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  Edfu   - a temple of Horus in Egypt
Wikipedia entry
  + Apollonopolis
257/15 Red Sea coast, and constructs roads from there to Coptus and Edfu.
237/10a The commencement of building of the temple of Horus at Edfu.
212/16a The completion of the first stage of the temple at Edfu.
206/26 letion of the main gates and the double doors of the temple at Edfu.
204/12a OGIS_82, a dedication at Edfu by Lichas, an elephant hunter.
142/10a The dedication of the inner temple complex at Edfu.
140/6a The foundation of the Pronaos of the temple at Edfu.
124/3a The Pronaos of the temple at Edfu is completed.
    Within translations:
AET_4.16   of the sky, lord of Edfu, the royal brother Pa-shu the
AET_5.8   necropolis of the west of Edfu for the beautiful lady, wise
AET_8.13   (c. 90)   Ptolemaic temple at Edfu, contains a detailed acc
AET_8.13   hieroglyphs on the Ptolemaic at Edfu contains a detailed account of
SelPap_2.207   reful about Arsinoe near Apollonopolis, to see that
SelPap_2.388   Paid by the church of Apollonopolis on account of s
SelPap_2.397   ochus, left in charge at Apollonopolis the Great, 1 r
THI_85   (late 3rd century)   e at the Paneion near Apollonopolis, and Epathrodit
THI_191.B   (late 2nd century) ong the rocks of mountainous Bachthis, where the sacred seat

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