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  Diphilus   - an Athenian, condemned to death by Lycurgus, 4th century B.C.
DionHal:Din_11 erative speech for Diphilus in his request for privileges:
Plut:Mor_843 ndemned as guilty. Diphilus also was called in question

  Diphilus 2   of Sinope - a writer of New Comedy
Wikipedia entry
281/43 stion, Chaerephon, Dexithea, Diphilus, Hippomachus, Mania, Pausanias,
    Within translations:
Athen_4.168   And according to Diphilus - & Having three heads, like
Athen_6.236   And a parasite of Diphilus speaks thus - & When a rich
Athen_6.238   words alone. But Diphilus in his Parasite, when a weddin
Athen_6.243   st, & And on his way met Diphilus the poet, & Who greeted
Athen_6.247   wages. [51.] And Diphilus, in his Synoris (and Synoris
Athen_6.254   not hear us. And Diphilus, in his Marriage, says - & A
Athen_6.258   to manage it: as also Diphilus has of a parasite in his
Athen_6.262   say, the stomach. Diphilus also uses the word ψ&omega
Athen_9.369   is pickled with mustard, as Diphilus says. & * * * *
Athen_9.401   which is mentioned by Diphilus, or Calliades, in his
Athen_10.421   his friends. And Diphilus, in his Heracles, speaking of
Athen_10.422   human life. And Diphilus, in his Parasite, says- & Well
Athen_11.484   labronios, dearie ! "   Diphilus, giving a list of other
Athen_11.487   of hands."   [487] Diphilus in Sappho : Archilochus,
Athen_11.496   also the rhodias. Diphilus, in his Stormer of Walls (but
Athen_11.496   and phialai { 158 }. Diphilus in The or Trooper (
Athen_11.499     On the other hand, Diphilus has it in the neuter
Athen_13.578-580 *   thaena was reproached by Diphilus, & Because she soiled
Athen_13.583   and Lampas. But Diphilus the comic poet was violently
Athen_13.599   and Sappho. For Diphilus the comic poet, in his play
Athen_14.640   day would fail me. And Diphilus, in his Telesias, says
Athen_14.645   hon, and these libations holy. Diphilus also mentions it
Athen_14.657   play on the flute. Diphilus says in his Synoris - & ἐ
Athen_15.700   And Diphilus, in his Soldier says -

  Diphilus 3   of Siphnos - a doctor and writer, early 3rd century B.C.
Athen_2.51 a very celebrated man, Diphilus of Siphnos, many years
Athen_9.369 hat grow wild. But Diphilus the physician, of Siphnos, say
Athen_14.650 ilip, mentions them, and Diphilus, the physician of Siphno

  Diphilus 4   - a priest and ally of Demetrius Poliorcetes at Athens
Plut:Demetr_46 registers the name of Diphilus, who was then priest of

  Diphilus 5   - a philosopher, pupil of Ariston of Chios
240/15 Ariston and his followers Diphilus, Eratosthenes, Miltiades, and
    Within translations:
DiogLaert_7.161 ct. Accordingly, Miltiades and Diphilus were called Aristo

  Diphilus 6   - an actor at Rome, 1st century B.C.
59/32a Diphilus the actor is applauded when he recites a line from a play,
ValMax_6.2.9   [2.9]   Diphilus the tragic actor, when at

  Diphilus   - in documents
78/23 graffiti on a wall at Pompeii with the name of C.Pumidius Diphilus.!
    Within translations:
Apollonid_7.631 that his shipwrecked son Diphilus lies in the soil of Andr
CIL_1.1638 L_1 .1638 Latin Text Cornelius Diphilus and Cornelia.
CIL_1.681 Balonius & Balonia Diphilus, slave of Marcus Sue
CIL_1.683 Publius Gaius Arotrius Diphilus, freedman of Artoria ^
OGIS_59 (163)   Stratokles Krateros Diphilos Archibios Diophantos A
Simonid_7.514 made the name of his father, Diphilus, famous. [7.515]
Syll_489 (c. 234)   son of Eupeithes ; Diphilos of Megara, the son of
Syll_492 (c. 263)   the son of Herodotos Diphilos of Tenedos, the so
Syll_542 (228/7-212/1)   ibiades of Leukonion Diphilos of Acherdous Lysikle
Syll_600 (201/0)   of Soton Euboulos son of Diphilos Alkainetos so
THI_61.D (173-169)   zikos, the son of Diphilos men:   Themistokles

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