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  Iliad   - an epic poem, ascribed to Homer
Wikipedia entry
Athen_01.18 food. But in the Iliad there is no trace of such a custo
Athen_01.19 iving in the time of the Iliad are almost constantly cryin
Athen_03.101 book called The Egyptian Iliad, tells us in the following
Athen_05.207 the whole story of the Iliad was depicted in a marvellou
Athen_13.556 Homer has nowhere in the Iliad represented any concubine
Athen_14.620 and he had a copy of the Iliad and the Odyssey written out
Diod_36.6 great disorders, and an Iliad of calamities, spread over
Phylarch_62 commentary on book 2 of the Iliad. The χλ&al
Plut:Mor_186 he called for Homerus' Iliad; and when the master told
PsCallisth_1.33 Homer wrote somewhere { Iliad, 1'528 } : & "Spoken the
Vit:Arat_1 roduce an edition of the Iliad, because it had been contam
Vit:Arat_5 een Agamemnon shirking [ Iliad 4.223 ] & Patroclus the kni

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