dionysios son of Demetrios and his wife Thas&#
OGIS_196 (32)   nturions Rufus, Demetrius, Niger, Valerius, Labyon,
OGIS_302 (c. 158-138)   etrios son of Poseidonios
OGIS_303 (c. 158-138)   as son of Demetrios dedicated this on b
OGIS_304 (c. 158-138)   Philon son of Demetrios dedicated this on behal
OGIS_345 (95/4)   simos, Nikephoros, Demetrios [to Eukleides] son of
OGIS_59 (163)   henodoros Symmachos Demetrios Diphilos Archedoros
PCairZen_59016 Docketed} & From Demetrios the secretary in Cyprus, conc
PCairZen_59038 which the misfortunes of Demetrios and his own perplexitie
PCairZen_59044 ding summer, he had sent Demetrios on Government business
PCairZen_59362 write bidding me act fairly as Demetrios is according them
PCairZen_59367 Sostratos. When Demetrios, who is engaged in farming
PCairZen_59367b raktor. To Kraton. Demetrios and Hippokrates, who have bee
PLond_1934 erefore the three talents from Demetrios. Farewell. Year
PLond_1976 pay regularly. But Demetrios the vine dresser has deceived
PSI_341 from Apollophanes and Demetrios, brothers, producers
PSI_528 in addition the letter Demetrios and Hippokrates sent
RC_70 (late 2nd cent.)   merly the property of Demetrios the son of Demet
RC_75 his father, Asius son of Demetrius, also called Eisago
SEG_18.570 (180-120)   nce Orthagoras son of Demetrius, our citizen, who h
SEG_44.949 (230-205)   eived by Timotheos son of Demetrios: gold [pieces
SEG_53.1373 (late 3rd century)   he agonothetes were: Demetrios of Ilion, the son of
SEG_54.1353 (209)   eas to Demetrios, [greetings]. The
SelPap_1.163 To my lord Flavianus from Demetrius greeting. A
SelPap_1.57 phis from the holding of Demetrius the Milesian 3 /2 a
SelPap_1.75 of Didymus also called Demetrius, of the Sosicosmian
SelPap_1.79 city, with her guardian Demetrius son of Horion and A
SelPap_2.243 : Dius the nomophylax, Demetrius and Epimachus who a
SelPap_2.279 etes of Alexandria, from Demetrius son of Aristomenes
SelPap_2.302 To Aurelius Demetrius also called Alexan
SelPap_2.306 ius Appianus also called Demetrius, Hermopolitan, dele
SelPap_2.326 relius Apollonius son of Demetrius also called Psam
SelPap_2.342 Anubion son of Heron and Demetrius son of Souchammon,
SelPap_2.406 To Demetrius, ex-gymnasiarch, au
SelPap_2.407 2500 drachmae. To Demetrius and Diogenes, superintend
SelPap_2.424 strategus of the nome, Demetrius, has instructed m
SelPap_2.428 ord and brother Aminnaeus from Demetrius. I have alr
Syll_307 (333-323)   os]; Theodotos son of Demetrius [was president]; as
Syll_322 ras Themistagoras son of Demetrios Hekatokles son of A
Syll_399 (278/7)   ias, son of Diogenes; Demetrios of Demetrias, so
Syll_473 (239/8)   ny, in full assembly; Demetrios of Hagnous, the so
Syll_542 (228/7-212/1)   llodoros of Lamptrai Demetrios of Berenikidai Kich
Syll_562 (c. 207/6)   sos son of Kalliphon, Demetrios son of Amphistratos
Syll_589 (190-180)   r of Aristeus, the son of Demetrios son of . . .
Syll_633 (c. 180)   es Artemidoros son of Demetrios Theokylides son of
Syll_638 (soon after 178)   ians reckon; and when Demetrios of Gonnoi the so
Syll_657 (155/4)   Acharnai, the son of Demetrios Pausanias of Melite,
Syll_663 (c. 200)   ty from him, my father Demetrios, following after h
Syll_685 (112/1)   Leukophryene Killos son of Demetrios Aristagoras so
THI_107 (188-186)   skos son of Lysimachos Demetrios son of Artemon and
THI_149 (175-172)   es son of Polystides Demetrios son of Maiandros Dem
THI_60 (285/4)   onides, and Eualkes son of Demetrios. He has gra
THI_61.B (196-146)   ation for boys:   Demetrios of Syracuse, the s
THI_61.C (early 2nd century)   old tragedy:   Demetrios of M[iletos], the son
THI_61.D (173-169)   Erythrai, the son of Demetrios stadion, Pythian boy
THI_67 (c. 208)   Pergamon, the son of Demetrios Hermokritos of Perg
THI_85 (late 3rd century)   das Philemon Aischylos Demetrios Apollonios Demetri
THI_98 (250-200)   of Mnesitheos son of Demetrios Hekataios son of Pho

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