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  Itanus   - a city in eastern Crete
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  + Itanian , Itanians
261/6a OGIS_44 & 45, decrees of Thera and Itanus in honour of Patroclus.
244/3 Syll_463, a decree of Itanus in honour of Ptolemy III.
144/5a The Egyptian garrison is withdrawn from Itanus.
140/13a sks the city of Magnesia to arbitrate between Itanus and Hierapytna.
112/3a city of Magnesia to arbitrate again between Itanus and Hierapytna.
111/7a dges arbitrating between the Cretan cities of Itanus and Hierapytna.
    Within translations:
OGIS_45   (266-262)   ncil and assembly of Itanos: since Patroklos of Ma
Plin:HN_4.61   opposite to the promontory of Itanos are Onysia and Leuce, and
Syll_685   (112/1)   tween the Cretans of Itanos [and] Hierapytna, 10 [i

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