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  Heliodorus   - father-in-law of Demosthenes
Plut:Mor_847 one wife, the daughter of one Heliodorus, a noble citizen

  Heliodorus 2   - Athenian archon, 228 B.C.
228/_ Athenian archon: Heliodorus
    Within translations:
Syll_496 (228/7)   the year of Heliodoros as archon, in the eigh
Syll_542 (228/7-212/1)   8/7} archon:] [Heliodoros] of Diomeia basil

  Heliodorus 3   - a minister of Seleucus IV of Syria
Wikipedia entry
178/4c letter from Seleucus IV to Heliodorus, concerning the protection
175/5a OGIS_247, a statue of Heliodorus at Delos.
175/6 Heliodorus, the minister of Seleucus, visits Jerusalem, but is deterr
175/10 Seleucus IV is murdered at the instigation of Heliodorus.
175/12 Antiochus IV suppresses Heliodorus and establishes himself as king
    Within translations:
Hieron:Chron_1833 ucus heard about this, he sent Heliodorus to ensure that

  Heliodorus 4   Periegetes - an Athenian historian
Athen_02.45 relates.   And Heliodorus tells us, that Antiochus Epi
Philoch_36 as the architect. Heliodorus, in book 1 of his treatise
Plut:Mor_849 the gate Hippades, as Heliodorus relates in his Third

  Heliodorus 5   Trosidamas of Alexandria - victor in the stadion race at the Olympic games, 213 A.D.
Euseb]:Chron_219 248th [213 A.D.] - Heliodorus Trosidamas of Alexandria,

  Heliodorus   - in documents
CIL_1.1446 Lucius, and Marcus Pompeius Heliodorus. Assistants:
THI_51 (277/6)   ris, Apollas son of Heliodoros, Ornymenos son of
THI_67 (c. 208)   son of . . . Heliodoros of Pergamon,, the son of
OGIS_345 (95/4)   ion, Phosphoros, Hierokles, Heliodoros, Ion to .
SEG_29.1613 (c. 202-195)   this to [Kleon and] Heliodoros, the dioiketai, th

Heliodorussee Apollonius20

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