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  Graces   (Charites) - three Greek goddesses
Wikipedia entry
Athen_04.163 who never sacrificed to the Graces, nor even to the Mus
Athen_12.519 the same thing in his Graces:- & For is it not, I pray
Athen_13.564 hair, & Whose voice the Graces tune, & True flower of lov
Athen_13.597 Musaeus, master of the Graces, cause Antiope to go witho
Callim:Epigr_34 ands. But, for the Graces' sake, Menippus, tell not "my
Callim:Epigr_52 etes. Four are the Graces ; for beside those three another
Joseph:AJ_14.153 mple of Demus and of the Graces; and that this present of
Julian:Caes_308 and is the giver of the Graces, Silenus diverted the god
Julian:Caes_309 charms of Aphrodite and the Graces. Moreover in the gla
Philoch_224 cated the statues of the Graces}, which still exist, when
Schol:Theoc_16 which has as its title "The Graces" [or "The Favours"].
Syll_536 (211/0)   ple {Demos} and the Graces; therefore with good f

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