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  Duris   of Samos - Greek historian, 3rd century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
292/7 the brother of the historian Duris, wins against Menander in a compet
280/20 The historian Duris establishes himself as tyrant of Samos.
    Within translations:
Athen_4.128   the time of Lynceus and Duris of Samos, pupils of Theophr
Athen_4.155   to come.   But Duris the Samian, in the seventeenth
Athen_4.167   [63.] [167] But Duris, in the seventh book of his histo
Athen_6.249   Theopompus, and also by Duris in the fifth book of his
Athen_6.253   the Athenians. And Duris the Samian, in the twenty-second
Athen_8.337   stus, and the brother of Duris,  who wrote the Histories,
Athen_11.504   those Mimes which, according to Duris, were always in the hands
Athen_12.525   * * * [30.] [525] But Duris, speaking concerning the
Athen_12.529   most historians, among whom Duris is one, relate that
Athen_12.535   [50.] [535] And Duris says, in the twenty-second book
Athen_12.542   led with mud." [542] And Duris, in the (?) fourth book of
Athen_12.546   pleasures." [66.] And Duris says, in the twenty-third
Athen_13.560   ount of another wife (as Duris relates in the second book
Athen_13.605   aidens; as is related by Duris the Samian, in the third
Athen_13.606   story is told by Duris, in the ninth book of his History
Athen_14.618   "the Libyan flute", as Duris remarks in the second book
Athen_14.636   was acquitted. But Duris, in his treatise On Tragedy, says
Athen_15.696   paean, has; a song which Duris, in his book entitled The
Athen_15.696   paean, has; a song which Duris in his book entitled The
Plin:HN_7.30   any loss of bodily activity. Duris says that some Indians have
Plin:HN_8.143   dog the name of which Duris gives as Hyrcanus when king
Plin:HN_34.61   of Sicyon is said by Duris not to have been the
Plin:HN_36.79   namely Herodotus, Euhemerus, Duris of Samos, Aristagoras,
Plut:Eum_1   [1] Duris the historian writes, that Eumenenes of Cardia
Plut:Phoc_4   valuable studies. Duris tells us, the Athenians never saw
Plut:Phoc_17   with. 10 Indeed, Duris tells us that after that prince

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