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  Gilead   - a region to the east of the river Jordan
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  + Gileadites
1Macc_5 the Gentiles in Gilead gathered together against the
1Macc_13 went into the land of Gilead. 23 When he approached
Eupolemus_5 lived in the region of Gilead; and afterwards took Jerus
Joseph:AJ_12.330 numbers in the land of Gilead, and came against those
Joseph:AJ_12.332 made haste into the land of Gilead, with eight thousand
Joseph:AJ_12.336 of those in the land of Gilead stood; and how many of the
Joseph:AJ_12.340 other cities of the land of Gilead. [341] But not long
Joseph:AJ_12.350 han, were in the land of Gilead, did these men also affect
Joseph:AJ_13.209 emently upon the land of Gilead, he slew Jonathan there;
Joseph:AJ_13.371 Laodice, queen of the Gileadites, when she was making
Joseph:AJ_13.374 ians, such as the Moabites and Gileadites, and made them
Joseph:AJ_13.375 at Gadurn, a village of Gilead, and hardly escaped with
Joseph:AJ_13.382 bia the land of Moab and Gilead, which he had subdued, and
Joseph:BJ_01.89 untry, together with the Gileadites and Moabites, he enjoi

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