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  Hanno 3   - Carthaginian general in Sicily, middle of 4th century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
Just_22.7 with " having cut off Hanno, on a false charge of aspir
Polyaen_05.9.1 and joined Dionysius. [9] Hanno. When Hanno passed

  Hanno 5   - Carthaginian general in Sicily, killed in 310 B.C.
310/24 Agathocles defeats a Carthaginian army under Hanno and Bomilcar.
    Within translations:
Just_22.6 and fortresses in ashes, Hanno advanced to meet them with

  Hanno 8   - son of Hannibal; Carthaginian general at the start of the Fist Punic War
262/13 Hanno arrives in Sicily and captures Harbesus.
262/14 Hanno defeats the Romans.
261/11 The Carthaginians send Hamilcar to replace Hanno in Sicily.
256/14 The Carthaginians send Hanno as envoy to the Roman commanders.
255/19 The Romans defeat Hanno near Aspis.

  Hanno 11   - Carthaginian admiral, killed in 241 B.C.
241/4 Hanno sets sail with a Carthaginian fleet, carrying supplies to the

  Hanno 12   "the Great" - a Carthaginian leader who opposed war with Rome
Wikipedia entry
247/4 The Carthaginian general Hanno captures Hecatompylus.
241/26 The mercenaries demand arrears of pay from Hanno.
240/6 The mercenaries defeat Hanno.
237/1 Hamilcar and Hanno are reconciled, and defeat Mathus in a pitched bat
235/7 Hanno dissuades the Romans from making war on Carthage because of the
224/17 Hanno attempts to prevent Hannibal from joining the Carthaginian army
    Within translations:
DioCass_fr.46 answer. Afterwards Hanno, a man of youthful years who used

  Hanno 15   - Carthaginian general in Spain, killed in 218 B.C.
218/45 Cn.Scipio defeats the Carthaginian general Hanno at Cissa.

  Hanno 16   - son of Bomilcar; one of Hannibal's officers in Italy
Wikipedia entry
215/27 nius Longus defeats a Carthaginian force under Hanno near Grumentum.
214/10 Gracchus defeats Hanno near Beneventum.
212/8 Fulvius defeats Hanno near Beneventum.

  Hanno 17   - a Carthaginian general in Spain, defeated and captured in 207 B.C.
207/17 Silanus defeats Hanno and Mago in Celtiberia.

  Hanno 23   - son of Hamilcar; a Carthaginian general in Africa, killed in 204 B.C.
204/27 Hanno the son of Hamilcar is defeated and killed by Scipio near Salae

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