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  Dius   Fidius - Roman god of oaths
Wikipedia entry
CIL_add.7 (early 1st cent.)   ones. (?) No Business. To Dius Fidius. B No Busin

  Dius 2   - son of Apollo
Philoch_27 usaeus she was the daughter of Dius the son of Apollo. [28

  Dius 3   - author of a Phoenician History
Euseb]:Chron_115 produce for a witness Dius, one that is believed to hav

  Dius 4   - a month in the Macedonian calendar
OGIS_49 (c. 246-222)   twenty-fifth day {of Dios}, which is the king's re
PCairZen_* 59154-59160 * of Isis. Farewell. Year 30, Dios 3, Phaophi 23. Docket
PsCallisth_3.17 in the third day of the month Dios. First suddenly there
RC_66 (135)   ds him. Year 4, Dios 7; Menes delivered the letter
RC_67 (135)   d laws. Year 4, Dios 4; Lytos delivered the letter
SEG_28.1224 (282)   four in the month of Dios, a full assembly having
SEG_47.1563 (323-313)   es until the month of Dios shall be settled separat
SEG_60.586 (221)   sp; Year nine, tenth day of Dios. Mikros son of Sot
Syll_638 (soon after 178)   h day of the month of Dios, as the Perrhaibians rec
THI_27 (c. 200)   donian calendar. Dios, Apellaios, Audnaios, Peritio
THI_77 (318)   ppos, in the month of Dios, when Asandros was satra

  Dius   - in documents
SelPap_1.137 Aurelius Dius to Aurelius Horion, my s
SelPap_1.30 Papnouthis son of Dius, soldier of the legion of Sy
SelPap_1.84 by me Acusilaus son of Dius son of Dionysius also ca
SelPap_1.86 Marcus son of Apa Dius, soldier of the numerus of Sy
SelPap_2.241 magistrates in office Dius, gymnasiarch, and Diony
SelPap_2.243 ution for his decision : Dius the nomophylax, Demet
SelPap_2.331 esaid. I, Aurelius Dius, wrote for him, as he is illit
SelPap_2.341 to his dearest Aurelius Dius also called Pertinax, st

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