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  Jamneia   - a city near the coast of Palestine
Wikipedia entry     ☆ DARE (map)
  + Iamnia , Iamnitae , Jamnia
163/10 Judas attacks Joppa and Iamnia in retaliation for atrocities against
163/24a G_41.1556, a letter of Antiochus concerning a petition from Iamnia.
    Within translations:
1Macc_4 umaea, and to Azotus and Jamnia; and three thousand of the
1Macc_5 and they marched against Jamnia. 59 And Gorgias and his
1Macc_15 So Cendebaeus came to Jamnia and began to provoke the
2Macc_12 learning that the men in Jamnia meant in the same way to
Joseph:AJ_12.308 Idumaea, and Azotus, and Jamneia; and of these there fell
Joseph:AJ_12.350 der their command, and came to Jamneia. [351] There Gorgia
Joseph:AJ_12.351 general of the forces of Jamneia, met them; and upon joini
Joseph:AJ_13.88 ele Syria, who coming to Jamneia with a great army, sent
Joseph:AJ_13.215 city Gazara, and Joppa, and Jamneia. He also took the
Joseph:AJ_13.395 Tower, Apollonia, Joppa, Jamneia, Azotus, Gaza, Anthedon,
Joseph:AJ_14.75 Marissa, and Azotus, and Jamneia, and Arethusa, to their
Joseph:BJ_01.50 Gazara, and Joppa, and Jamneia, which were cities in his
Joseph:BJ_01.156 esides these Azotus, and Jamneia, and Arethusa; and in lik
Joseph:BJ_01.166 edon, and Apollonia, and Jamneia, and Raphia, and Marissa,
SEG_41.1556 (163)   nce] the aforementioned (?) Iamnitai are free from

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