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  Gaza   - a city on the coast of Palestine
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315/14 Antigonus expels Ptolemy' garrisons from Joppa and Gaza.
312/13 Ptolemy defeats Demetrius at the battle of Gaza.
201/10 Antiochus captures Gaza.
200/23a SEG_8.269, the epitaph of Cretan soldier in Gaza.
100/6 Alexander Jannaeus captures Raphia and Anthedon, and attacks Gaza.
98/9 Alexander Jannaeus captures Gaza.
    Within translations:
1Macc_11   61 From there he departed to Gaza, but the men of Gaza
Aristeas_115   at Ascalon, Joppa, and Gaza, as well as at Ptolemais whi
Aristeas_117   and encompass the parts about Gaza and the district of
ChronPasc_453   [Ol. 179.4] The inhabitants of Gaza count their era from
Euseb]:Chron_249   ians, had marched to Old Gaza and had defeated Demetrius
Joseph:AJ_13.150   Antiochus, he came to Gaza, in order to induce them als
Joseph:AJ_13.151   of his army round about Gaza itself, so with the rest he
Joseph:AJ_13.324   ained only Ptolemais and Gaza to be conquered, besides Str
Joseph:AJ_13.329   would have the people of Gaza on the side of those of Ptol
Joseph:AJ_13.334   Zoilus and the people of Gaza came to him, and desired his
Joseph:AJ_13.348   and had got the city of Gaza under his power, she resolve
Joseph:AJ_13.352   ode during the winter at Gaza, [353] in which time Cleopat
Joseph:AJ_13.358-362 *   lemaeus was retired from Gaza to Cyprus, and his mother
Joseph:AJ_13.395   Joppa, Jamneia, Azotus, Gaza, Anthedon, Raphia, and Rhino
Joseph:AJ_14.76   of the maritime cities, Gaza, and Joppa, and Dora, and
Joseph:AJ_14.88   and Dora; Marissa also, and Gaza, and not a few others
Joseph:AJ_15.217   those, the maritime cities, Gaza, and Anthedon, and Joppa,
Joseph:BJ_1.87   rts, and took Raphia and Gaza, with Anthedon also, which
Joseph:BJ_1.156   ith the maritime cities, Gaza, and Joppa, and Dora, and
Joseph:BJ_1.396   of the maritime cities, Gaza and Anthedon, and Joppa, and
PCairZen_59093   ves and merchandise from Gaza to Tyre and landed them in
Plut:Demetr_5   ly, he was defeated near Gaza ; 5000 of his men were kille
POxy_1380   Tripolis supporter; at Gaza abundant ; at Delphi best,
SelPap_1.191   vessel of Spanish oil, 7 Gaza jars of pickled fish, 5

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