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  Gaul   (Transalpine Gaul) - a region of Europe, roughly equivalent to modern France
Wikipedia entry
  + Celts , Galli , Gallia , Gallic , Gallica , Gaulish , Gauls
299/8 The Gauls invade Etruria.
297/4 Cassander attacks a fortified camp of Gauls on Mount Haemus.
281/21 Cambaules leads a band of Gauls in a raid into Thrace.
279/2 The Gauls invade Macedonia; Ptolemy Ceraunus rejects an offer
279/6 defeated and killed by the Gauls; Meleager is made king of Macedoni
279/26 The Gauls occupy Thrace.
279/37 eks attempt to hold back the Gauls at Thermopylae, but are forced to
279/38 band of Gauls sacks Callion, a town in Aetolia.
279/39 The Gauls advance into Greece and reach Delphi.
279/40 bined Greek army defeats the Gauls near Delphi in a snowstorm, allege
279/41 ans complete the rout of the Gauls, and Brennus the king of the Gauls
278/1 The Gauls return home from Greece via Pannonia.
278/4 ecording thanksgivings at Cos for the defeat of the Gauls at Delphi.
275/25 The Gallic mercenaries in Egypt stage a rebellion.
261/1 Syracusan and Gallic mercenaries plot to betray Agrigentum.
261/31 causes the destruction of a band of disaffected Gallic mercenaries.
243/12 Gallic mercenaries at Eryx desert from the Carthaginians to the Roman
241/9 car uses a trick to stop his Gallic mercenaries deserting to the Roma
236/3 Ariminum between the Boii and their allies from Transalpine Gaul.
229/8 Ziaelas, king of Bithynia, is killed by some Gallic mercenaries.
226/13 Gaul are buried alive at Rome, to allay fears of a Gallic invasion.
222/24 General comments on the Romans' success in the Gallic War.
222/25 The Insubres surrender to the Romans; the end of the Gallic War.
218/13 Roman embassy meets a hostile response in Spain and Gaul.
218/29 Hannibal wins over the Gauls at Iliberris.
218/56 joins Scipio, and defeats Hannibal's Gallic allies in a skirmish.
186/11 band of Gauls crosses the Alps and settles near Aquileia.
152/19 Roman successes in Gaul.
121/3 The Achaean League sends troops to join Domitius' army in Gaul.
121/16 The character of Contoniatus the Gaul, a loyal ally of the Romans.
121/17 Other events from the Roman campaigns in Transalpine Gaul.
113/7 The migration of the Cimbri and Teutones, southwards through Gaul.
110/10 toniatus, king of Iontora in Gaul, maintains friendly relations with
94/13 C.Carbo is treated kindly by L.Crassus, the governor of Gaul.
93/3 L.Crassus is refused a triumph over the Gauls.
91/19 ingly likens a witness in a court case to a crude picture of a Gaul.
88/40 abitants of Minturnae send a Gaul to kill Marius, but he fails to do
85/35 P.Quinctius, dies while in Gaul with his associate Sex.Naevius.
82/34 ewards inhabitants of Spain, Gaul and Sicily, including Ariston of
82/54 C.Flaccus awards Roman citizenship to Caburus, a Gallic chieftain.
81/36 of Murena, over Mithridates, and Flaccus, from Celtiberia and Gaul.
78/21 L.Manlius, the governor of Gaul, attempts to intervene in Spain, but
78/25 Lepidus is allotted the province of Transalpine Gaul.
76/5 Pompeius suppresses unrest in Gaul during his march to Spain.
76/31 Metellus receives pay and provisions from Gaul.
75/23 etellus celebrates his victory over Sertorius and withdraws to Gaul.
74/3 Fonteius leaves Rome for Gaul.
73/1 ompeius spends the winter in Gaul, where supplies are provided to him
72/21 acus defeats C.Cassius, the governor of Cisalpine Gaul, near Mutina.
72/55 Fonteius impoverishes the province of Gaul by his exactions.
71/21 erman king Ariovistus enters Gaul at the invitation of the Sequani,
64/3 Murena goes out to govern Gaul, accompanied by Clodius.
63/13 Crowds greet Murena on his return to Rome from the province of Gaul.
63/28 etellus Celer is allocated the province of Gaul, in place of Cicero.
62/37 Metellus Celer meets some Indian traders in Gaul.
61/20 The German king Ariovistus defeats the Gauls at Magetobriga.
61/31 rix persuades the Helvetii to invade the neighbouring parts of Gaul.
59/31 the province of Transalpine Gaul to Caesar, in addition to Cisalpine
58/19 prosecution by accepting an offer to join Caesar's staff in Gaul.
58/24 Caesar rushes to Gaul, on hearing that the Helvetii have fixed a date
58/25 The start of Caesar's conquest of Gaul.
57/44 establishes his army's winter quarters amongst the tribes of Gaul.
57/46 public thanksgiving of fifteen days for Caesar's victories in Gaul.
56/25 Caesar returns to Gaul, and sends out forces to stop the spread of
56/26 out a commission of ten men to organise Gaul into a Roman province.
55/7 Caesar's command in Gaul is extended for a further five years.
54/8 omitius unsuccessfully attempts to curtail Caesar's command in Gaul.
54/24 M.Antonius goes from Egypt to join Caesar in Gaul.
54/38 Caesar leaves Britain, and sails back to Gaul.
54/46 P.Crassus brings some Gallic cavalry to join his father's army.
54/51 Caesar defeats the rebel Gauls, and forces them to abandon the siege
54/53 Caesar spends the winter in Gaul, in order to quell further unrest.
53/5 after declining an invitation to serve as Caesar's quaestor in Gaul.
52/11 eftain of the Arverni, instigates a major rebellion throughout Gaul.
52/12 Atrebates, because he is suspected of supporting the rebels in Gaul.
52/24 Caesar hurries back to Gaul despite the wintery weather, and invades
52/33 M.Antonius rejoins Caesar in Gaul, as his quaestor.
52/48 Labienus defeats the Gauls near Lutetia.
52/49 congress of Gauls appoints Vercingetorix to be their supreme comman
52/58 The Gauls assemble a huge army, to go to the relief of Alesia.
52/60 The Gallic relief army reaches Alesia, but two attempts to attack the
52/61 The relief army and the Gauls besieged in Alesia make a co-ordinated
52/63 aesar, and he prepares to spend the winter in Gaul with his legions.
52/64 orises a thanksgiving of twenty days for Caesar's victories in Gaul.
51/3 ersuade the senate to send a new governor to replace Caesar in Gaul.
51/16 Caes:BGall_, Caesar's commentaries on the war in Gaul.
51/51 ompletes the pacification of Gaul, and sends his army into winter qua
51/52 General comments on Caesar's conquest of Gaul.
50/40 aesar returns to Transalpine Gaul, and reviews his army in the territ
46/59 four triumphs on separate days, over Gaul, Egypt, Pontus and Africa.
43/122 The triumph of Plancus, from Gaul.
40/11 Octavianus seizes control of Gaul, after the death of the governor
Caesar- JULIUS CAESAR, Gallic War - Bellum Gallicum
Appian,- APPIAN, Gallica

  Gaul 2   (Cisalpine Gaul) - a region in northern Italy, around the Po valley
Wikipedia entry
  + Gauls
295/3 Roman legion is attacked and destroyed by the Gauls near Clusium.
295/15 ttack on Clusium, while they advance against the Gauls and Samnites.
295/16 The Romans defeat the Gauls and Samnites at Sentinum; death of the
295/23 The triumph of Fabius, over the Samnites, Etruscans, and Gauls.
238/11 The consuls attack the Gauls and Ligurians.
237/6 Flaccus escapes after being surrounded by a band of Gauls.
236/1b The consuls grant the Gauls an armistice to send envoys to Rome.
231/12 The Gaesatae join the league of Gauls against Rome.
230/3a The Gauls abandon plans to march against Rome after being confronted
225/3 by a Roman embassy to support the Romans against the other Gauls.
225/4 0,000 citizens and allies capable of bearing arms against the Gauls.
225/4 The Gauls invade Italy, and the Romans compile a list of almost 800,0
225/8 The Gauls advance as far as Clusium, and then turn to face the Roman
225/9 The Gauls defeat a Roman army at Arretium.
225/13 feat and destroy the army of Gauls at Telamon, although Atilius is
224/3 The triumph of Aemilius, over the Gauls.
222/4 Furius celebrates a triumph over the Gauls.
222/6 The Gauls buy the support of the Gaesatae, after their attempts to
222/10 Marcellus defeats the Gauls at Clastidium, and kills their chief Viri
218/41 mutiny amongst the Gauls in Attalus' army.
218/54 the inhabitants of Cisalpine Gaul enter into a treaty of alliance wit
217/5 Hannibal retires to winter quarters in Cisalpine Gaul.
216/45 The Gauls destroy a Roman army led by L.Postumius.
200/7 The Gauls capture and destroy Placentia.
200/14 The praetor L.Furius defeats the Gauls near Cremona.
200/19 The triumph of L.Furius, over the Gauls.
198/4 consuls leave for their provinces in Cisalpine Gaul and Macedonia.
197/28 elebrates a triumph over the Gauls, but the senate refuses to grant
187/16 truct two roads in Cisalpine Gaul, the Via Flaminia and the Via Aemil
183/3 The Romans expel the Gauls who had settled near Aquileia.
175/2 The consuls win victories in Liguria and Cisalpine Gaul.
173/9 and in Liguria and Cisalpine Gaul to Roman citizens and Latin allies.
168/48 ius takes charge of an army in Cisalpine Gaul, but remains inactive.
166/10 The consuls campaign against the Gauls and Ligurians.
103/20 arius sends a letter to test the loyalty of the Gauls and Ligurians.
90/4 us, as quaestor in Cisalpine Gaul, collects supplies for the Romans.
79/5 Sulla is allocated the province of Cisalpine Gaul.
77/11 the government forces against Lepidus' supporters in Cisalpine Gaul.
59/23 the provinces of Cisalpine Gaul and Illyricum, through a law propos
59/31 ovince of Transalpine Gaul to Caesar, in addition to Cisalpine Gaul.
58/61 Caesar returns to Cisalpine Gaul.
53/39 Caesar returns to Cisalpine Gaul for the winter.
50/28 Caesar visits Cisalpine Gaul.
50/51 allowed to stay on as governor of Cisalpine Gaul and Illyricum.
46/97 M.Brutus governs Cisalpine Gaul, which has been entrusted to him
44/132 Antonius formally leaves Rome, and sets off for Cisalpine Gaul.
44/141 fuses to surrender Cisalpine Gaul to Antonius, and prepares for war.
44/144 M.Antonius enters Cisalpine Gaul, and starts to besiege Decimus Brutu
44/62 Brutus takes command of the army in his province of Cisalpine Gaul.
44/76 the province of Cisalpine Gaul to Antonius, for a period of 5 year
38/10 The Gauls in Aquitania start a rebellion, but are defeated by Agrippa

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