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  Dyrrachium   (previously, Epidamnus) - a city on the coast of Illyria
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  + Epidamnus
314/12 Cassander invades Illyria, and captures Epidamnus.
313/24 the garrisons left by Cassander to abandon Apollonia and Epidamnus.
229/4 The Illyrians attack Epidamnus but fail to capture it.
229/11 The Romans relieve Epidamnus.
228/2 The Romans rename Epidamnus to Dyrrachium.
228/2 The Romans rename Epidamnus to Dyrrachium.
57/2 _5.4, letters from Cicero at Dyrrachium to Atticus and to Metellus
48/8 Pompeius reaches Dyrrachium shortly in advance of Caesar.
48/20 Pompeius and Caesar take up positions around Dyrrachium.
48/33 Caesar withdraws from Dyrrachium and marches inland towards Thessaly.
48/43 lead Pompeius' remaining forces, and hastily leaves Dyrrachium.
    Within translations:
Aelian:NA_14.1   the Ionian Sea close to Epidamnus where the Taulantii liv
AntipThes_9.215   ruel to women. Ask Cleonice of Dyrrachium. For she was
DioCass_fr.49   and despatched an army against Epidamnus and Apollonia.
Obseq_65a   as they came from Dyrracchium, lightning flashed repeatedly. A
OGIS_119.A   [A]   Philotas of Epidamnos, son of Genthios, one of
Oros_6.15   18 Meanwhile, at Dyrrachium many kings of the East
Plut:Mor_206   ssage from Brundisium to Dyrrachium, unknown to all he wen
Polyaen_4.11.4   distance of a day's march from Epidamnus. After that, he
Polyaen_8.19.1   ded for his ransom two cities, Epidamnus and Apollonia.
Polyaen_8.23.12   Caesar wished to capture Dyrrachium, which then belonged
Polyaen_8.23.26   After the defeat at Dyrrachium, Caesar's men surrend
Syll_560   (c. 207/6)   ncil and people of Epidamnos to reply to the Mag
Syll_638   (soon after 178)   as and Kleostratos of Dyrrachion the son of Damar
ValMax_1.6.12   his battalions marching from Dyrrachium, covering his standards with
ValMax_1.5e.2   they begged aid of the Epidamnians, and received the answer, that

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