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  Gades   - a city on the south coast of Spain; modern Cadiz
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218/9 Hannibal makes preparations for his expedition at Gades.
206/21 Marcius agrees a treaty with the inhabitants of Gades.
150/2 Lucullus campaigns against the Lusitani near Gades and Turdetania.
81/18 ompeius rewards Hasdrubal of Gades and several others with Roman citi
78/32 The Roman senate renews its treaty with the city of Gades.
72/11 The city of Gades furnishes Pompeius with supplies.
72/38 Pompeius gives Roman citizenship to L.Balbus of Gades.
    Within translations:
Aelian:Fr_19   Providence' says that at Gades there is an altar to Eniaut
CIL_1.614   ta. Plate of bronze found near Gades. Now in the Lou
CIL_2.1821   Latin Text Herennia Crocine. Gades, Spain. First cen
ExcBarb_33A   parts of the west, opposite Gades. When he was close
Festus:Brev_5   and we attained the sea from Gades to Ocean. Afterward,
Just_44.5   cured the inhabitants of Gades from injury, and added the
Memn_21   north of Africa, near to Gades), the Heracleians went with
Plinius:Ep_2.3   of the man who lived at Gades who was so fired by the nam
Poseidon_53   apter 5.5) & The foundation of Gades. [54] [241.K] & Strab
Poseidon_85   apter 5.7-8) & A well at Gades, which regularly fills up
Poseidon_99   Canopus can be seen from near Gades, and also from Cnidus
Sall:Hist_1.90   10,000 stades away from Gades, which of their own accord
ValMax_8.13e.4   [13e.4]   Arganthonius of Gades reigned for so long, as

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