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  Ganymedes   - a Trojan abducted by Zeus; cup-bearer of the gods
Wikipedia entry
Athen_06.248 ing no appetite), in his Ganymedes - & Sleep nourishes him
Athen_10.445 which Alcaeus has used, in his Ganymedes. And that a habit
Athen_13.566 hat the gods carried off Ganymedes to be the cupbearer of
Athen_13.601 was not Zeus who carried off Ganymedes, but Minos. But
Athen_13.602 chian Women, speaking of Ganymedes, says- & Inflaming with
Callim:Epigr_53 me, love. Yea, by Ganymedes of the fair locks, O Zeus in
ElegMaec_1.69 found you, fair priest {Ganymedes}, and carried you off
Julian:Caes_311 out, if he wants to keep Ganymedes for himself." Next ente

  Ganymedes 2   - a eunuch, commanding Egyptian forces in 47 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
47/3 killed by Arsinoe, who puts Ganymedes in command of the Egyptian arm

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