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  Ion   of Chios - Greek poet, 5th century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
[Longin]:Subl_33   than Pindar, or in tragedy Ion of Chios rather than (save
Athen_6.258   uote from the Omphale of Ion the tragedian, and to say -
Athen_6.267   ilon;ς. But Ion of Chios, in his Laertes, uses the
Athen_11.463   welcome good cheer.'   And Ion of Chios says : 'Long
Athen_11.468   called by this name in Ion's Agamemnon : "And you shall
Athen_11.478   sometimes has a handle.   Ion of Chios mentions it, saying,
Athen_11.495-498 *   the wine into cups, as Ion of Chios says in The
Athen_11.501   a plug of bronze."   Ion in Omphalē : "Go, ye
Athen_13.603   And accordingly, Ion the poet, in his book on the Arriva
Athen_14.634   eauty's flower. But Ion of Chios, in his Omphale, spe
Athen_15.690   But Ion, in his Omphale says -

  Ion 2   - son of Creusa; the mythical ancestor of the Ionians
Wikipedia entry
Athen_15.683   as the Ionian nymphs to Ion gave,
Syll_579   (end of 3rd cent.)   ted since the time of Ion, [and the good intentions

  Ion   - in documents
AntipThes_9.82 fast on land. For Ion fell overboard in the harbour, and
OGIS_345 (95/4)   ros, Hierokles, Heliodoros, Ion to . . . son of ...

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