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  Helene   - "Helen of Troy", wife of Menelaus, eloped with Paris
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  + Helen
320/35 remark of the painter Nicomachus, about the "Helene" of Zeuxis.
    Within translations:
Athen_03.81 Cydonian apples, in his Helene, speaking thus :- & Before
Athen_06.232 god, and also the necklace of Helen, which had been given
Athen_06.233 ton got the ornaments of Helen; and she, being in love wit
Athen_13.556 pect for his wedded wife Helene, on whose account he gathe
Athen_13.560 Trojan war on account of Helene; the plague which took pla
Athen_13.563 Alexis says in his Helene:- & The man who falls in love
Athen_13.566 velling at the beauty of Helene, are represented as speaki
Athen_13.585 who was nicknamed Poor Helene; and as it was summer, and
Plut:Cleom_9 ence Homer makes Helen say to her father-in-law, Priamus
Plut:Mor_174 sed Alexander to restore Helen, promising to give him two
Plut:Mor_838 another oration in praise of Helen, and one called Areop
Polyaen_01.13.1 elaus was returning with Helene from Egypt, he was forced

  Helene 2   - a woman renowned for her large appetite
Athen_10.414 there was a woman named Helene, who ate more than any oth

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