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  Dionysiac   artists -an association of Greek actors and artists
277/6a leges awarded by the Amphictyons to the Dionysiac Artists at Athens.
236/6a ecree of the Aetolians granting privileges to the Dionysiac artists.
204/13 BGU_1211, a royal decree about the Dionysiac artists.
166/7 Austin_123, a decree of the Dionysiac artists in honour of Craton
158/6b RC_53, a letter from Eumenes to the Dionysiac artists at Teos.
141/13 _7.2413, a letter from a Roman magistrate to the Dionysiac artists.
138/14 Attalus settles the Dionysiac artists at Myonnesus, but soon afterwar
130/13a the privileges awarded by the Amphictyons to the Dionysiac Artists.
84/26 rom Sulla confirming the privileges of the Dionysiac Artists at Cos.
81/68 Laodiceia, envoy of the Dionysiac Artists, to erect a stele
    Within translations:
THI_115 (230-225)   by the] guild of the Dionysiac artists who [meet] a
THI_97 (294-288)   cate the tasks to the Dionysiac Artists [in the mon
SEG_2.580 (229-205)   organisation of the Dionysiac Artists]: the pr
Syll_563 (203/2)   the law has granted to the Dionysiac artists. In o
Syll_564 (203/2)   d by the Amphictyons to the Dionysiac artists. &r
Syll_565 (203/2)   has been granted to the [Dionysiac] artists. So

Dionysiacsee Dionysia

Dionysiacsee Dionysus

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