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  Helios   - the Greek sun god
Wikipedia entry
[Longin]:Subl_15   4 For instance, when Helios hands over the reins to
Aelian:Fr_231   , & K'68 & & Women appeal to Helios and Dikē. [232]
AET_8.12   has approved, to whom the Sun has given victory, the living
Athen_11.469   cup, which belonged to the Sun, from Nereus, and in it
Athen_11.470   of shooting him, when the Sun bade him stop, and he
Julian:Caes_309   fain to resemble mighty Helios, for he preferred that non
Julian:Caes_314   [314] But my lord Helios who had assisted him on other
Julian:Mis_361   eof. I call mighty Helios to bear me witness of this befor
Malal_192   built a temple to Helios Serapis, and a public bath, call
OGIS_8   (c. 306)   I shall do, 20 by Zeus and Helios". From Philippos.
PsCallisth_3.28   and found the city of Helios, Heliopolis, the circumfer
SEG_19.504   sets free, by Zeus, Gaia and Helios . . . with the a
SEG_23.547   (201/0)   ll pray to Zeus and Helios and the goddess Rhodos a
SEG_38.603   (202-197)   ar by Zeus, [Gē, Helios, Poseidon, Demeter, Ap
SEG_47.1563   (323-313)   ear by Zeus, Gē, Helios, Poseidon, Athena Arei
SEG_48.588   (289)   ar by Zeus, Gē, Helios, (?) Ares, (?) Athena A
SEG_51.457   (c. 295) I swear by Zeus, Gaia, Helios, Athena, and [all the] gods
SelPap_1.193   O Lord Sarapis Helios, beneficent one.
SelPap_1.194   To Zeus Helios great Serapis and his
Syll_360   (c. 300-280)   wear by Zeus, Gaia, Helios, the Virgin { ? Iphigi
Syll_366   (c. 292)   swear by Zeus, Gaia, Helios, Poseidon, Ares, At
THI_12   (c. 309-305)   th {Gē}, Sun {Helios}, Poseidon, Apollo, De
THI_100   (c. 200)   ar by Zeus, Gē, Helios, Poseidon, Demeter, Are
ValMax_1.5.8   he had left them the Sun - so that he worsened

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