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  Domitianus   (T. Flavius Domitianus) - Roman emperor, 81-96 A.D.
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AnthPal_9.349 ian, the three children Titus, Domitian, and Domitilla.
AstrCan_4 828 404 110 78 A.D. (4 Aug.) Domitianus 15 843 419 125
Euseb]:Chron_215 stadion race [At this time] Domitianus became emperor
ExcBarb_48A Titus for 3 years - cons. 8 Domitianus for 16 years -
Julian:Caes_311 and chain the younger [ Domitianus ] in the stocks like
Plinius:Ep_1.12 see him in the time of Domitian when he was staying at
Plinius:Ep_1.5 who had been banished by Domitian and was at that moment
Plinius:Ep_3.11 deserve. & Farewell. (*) & By Domitian, in 89 A.D. (**)
Plinius:Ep_3.18 preceded, to the bad days of Domitian. (†) & This
Plinius:Ep_3.9 age of the evil times of Domitian, and that he had been
Plinius:Ep_4.11 he denied it. For Domitian was in a great rage and was
Plinius:Ep_4.22 ity, and on that account Domitian often used him as a tool
Plinius:Ep_4.24 & In the time of Domitian, the favour and approval of
Plinius:Ep_4.9 he had been a friend of Domitian, yet he had been banishe
Plinius:Ep_5.1 ion. (†) & The times of Domitian. The expression
Plinius:Ep_7.27 should not have done if Domitian, in whose reign these
Plinius:Ep_8.14 articular, during the reign of Domitian. [15] & To Junior
Plinius:Ep_9.13 ose which do. When Domitian was put to death, I took couns
Plinius:Ep_10.2 note to letter ii.13 (**) & Of Domitian. [3a] & To Trajan
Plinius:Ep_10.58 etition which he sent to Domitian and a letter which Domit
Plinius:Ep_10.60 ossible, of course, that Domitian was unaware of the true
Plinius:Ep_10.65 to the Achaians, and of Domitian to the proconsuls Avidiu
Plinius:Ep_10.66 of the provinces. Domitian certainly wrote letters to Avi
Plinius:Ep_10.72 nts set by the letter of Domitian to Minicius Rufus and
SelPap_1.12 of the Emperor Caesar Domitianus Augustus Germani
SelPap_1.57 of the Emperor Caesar Domitianus Augustus Germani
SelPap_1.7 of the Emperor Caesar Domitianus Augustus, on the
SelPap_2.249 by the Emperor Caesar Domitianus Augustus German
SelPap_2.314 ans ; in the 9th year of Domitianus and in the 7th of
SelPap_2.324 of the Emperor Caesar Domitianus Augustus Germani
SelPap_2.357 the south the street of Domitianus by which there is

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SelPap_1.32 anus son of Gaius Julius Domitianus, in the street,

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