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  Hymenaeus   - the Greek god of marriage
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  + Hymen
AnthPal_7.188 our wedding attended not Hymenaeus to preside at the feast
AnthPal_7.547 bride of twelve years not to Hymenaeus but to Hades. [54
AnthPal_7.712 age hymn. And you, Hymenaeus, changed the tuneful song of
AnthPal_9.245 bitter bridal stood Hades, not Hymen. For, as she fled alo
AnthPal_9.321 divine Athena, but come you to Hymenaeus with the flowing
AntipThes_7.367 dding torch, whether unwilling Hymen lit or willing Hades.
Athen_6.237 And Araros, in his Hymenaeus, uses the word parasite, wher
Athen_13.603 ambics, says that it was Hymenaeus of whom Argynnus was
Athen_14.637 dithyrambic poem, called Hymenaeus, says that the magadis
DioscEpigr_5.52 a wedding song, Hymen, chant a dirge at her door, rebuk
DioscEpigr_7.407 esus. Either Hymen Hymenaeus bearing his bright torch stan
LeonTar_6.281 for marriage and the hymn of Hymen, the due end of girlh
Philip_16.177 dear, and golden-haired Hymenaeus and the dulcet charm

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