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  Eurotas   - a river in Laconia, Greece
Wikipedia entry
AnthPal_7.437   endure to return to the Eurotas when sore pressed by the
AnthPal_7.723   enian & smoke on the banks of Eurotas. No shade of trees
Antiphil_5.307   is the Laconian river Eurotas, and that is Leda with
AntipThes_7.531   was, she exclaimed "Leave the Eurotas ; go to Tartarus.
Apollonid_9.280   sul said, looking at the Eurotas, "Hail ! Sparta's stream,
Callim:Hec_284A   . . to bring horses from the Eurotas plentiful in mint
Cic:Tusc_5.98   race on the banks of Eurotas, hunger, and thirst:" for these
LeonTar_9.320   & { G-P 24 } & Eurotas said once to Cypris, " Either
Philip_9.709   the Bronze Statue of the Eurotas by Eutychides The artist
Plin:HN_4.16   Mount Taygetus, the river Eurotas, the Gulf of Aegilodes,
Plin:HN_34.78   chariots. Eutychides did a Eurotas, in which it has
Plut:Mor_192   we never drove you from the Eurotas. & When a Sophist
Polyaen_2.1.27   opposite sides of the river Eurotas. Agesilaus noticed
Polyaen_6.4.2   ued by them to the river Eurotas, as soon as he crossed
SelPap_3.107   the smoke leap up beside Eurotas where men bathe, Hellas mourns

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