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  Ida   - a mountain in Phrygia
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  + Idaean
205/21 talus in an attempt to obtain the sacred stone of the Idaean Mother.
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Aelian:NA_8.11   Ossa, as Anchises was on Ida, and that he pastured his cat
Aelian:NA_10.14   down the hills of Ida he went, like unto a swift hawk,
Aelian:NA_17.35   species of bee on Mount Ida in Crete; they are not numero
Alcaeus_6.218   the upland forests of Ida, and there met him a huge lio
AnthPal_16.166   old on the mountains of Ida her who gained the prize of
Athen_6.256   a city near the Trojan Ida, which was formerly called
CIL_add.7   (early 1st cent.)   o Business. To the Mighty Idaean Mother of the G
CIL_add.8   (1st cent. A.D.)   bly. The games of the Great Idaean Mother of the G
Demetr:Eloc_79   call the lower slope of Ida its 'foot,' but he could neve
DioscEpigr_9.340   frantic servant of the Idaean chamber first loosed his
ElegMaec_1.69   bent on love, until in Ida's vale he found you, fair pri
Ennius:Ann_22   ises and retire to Mount Ida : FESTUS : That the ancients
Euseb]:Chron_183   by Homerus, for 50 years. The Idaean Dactyls lived in his
Euseb]:Chron_191   Heracles, by one of the Idaean Dactyls; and then by Aethl
Nicand:Al_40   beasts 40 amid the glades of Ida in the vale of Phalacra
Nicand:Al_220   rible yelling of the votary of Ida. Even so the man in his
Nicand:Al_620   Cyprian queen on mount Ida, when the goddesses were rous
Nicand:Th_580   weed and the cypress of Ida ; for all these will
Nicarch_9.576   merly, amid the rocks of Ida, Paris pronounced me fairest,
Obseq_44a   himself in honour of the Idaean mother, and was deported across
Plut:Eum_8   ere pasturing upon Mount Ida, and took such as he had occa
SEG_23.547   (201/0)   swear by Hestia and] Idaian Zeus and [Zeus (?) Tall
StephByz_70   lled Alexandria on Mount Ida near Troy, where they say tha

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