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  Echo   - a nymph, loved by Narcissus
Wikipedia entry
AnthPal_16.152 URADAS & { F 1 } & Dear Echo, grant me somewhat - What?
AnthPal_16.153 4 } & On a Statue of Echo Tongueless Echo sings in the
AnthPal_7.548 ther of Dicaeoteles ? " {Echo} " A brother of Dicaeoteles.
Archias_7.191 some many-voiced Echo, with responsive lips I struck up
Archias_9.27 peech as you go past me, Echo who am a chatterbox and yet
Archias_16.154 33 } & On a Statue of Echo It is Echo of the rocks you
Archias_16.94 flocks to pasture ; let Echo, the denizen of the lonely
Callim:Epigr_30 ea, fair, fair : but ere Echo has quite said the word, say
Paean:Delph_2 [of the cithara]; and Echo, who lives among the rocks,
Polyaen_1.2.2 his stratagem, the nymph Echo has been supposed by the poe

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