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  Iasus   - a city on an island by the coast of Caria
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  + Iasians
323/17 phin falls in love with a boy called Dionysius, near Iasus in Caria.
305/20a nscr_12, a treaty between the city of Iasus, Ptolemy and others.
214/23a Rhodes concerning a dispute between Olympichus and Iasus in Caria.
198/18 hus gives aid to the city of Iasus to enable it to recover from damag
195/15 Austin_156, a letter from Laodice to the city of Iasus in Caria.
195/15a _28 (OGIS_237), a decree of Iasus in honour of Antiochus and Laodice
182/10a 50, letters from Eumenes to Iasus and Cos concerning the cult of Ath
    Within translations:
Aelian:NA_6.15   for a beautiful boy at Iasus* has long been celebrated
Aelian:NA_8.11   dolphin of a youth at Iasus,* what is there to preven
Athen_10.418   moderation, as Lycon of Iasus relates in his treatise on
Athen_13.606   There is a story also that, at Iasus, a dolphin took a fan
Syll_307   (333-323)   ou, sprung from Iasos,] Were nourished and [taught]
Syll_312   (321)   and Minneon of Iasos, the sons of Theodotos, have
THI_12   (c. 309-305)   e made against the Iasians and those who live at
THI_13   (c. 305-295)   nomy of the people of Iasos, and I will allow the I
THI_36   (220-214)   ple, knowing that the Iasians are well-disposed tow
THI_40   (c. 200)   son of Antipatros of Iasos with a gold crown on acc
THI_123.A   ereas the people of the Iasians has continued to be well-dispos
THI_123.B   that the people [of the] Iasians both continued to show every
THI_133.A   (soon after 197) [A]   Decree from the Iasians.   It was resolved by
THI_133.B   (soon after 197) the generals: since the Iasians, being friends of the [peopl
THI_215   (62 A.D.)   nbsp; Miletus,   Iasus,   Bargylia,  
THI_61.D   (173-169)   s] men:   Menedemos of Iasos, the son of . . .

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