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  Galateia   - a Nereid; loved by both Acis and Polyphemus
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Athen_1.6 said that he was writing Galateia, and so he wished to ask
Athen_1.7 clops, and the flute-player as Galateia, and himself as
Athen_12.544 him into ridicule in his Galateia, represents one of the
Athen_13.564 Cythera, in love with Galateia, and praising her beauty
Callim:Epigr_47 yclops composed a love song to Galateia ( Theocritus, Idyl

  Galateia 2   - a mistress of the tyrant Dionysius
Athen_1.6 duce the king's mistress Galateia, he threw him into the

  Galateia 3   - mistress of the poet Philoxenus
Athen_13.598 mighty yearning, which Galateia esteemed less than the

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