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  Herodes   "Herod the Great" - king of Judaea, 37 - 4 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
76/16 Antipater, the father of Herodes, is seized by Idumaean bandits while
76/17 Antipas, the grandfather of Herodes, is appointed by Alexander Jannae
72/19a The birth of Herodes, the future king of Judaea.
59/55 Menaemus greets the young Herodes as "king of the Jews".
47/37 ppoints his sons Phasael and Herodes to govern Jerusalem and Galilee.
47/45 Hyrcanus summons Herodes to stand trial, but then releases him.
47/53 Sex.Caesar appoints Herodes to be governor of Coele Syria.
43/77 Herodes kills Malichus.
42/19 Herodes defeats Antigonus, the son of Aristobulus.
41/19 Antonius appoints Herodes and his brother Phasael to be tetrarchs.
40/22 gonus kills Phasael, the brother of Herodes, and mutilates Hyrcanus.
40/24 Herodes escapes to Alexandria.
40/32 Herodes goes to Rome, where Antonius and Octavianus formally recognis
39/12 Herodes re-enters Judaea, and joins Silo outside Jerusalem.
39/17 Herodes conquers Galilee.
38/6 Herodes suppresses brigands in Galilee.
38/13 Ventidius sends Machaeras with an army to assist Herodes.
38/16 onus defeats and kills Joseph, the brother of Herodes, near Jericho.
37/3 Herodes defeats the army of Antigonus at Jericho.
37/5 Herodes marries Mariamme.
37/6 Herodes and Sosius start to besiege Jerusalem.
37/9 Herodes and Sosius capture Jerusalem.
37/10 The start of Herodes' reign as king of Judaea.
37/14 Herodes rewards his friends and punishes his enemies.
37/18 Herodes appoints Ananel to be high priest of the Jews.
36/20 Herodes makes Aristobulus high priest.
35/2 visits Judaea, and meets Alexandra, the mother-in-law of Herodes.
35/11 Alexandra complains to Cleopatra about the behaviour of Herodes.
35/13 high priest Aristobulus, the son of Alexandra, is killed by Herodes.
34/4 Herodes meets Antonius at Laodiceia and rebuts the accusations made
34/5 Herodes kills Joseph, the husband of Salome.
34/7 Cleopatra visits Herodes on her way back from Syria to Egypt.
34/16 stobarus marries Salome, and is made governor of Idumaea by Herodes.
32/10 Herodes defeats the Nabataean Arabs.
32/13 The Arabs defeat Herodes, with the assistance of one of Cleopatra's
31/18 Herodes restarts war against the Arabs, and defeats them.
30/11 Hyrcanus is put to death by Herodes.
30/14 Herodes meets Octavianus in Rhodes, and is forgiven for his previous
30/15 Herodes receives Octavianus and his army at Ptolemais.
30/33 Herodes starts to have acrimonious quarrels with his wife Mariamme.
30/37 Herodes meets Octavianus in Egypt.
    Within translations:
Aelian:NA_6.17   natives of the time of Herod the King used to tell of
ChronPasc_445   the ground. Later Herodes, who was king of the Jews thoug
ChronPasc_464   come to an end, the foreigner Herodes became king. [465'A
ChronPasc_465   because up until the time of Herodes the leaders had bee
ChronPasc_468   clipse of the sun. Herodes summoned a certain Ananelus fro
ChronPasc_469   matters, and was appointed by Herodes to be governor of
ChronSynt_65   granted the title of king to Herodes, a foreigner. - -
ChronSynt_67   ted the title of king to Herodes, a foreigner, whose reign
ChronSynt_95   an end with Hyrcanus, Herodes the son of Antipater was
Euseb]:Chron_125   Augustus' time, Herodes was the first foreigner to beco
Euseb]:Chron_129   ths. In his reign, Herodes was the first foreigner to be
ExcBarb_52A   thaspa. [52A] When Herodes heard that a king had been born
Hieron:Chron_1898   it was later rebuilt by Herodes, who called it Sebaste
Hieron:Chron_1950   Antipater, the son of Herodes of Ascalon, to be governo
Hieron:Chron_1978   ings in Jerusalem. Herodes, who was appointed as king afte
Hieron:Chron_1983   ia. 186.3 . [1983] Herodes, the son of Antipater of Ascalo
Hieron:Chron_1984   ests came to an end, and Herodes, a foreigner, became king
Hieron:Chron_1998   998] [1996 in Ar.] Herodes constructed many great building
Hieron:Chron_2000   000] [1996 in Ar.] Herodes completely rebuilt Samaria, whi
Hieron:Chron_2005   pontifex maximus. Herodes refounded the city which was
Hieron:Chron_2006   006] [2004 in Ar.] Herodes restored Anthedon and called
Hieron:Chron_2009   009] [2008 in Ar.] Herodes killed Hyrcanus, the previous
Hieron:Chron_2014   uelties mentioned above, Herodes killed the husband of his
Hieron:Chron_2019   [2018 in Ar.] When Herodes was warned by the wise men abou
Hieron:Chron_2020   ed. 195.4 . [2020] Herodes, struck down by dropsy and with
Hieron:Chron_2021   to be the successor of Herodes; and his four brothers,
Hieron:Chron_2051   Agrippa, the son of king Herodes, came to Rome to accuse
Joseph:AJ_13.275   and its rebuilding by Herodes, we shall speak at a prop
Joseph:AJ_13.357   (the name of which king Herodes afterwards changed to Agr
Joseph:AJ_14.9   of his was to gratify Herodes, who was his son, and who
Joseph:AJ_14.76   rato's Tower; which last Herodes rebuilt after a glorious
Joseph:AJ_14.121   our sons, Phasaelus, and Herodes, who was afterwards made
Joseph:AJ_14.158   but committed Galilee to Herodes, his next son, who was
Joseph:AJ_14.161   61] Now Phasaelus, Herodes's brother, was moved with emula
Joseph:AJ_14.165-177 *   because they saw that Herodes was a violent and bold
Joseph:AJ_14.180   But when Sextus had made Herodes general of the army of
Joseph:AJ_14.184   evere in it. [184] Herodes was persuaded by these argument
Joseph:AJ_14.274   [274] And because Herodes did exact what is required of
Joseph:AJ_14.278-292 *   rrison in Jerusalem, and Herodes had the weapons of war
Joseph:AJ_14.295-303 *   rose in arms; [295] but Herodes went to Fabius, the prefe
Joseph:AJ_14.324-331 *   of the Jews to accuse Herodes and those about him, and
Joseph:AJ_14.335-344 *   Phasaelus's and Herodes's party came to the other's ass
Joseph:AJ_14.348-352 *   ler who was sent against Herodes had it in command to get
Joseph:AJ_14.355   ure. [355] But for Herodes himself, he raised his mind abo
Joseph:AJ_14.364   A great deal of Herodes's money escaped, and principall
Joseph:AJ_14.369-372 *   woman, that his brother Herodes had escaped the enemy,
Joseph:AJ_14.375   and came running after Herodes; but with no manner of
Joseph:AJ_14.381-390 *   nge that had happened in Herodes's condition; and reasonin
Joseph:AJ_14.394-403 *   [394] By this time Herodes had sailed out of Italy to Ptol
Joseph:AJ_14.407   march away; [407] but Herodes pressed Silo not to depar
Joseph:AJ_14.410   ns. [410] However, Herodes was not idle in the mean time,
Joseph:AJ_14.413   things. [413] But Herodes was not pleased with lying stil
Joseph:AJ_14.419-421 *   famine. [419] But Herodes committed the care of that matt
Joseph:AJ_14.430   he greatly reproached Herodes with the meanness of his
Joseph:AJ_14.433-436 *   places. [433] But Herodes soon returned, and punished the
Joseph:AJ_14.442-451 *   ranks were gone by, (for Herodes brought on the rear,) tho
Joseph:AJ_14.455   the people believed that Herodes was beloved of God, since
Joseph:AJ_14.457   oppose Machaeras; but Herodes, when he had taken five
Joseph:AJ_14.465   igor of winter was over, Herodes removed his army, and cam
Joseph:AJ_14.469-472 *   by Antonius to assist Herodes, and Herodes on his own
Joseph:AJ_14.476-479 *   temple were burnt, which Herodes gave out to have been bur
Joseph:AJ_14.482   ody. [482] And now Herodes having overcome his enemies,
Joseph:AJ_14.489-491 *   to Antonius; [489] but Herodes was afraid lest Antigonus
Joseph:AJ_15.96   passed on to Judaea, where Herod met her, and leased from
Joseph:AJ_15.1-42 *   [1] How Sossius and Herod took Jerusalem by force; and
Joseph:AJ_15.106-121 *   as to the tributes which Herod was to pay Cleopatra for
Joseph:AJ_15.147   to fight than before. So Herod, when he had offered the
Joseph:AJ_15.155   they sent ambassadors to Herod, in the first place,
Joseph:AJ_15.161   {6.}   [161] Herod's other affairs were now very
Joseph:AJ_15.165   [165] While Herod had these things in his
Joseph:AJ_15.174   in the commentaries of king Herod: but other historians do not
Joseph:AJ_15.181   account of the hopes that Herod had given him; none of
Joseph:AJ_15.183   [183] Now Herod, as soon as he had
Joseph:AJ_15.195   had written to him that Herod had very readily assisted him
Joseph:AJ_15.205-213 *   first Sohemus was faithful to Herod, and neglected none of the
Joseph:AJ_15.221   lasted a whole year after Herod returned from Caesar. However, these
Joseph:AJ_15.232   escape the like treatment from Herod, she changed her behaviour to
Joseph:AJ_15.247   and being informed what condition Herod was in, she endeavoured to
Joseph:AJ_15.254   Jewish customs and law, Herod made Costobarus governor of
Joseph:AJ_15.260   wedlock; and told her brother Herod, that she left her husband
Joseph:AJ_15.267   was on this account that Herod abandoned the laws of his
Joseph:AJ_15.277   [277] Nor was Herod unacquainted with the consternation they
Joseph:AJ_15.284   that, in the first place, Herod himself could not escape them,
Joseph:AJ_15.299   year of the reign of Herod, very great calamities came upon
Joseph:AJ_15.307   was particularly a friend to Herod, and desirous to have his
Joseph:AJ_15.321   her commendation, it happened that Herod was much affected with what
Joseph:AJ_15.326     And now, when all Herod's designs had succeeded according to
Joseph:AJ_15.342   {10.}   [342]   When Herod was engaged in such matters,
Joseph:AJ_15.349   more so, because he envied Herod, who had acquired it. So
Joseph:AJ_15.354   [354]   Now when Herod had already reigned seventeen years,
Joseph:AJ_15.365   [365] At this time Herod released his subjects from a
Joseph:AJ_15.373   God. This man once saw Herod when he was a child,
Joseph:AJ_15.380     [380]   And now Herod, in the eighteenth year of
Joseph:AJ_15.388   this was the speech which Herod made to them; but still
Joseph:AJ_15.391   [391] So Herod took away the old foundations,
Joseph:AJ_15.403   were also high priests before Herod, and they called it the
Joseph:AJ_15.53-80 *   monarchy. [53] Upon all this, Herod resolved to complete what he
Joseph:AJ_20.246-251 *   three months, Sosius and Herodes besieged him, and took
Joseph:BJ_1.19   Romans and Pompeius; how Herodes also, the son of Antipate
Joseph:BJ_1.20   ple made a sedition upon Herodes's death, while Augustus
Joseph:BJ_1.64   aste, which was built by Herodes the king, and encompassed
Joseph:BJ_1.87   wards called Agrippias by king Herodes. [88] But when he
Joseph:BJ_1.156   changed to Caesarea, by king Herodes. [157] All which
Joseph:BJ_1.181   by her, Phasaelus and Herodes, who was afterwards king,
Joseph:BJ_1.203-205 *   also sent his next son, Herodes, who was very young, with
Joseph:BJ_1.208-215 *   was the great actions of Herodes, and that so many messeng
Joseph:BJ_1.221   to do. [221] Now Herodes, in the first place, mitigated
Joseph:BJ_1.224-246 *   ardian of Jerusalem, and Herodes who was entrusted with
Joseph:BJ_1.251-255 *   market-place, in which Herodes's party beat the enemy,
Joseph:BJ_1.258   aited for the seizure of Herodes first at Jerusalem, becau
Joseph:BJ_1.261-268 *   plot how to seize upon Herodes, by deluding him, and get
Joseph:BJ_1.271-278 *   monstrated himself to be Herodes's own brother, and Hyrcan
Joseph:BJ_1.282-286 *   that had been made in Herodes's affairs, and this both
Joseph:BJ_1.290-295 *   Now by this time Herodes had sailed out of Italy, and
Joseph:BJ_1.298   off the siege; [298] but Herodes went to the captains that
Joseph:BJ_1.301-323 *   ons. [301] Yet was Herodes not idle, but took with him ten
Joseph:BJ_1.326-328 *   incipal men that were on Herodes's side to the lake, and
Joseph:BJ_1.332-336 *   number; in which action Herodes's own side was wounded
Joseph:BJ_1.339-343 *   idence of which victory, Herodes had marched immediately
Joseph:BJ_1.346   the north wall. Herodes's dependence was upon the decre
Joseph:BJ_1.351   ive months, till some of Herodes's chosen men ventured to
Joseph:BJ_1.354-362 *   custody. [354] But Herodes's concern at present, now he
Joseph:BJ_1.364-369 *   about Actium was begun, Herodes prepared to come to the
Joseph:BJ_1.372   after another; whom yet Herodes got together, and endeavo
Joseph:BJ_1.380-386 *   rashly." [380] & When Herodes had encouraged them by
Joseph:BJ_1.393-395 *   manner. Whereupon Herodes obliged him to be kind to him
Joseph:BJ_1.399-401 *   afterward bestow it on Herodes, that it might not again
Joseph:BJ_1.417   the temple. [417] Herodes was also a lover of his father
Joseph:BJ_1.425   full of donations that Herodes presented them withal?
Joseph:BJ_1.429   ves. [429] 13. Now Herodes had a body suited to his soul,
Joseph:BJ_1.431   fortune was avenged on Herodes in his external great suc
Joseph:BJ_1.434-442 *   to go over the river to Herodes, he had not perished: but
Joseph:BJ_1.520   Visiting Herod, he declared that he came
Joseph:BJ_1.534     A further stimulus to Herod's cruelty to his sons was
Joseph:BJ_1.550   [550]   Herod summoned a public assembly, formally
Joseph:BJ_1.556   [556]   For Herod, one day, assembled his relatives
Joseph:BJ_1.566   suit. For, although she was Herod's sister and had recourse to
Joseph:BJ_1.578   [578]   Herod, meanwhile, never relaxed his efforts
Joseph:BJ_1.586   [586]   Herod had each of the slave
Joseph:BJ_1.608   if he made speed, added Herod, he would be prepared to
Joseph:BJ_1.622   [622]   Herod burst out upon him to
Joseph:BJ_1.636   compassion, including Varus. Herod alone remained dry-eyed,
Joseph:BJ_1.640   after a private interview with Herod, Varus drafted his report of
Joseph:BJ_1.656     From this time onwards Herod's malady began to spread to
Joseph:BJ_1.665   [665] Herod survived the execution of his
Malal_223   daea, which was ruled by Herodes; because these two had
MegTaan_9   ommemorates the death of Herodes I, in 4 B.C; but Zeitlin
NicDam_T2   olaus, the instructor of Herodes and the teacher of the
NicDam_134-136 *   begged him to persuade Herodes to be their helper and
NicDam_135   ragment 135 [F135] Herodes again put aside his love of phi
Oros_6.18   transferred the rule to Herod. Ventidius at once defeated
Oros_7.3   labour. For no sooner had Herod, king of Judaea, learned of
Plin:HN_5.69   otherwise Caesarea, founded by King Herod, but now the colony called

  Herodes 2   Antipas - tetrarch of Galilee, 4 B.C. - 39 A.D.
Wikipedia entry
  + Antipas
ChronPasc_469   years. After him, Herodes the tetrarch, the brother of
ChronSynt_95   of Herodes for 9 years Herodes the tetrach, the brother
Hieron:Chron_2021   and his four brothers, Herodes, Antipater, Lysias and
Hieron:Chron_2030   for 23 years. * Herodes the tetrarch became leader of
Hieron:Chron_2043   ished by Tiberius. Herodes founded the cities of Tiberias
Hieron:Chron_2051   came to Rome to accuse Herodes the tetrarch, but was thr
Joseph:BJ_1.562   the high-priest's daughter, Antipater and Archelaus were
Joseph:BJ_1.646   modified it. He now named Antipas king, passing over his eldest
Joseph:BJ_1.664   heir to the throne, and Antipas tetrarch
Joseph:BJ_1.668   and the neighbouring districts, Antipas, as we have already
NicDam_136   other brothers, Philippus and Antipas, to be tetrarchs.

  Herodes 3   - ruler of Chalcis; died in 48-49 A.D.
Wikipedia entry
Joseph:BJ_1.553   Aristobulus had three, Herod, Agrippa, and Aristobulus

  Herodes 4   - son of Herod and Mariamme II; first husband of Herodias
Wikipedia entry
Joseph:BJ_1.557   girl. Her sister my own Herod shall take, for on his
Joseph:BJ_1.562   was son of Doris, Herod of Mariamme, the high-priest's
Joseph:BJ_1.573   heir to the throne, and Herod, the king's son by Mariamme,
Joseph:BJ_1.588   of his own children, but Herod, the son of Mariamme. In
Joseph:BJ_1.600   upon her son : her Herod, whom he had appointed successor

  Herodes 5   - the subject of a speech by Antiphon, 5th century B.C.
Plut:Mor_833 rations concerning Herodes, against Erasistratus concernin

  Herodes 6   - an Egyptian official, 2nd century B.C.
118/8 PTeb_12, letters from Menches to Herodes and Ammonius.

  Herodes 7   - Athenian archon, 60 B.C.
60/_ Athenian archon: Herodes

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