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  Hyperberetaeus   - a Macedonian month, approximately September/October
Joseph:AJ_12.143 come to it, until the month Hyperberetaeus. [144] We
Malal_224 for 30 days in the month of Hyperberetaeus. [225] The
OGIS_168 (115)     In the second year, Hyperberetaios . . ., wh
OGIS_253 (166)   end of the month of Hyperberetaios; [this (?) sta
OGIS_268 (? 159)   h day of the month of Hyperberetaios: since the ove
OGIS_36 (213)   es. [B] Year 9, Hyperberetaios 30, Pharmouthi 7; Ti
PCairZen_59106 as much as you need. Year 29, Hyperberetaios 20, Thoth
PCairZen_59107 for most of the time. Year 29, Hyperberetaios 23, Thoth
PCairZen_59220 arourai. Farewell. Year 32, Hyperberetaios 13, Phaophi
PSI_495 erything. Farewell. & Year 28, Hyperberetaios 23. zzzzz FRO
SEG_29.1613 (c. 202-195)   of the month Hyperberataios, in year (?) 112 {? Sep
SEG_33.1184 (196)   117, in the month of Hyperberetaios, when Nikanor w
SEG_39.1284 (213)   h day of the month of Hyperberetaios, and to per
SelPap_1.12 6th intercalary day of Hyperberetaeus, dies augus
THI_27 (c. 200)   Panemos, Loios, Gorpiaios, Hyperberetaios.   T
THI_42 (273)   aios, in the month of Hyperberetaios, when Diony

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