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  Judaea   - the homeland of the Jews in Greek and Roman times
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  + Judaeans
213/7 Joseph becomes the chief tax-collector for Judaea.
191/18 seph the Tobiad retires from tax-collecting in Judaea and Phoenicia.
181/4 Joseph is forced to leave Judaea and settles on the other side of
167/37 at Jerusalem and throughout Judaea, with brutal punishment for any
161/8 Nicanor enters Judaea with a large Syrian force and is defeated by
143/17 Tryphon invades Judaea, and attempts to extort a ransom from Simon.
136/5 Cendebaeus the general of Antiochus invades Judaea.
134/1 The reign of Simon brings peace and prosperity to Judaea.
130/9 accompanied by Hyrcanus of Judaea, defeats Phraates in three battle
105/3 The Athenians pass a decree honouring Hyrcanus of Judaea.
104/7 death of John Hyrcanus of Judaea, and the accession of Aristobulus
84/11 Antiochus marches through Judaea, despite the opposition of Alexander
80/15 lexander Jannaeus returns to Judaea, after capturing many cities
76/19 exander Jannaeus; his widow Alexandra takes over as queen of Judaea.
72/19a The birth of Herodes, the future king of Judaea.
66/5 Aristobulus deposes Hyrcanus, and sets himself up as king of Judaea.
64/5 Aretas invades Judaea and defeats Aristobulus.
64/34 ceives envoys from the Syrians, Egyptians and Aristobulus of Judaea.
63/29 Pompeius enters Judaea; Hyrcanus submits to him, but Aristobulus rema
63/50 imposes Roman control over Judaea, and takes away Aristobulus as
57/28 surrenders to Gabinius, who re-organises the government of Judaea.
56/37 Aristobulus escapes from Rome and returns to Judaea.
47/27 Caesar confirms Antipater and Hyrcanus as rulers of Judaea.
40/13 rthians, led by Pacorus, invade Judaea and set up Antigonus as king.
40/32 Antonius and Octavianus formally recognise him as king of Judaea.
39/9 recovers Syria, and puts Silo in charge of the Roman army in Judaea.
39/12 Herodes re-enters Judaea, and joins Silo outside Jerusalem.
37/10 The start of Herodes' reign as king of Judaea.
37/15 Hyrcanus returns to Judaea.
35/2 Q.Dellius visits Judaea, and meets Alexandra, the mother-in-law of
34/11 The triumph of C.Sosius, from Judaea.
31/8 Judaea is struck by a large earthquake.
    Within translations:
1Macc_3-16 *   the residents of Judaea and Jerusalem, 35 Lysias was
2Macc_1   and those in the land of Judaea, & To their Jewish brethre
2Macc_5   king, he took it to mean that Judaea was in revolt. So,
2Macc_8-15 *   to wipe out the whole race of Judaea. He associated with
3Macc_5   would also march against Judaea and rapidly level it to
Aelian:NA_6.17   ountry of those known as Judaeans or Idumaeans, the native
Aristeas_4   been transported from Judaea to Egypt by the king's fat
Aristeas_12   been transported from Judaea by the king's father - [13
Aristeas_84   middle of the whole of Judaea on the top of a mountain
Aristeas_107   are contiguous to the land of Judaea). The people therefo
Aristeas_318   after their return to Judaea, for it was only right,
ChronPasc_436   Syria, Phoenicia, Samaria and Judaea as her dowry. [Ol.
ChronPasc_445   was a distinguished leader of Judaea. [448'A] [Ol. 167.3]
ChronPasc_452   the succession of the kings of Judaea had come to an end.
ChronPasc_468   in the flesh at Bethlehem in Judaea. After this, it is
ChronPasc_469   by Herodes to be governor of Judaea. In the 8th year of
ChronSynt_95   be the first gentile king of Judaea; he reigned for 26
ChronSynt_96   25 years Then the kingdom of Judaea came to an end. [It
Diod_40.3   ypt, which is now called Judaea and at that time was altog
Diod_40.4   Syria next to Cilicia, Judaea, Arabia, the province of
Eupolemus_1   his book On the Kings in Judaea, says that "Moses was
Eupolemus_2   ners transported the gold into Judaea. When David had reig
Euseb]:Chron_125   the king, he returned to Judaea [p127] and rebuilt Jerusal
Euseb]:Chron_129   God was born in Bethlehem of Judaea. After Augustus, Tib
Euseb]:Chron_155   ntry which is now called Judaea; the city was large enough
FastTr_p110   C.f. T.n., proconsul, & from Judaea, 3 non.Sept. (3rd
Festus:Brev_3   Arabs it warred; all of Judaea was conquered; Cilicia and
Festus:Brev_14   of the Armenians. Arabs and Judaeans were conquered in
Festus:Brev_16   and Arabs. After Judaea had been captured, he obtained
Hieron:Chron_1685   ptured Tyre, and entered Judaea, where he was given an ent
Hieron:Chron_1695   control of Jerusalem and Judaea by treachery, and brought
Hieron:Chron_1807   ilopator and gained control of Judaea. 142.4 . [1808] [not
Hieron:Chron_1820   after defeating Scopas, and Judaea willingly surrendere
Hieron:Chron_1827   Syria, Phoenicia, Samaria and Judaea as a dowry. 147.4
Hieron:Chron_1829   bes events which took place in Judaea at this time. 148.2
Hieron:Chron_1833   iodorus arrived in Judaea, he acted unjustly and committed
Hieron:Chron_1845   turn he arrived in Judaea, and installed Jesus, also calle
Hieron:Chron_1853   generals of Antiochus out of Judaea. He removed the stat
Hieron:Chron_1857   had previously betrayed Judaea to Antiochus Epiphanes,
Hieron:Chron_1862   general of Demetrius out of Judaea, and became high pri
Hieron:Chron_1885   es, the king of Syria, invaded Judaea and besieged Jerusal
Hieron:Chron_1950   unity for the Romans to invade Judaea. And so Pompeius cam
Hieron:Chron_1973   that month. Cassius conquered Judaea and despoiled the
Hieron:Chron_1978   oreigner with no real claim on Judaea. 185.4 . [1980] The
Hieron:Chron_1983   by the Romans to be king of Judaea. At this time, just
Hieron:Chron_2015   God, was born at Bethlehem in Judaea. 194.4 . [2016] [201
Hieron:Chron_2016   Quirinius was sent to Judaea by decree of the senate,
Hieron:Chron_2042   berius to be the procurator of Judaea. 201.3 . [2043] [not
Hieron:Chron_king   ral of his army, and conquered Judaea and many cities in
Joseph:AJ_12.1   settled the affairs in Judaea after the forementioned
Joseph:AJ_12.7   the mountainous parts of Judaea, and from the places about
Joseph:AJ_12.28   hoenicia, and laid waste Judaea, took the Jews captives,
Joseph:AJ_12.97   were come to him from Judaea, after the manner they use
Joseph:AJ_12.114   come often to him out of Judaea, [115] and that both on
Joseph:AJ_12.131   olemaeus, he seized upon Judaea; and when Philopator was
Joseph:AJ_12.141   be brought them out of Judaea itself and out of the othe
Joseph:AJ_12.154   Coele Syria, and Samaria, and Judaea, and Phoenicia, by
Joseph:AJ_12.175   yria, and Phoenicia, and Judaea, with Samaria, [as they
Joseph:AJ_12.233   is between Arabia and Judaea, beyond Jordan, not far
Joseph:AJ_12.245   his king, how he subdued Judaea and the temple; for in my
Joseph:AJ_12.289   Bethhoron, a village of Judaea, and there pitched his cam
Joseph:AJ_12.293   prepared to break into Judaea about the beginning of the
Joseph:AJ_12.296   that he should conquer Judaea, and take its inhabitants
Joseph:AJ_12.298   and sent them against Judaea, who came as far as the
Joseph:AJ_12.313   horsemen, and fell upon Judaea; and he went up to the hil
Joseph:AJ_12.315   ice, and prepared to fall upon Judaea with a greater army.
Joseph:AJ_12.329   city, and then returned into Judaea. [330] But when the
Joseph:AJ_12.332   and charged them to keep Judaea very carefully, and to fig
Joseph:AJ_12.345   to bring them back into Judaea; [346] but as soon as he
Joseph:AJ_12.349-353 *   thence, they came into Judaea, singing psalms and hymns
Joseph:AJ_12.356   ind him to fight against Judaea, and what strength the Jew
Joseph:AJ_12.394   when he was come into Judaea, he sent to Judas and his
Joseph:AJ_12.416   it, and sent a copy of it into Judaea. It was also laid
Joseph:AJ_12.420   again with an army into Judaea, [421] who marched out of
Joseph:AJ_12.421   Antioch, and came into Judaea, and pitched his camp at
Joseph:AJ_13.2   hers, sprang up again in Judaea, and grew upon them, and
Joseph:AJ_13.15   fortified many cities of Judaea, whose walls had been demo
Joseph:AJ_13.22   when he had secured all Judaea with his garrisons, return
Joseph:AJ_13.24   when he was come into Judaea, wrote to all his friends,
Joseph:AJ_13.33   departure, he never came into Judaea again. [34] Then did
Joseph:AJ_13.42   garrisons that were in Judaea saw this, they all left
Joseph:AJ_13.50   of the inhabitants of Judaea, and of the three toparchi
Joseph:AJ_13.54   rchies that are added to Judaea; and it shall be in the
Joseph:AJ_13.62   his Onias saw that Judaea was oppressed by the Macedonians
Joseph:AJ_13.121   evied an army out of all Judaea, and attacked the citadel
Joseph:AJ_13.125   for the tribute of all Judaea, and the three toparchies
Joseph:AJ_13.127   which have been added to Judaea out of Samaria, with their
Joseph:AJ_13.133   ers out of the strong holds of Judaea. [134] Demetrius mad
Joseph:AJ_13.145   ctures which had been added to Judaea. [146] Moreover, he
Joseph:AJ_13.154   em, having left Simon in Judaea, [155] who raised as great
Joseph:AJ_13.155   strongest place in all Judaea; and a garrison of Demetri
Joseph:AJ_13.174   portunity of coming into Judaea; [175] so he pitched his
Joseph:AJ_13.180   brother went over all Judaea and Palestine, as far as
Joseph:AJ_13.196   intention to go up to Judaea, and make war against its
Joseph:AJ_13.203   reat army, and came into Judaea, and brought Jonathan with
Joseph:AJ_13.204   eleased, he may not make Judaea revolt from the king; for
Joseph:AJ_13.225   and sent him at once to ravage Judaea, and to seize Simon.
Joseph:AJ_13.236   ght upon him, he invaded Judaea in the fourth years' of
Joseph:AJ_13.246   ties which bordered upon Judaea, and admit a garrison of
Joseph:AJ_13.270   raid to make war against Judaea, because he heard that his
Joseph:AJ_13.273   of enjoying himself in Judaea quietly, insomuch that he
Joseph:AJ_13.284   were at Jerusalem and in Judaea were in prosperity, but
Joseph:AJ_13.318   a great part of it to Judaea, and compelled the inhabit
Joseph:AJ_13.336   ely with the rest to lay Judaea waste; [337] and when Alex
Joseph:AJ_13.345   in certain villages of Judaea, which when he found full
Joseph:AJ_13.348   grown great, and laid Judaea waste, without disturbance
Joseph:AJ_13.384   rius was departed out of Judaea, he went to Beroea, and
Joseph:AJ_13.389   an expedition against Judaea, with eight thousand armed
Joseph:AJ_13.392   an expedition against Judaea, and beat Alexander in bat
Joseph:AJ_13.419   ldiers, and was coming against Judaea. This news, as may
Joseph:AJ_14.9   came out of Babylon into Judaea; but that assertion of his
Joseph:AJ_14.15   a country that borders upon Judaea. However, Hyrcanus
Joseph:AJ_14.17   bring back Hyrcanus into Judaea, and this persuasion he
Joseph:AJ_14.29   he came himself hastily into Judaea. [30] And when he
Joseph:AJ_14.34   and Egypt, and out of Judaea also, for Aristobulus had
Joseph:AJ_14.35   eces of gold; and out of Judaea there came another, whethe
Joseph:AJ_14.47   elius, and thence marched into Judaea. [48] At this behavi
Joseph:AJ_14.49   the first entrance into Judaea when one passes over the
Joseph:AJ_14.74   which the inhabitants of Judaea had subdued, and put them
Joseph:AJ_14.80   hed him with corn out of Judaea, and with whatever else
Joseph:AJ_14.82   made an incursion into Judaea, Gabinius came from Rome
Joseph:AJ_14.87   went into other parts of Judaea, and gave order to rebuild
Joseph:AJ_14.92   ran away from Rome to Judaea, and set about the rebuild
Joseph:AJ_14.97   dingly they then returned into Judaea. [98] Now when Gabin
Joseph:AJ_14.105   the Parthians, came into Judaea, and carried off the money
Joseph:AJ_14.113   probable that those of Judaea, who had a strong city and
Joseph:AJ_14.118   Egypt, as well as does Judaea, or rather was formerly
Joseph:AJ_14.120   Tyre, he went up into Judaea also, and fell upon Tarich
Joseph:AJ_14.124   ius afterward sent it to Judaea, and caused him to be buri
Joseph:AJ_14.143   so he made him procurator of Judaea. [144] He also gave
Joseph:AJ_14.156   out of Syria, he returned to Judaea. He then immediately
Joseph:AJ_14.163   ich they received out of Judaea, and out of Hyrcanus's own
Joseph:AJ_14.184   this state were the affairs of Judaea at this time. [10.]
Joseph:AJ_14.204   ies within the bounds of Judaea; nor may soldiers exact
Joseph:AJ_14.250   out of the country of Judaea, or out of their havens,
Joseph:AJ_14.272   and he chiefly oppressed Judaea, and exacted of it seven
Joseph:AJ_14.277-280 *   Cassius was gone out of Judaea, Malichus laid snares for
Joseph:AJ_14.290   and to march thence into Judaea; and as Cassius was in has
Joseph:AJ_14.294   disturbances arose in Judaea; for Felix, who was left
Joseph:AJ_14.297   naeus, brought back into Judaea Antigonus, the son of Aris
Joseph:AJ_14.299   im, and drove him out of Judaea presently, when he was jus
Joseph:AJ_14.332-334 *   make an expedition into Judaea on that account, and carri
Joseph:AJ_14.365   igonus brought back into Judaea by the king of the Parthia
Joseph:AJ_14.379   what had befallen him in Judaea, and how Phasaelus his bro
Joseph:AJ_14.392   marched after them into Judaea, in pretence indeed to suc
Joseph:AJ_14.395   and for Silo, he was in Judaea indeed, but corrupted by
Joseph:AJ_14.411   that were come over to him, Judaea, and Galilee, and
Joseph:AJ_14.445-450 *   rbarians had made upon him [in Judaea]. [446] He also was
Joseph:AJ_14.458   many out of Jericho and Judaea, near to which places he
Joseph:AJ_15.2   now the government of all Judaea put into his hands, he
Joseph:AJ_15.79   she made him to have Judaea bestowed upon her.
Joseph:AJ_15.80   the Parthians, he returned to Judaea, when both his sister Salome
Joseph:AJ_15.92   petitioned Antony to give her Judaea and Arabia; and, in order
Joseph:AJ_15.96   Damascus, and passed on to Judaea, where Herod met her, and
Joseph:AJ_15.121   there was an earthquake in Judaea, such a one as had
Joseph:AJ_15.198   And now he returned to Judaea again with greater honour and
Joseph:AJ_15.329   temples - [329] not in Judaea indeed, for that would not
Joseph:AJ_15.350   and then he returned into Judaea again. [351] Some of the
Joseph:AJ_15.406   Cuspius who was procurator of Judaea, ordered the Jews to deposit
Joseph:AJ_20.228   til the people came into Judaea, when king Solomon erected
Joseph:BJ_1.21   tion into the country of Judaea; what was the number of
Joseph:BJ_1.22   its nature, and the limits of Judaea. And, besides this,
Joseph:BJ_1.25   arched out of Egypt into Judaea the second time; as also
Joseph:BJ_1.31   mong the men of power in Judaea, and they had a contention
Joseph:BJ_1.32   and to make an expedition into Judaea. The king being ther
Joseph:BJ_1.37   them, and drove them out of Judaea. So he came to the
Joseph:BJ_1.41   elephants, and marched through Judaea into the mountainous
Joseph:BJ_1.51   ith an army to lay waste Judaea, and to subdue Simon; [52]
Joseph:BJ_1.61   made an expedition into Judaea, and sat down before Jerus
Joseph:BJ_1.98   next night, out of all Judaea, whose flight was only ter
Joseph:BJ_1.103   an expedition against Judaea, and beat Alexander in bat
Joseph:BJ_1.105   and then returned into Judaea, after he had been three
Joseph:BJ_1.127   aring how the affairs of Judaea stood, he made haste thith
Joseph:BJ_1.129   fied, and retired out of Judaea to Philadelphia, as did
Joseph:BJ_1.134   nter into the country of Judaea, when you go up to it thro
Joseph:BJ_1.138   most fruitful country of Judaea, which bears a vast number
Joseph:BJ_1.155   president there; and reduced Judaea within its proper
Joseph:BJ_1.157   province, together with Judaea, and the countries as far
Joseph:BJ_1.160   Hyrcanus, and overran Judaea, and was likely to overtur
Joseph:BJ_1.174   ned his children back to Judaea, because Gabinius informed
Joseph:BJ_1.180   made a hasty march into Judaea; and, upon his taking Tari
Joseph:BJ_1.183   ry, and the parts adjoining to Judaea. [184] But envy prev
Joseph:BJ_1.199   ituted procurator of all Judaea, and obtained leave, moreo
Joseph:BJ_1.201   of Syria he returned to Judaea, and the first thing he
Joseph:BJ_1.225   ver, he would make him king of Judaea. [226] But it so hap
Joseph:BJ_1.231   ready to fly away into Judaea; [232] the despair he was
Joseph:BJ_1.240   these in the avenues of Judaea, he was conqueror in the
Joseph:BJ_1.244   er, when he marched into Judaea with Gabinius; so he const
Joseph:BJ_1.249   him orders to march into Judaea, in order to learn the sta
Joseph:BJ_1.288   done that, he came into Judaea, in pretence indeed to ass
Joseph:BJ_1.291   arthians, as was Silo in Judaea corrupted by the bribes
Joseph:BJ_1.302   there, viz. into Judaea, [or Idumaea,] and Galilee, and
Joseph:BJ_1.309   settle the affairs of Judaea; so Herodes willingly dism
Joseph:BJ_1.323   ean time, Herodes's affairs in Judaea were in an ill state
Joseph:BJ_1.327   legions before him into Judaea to assist Herodes, and fol
Joseph:BJ_1.362   pameia and Damascus into Judaea and there did Herodes paci
Joseph:BJ_1.364   eed from his troubles in Judaea, and having gained Hyrcani
Joseph:BJ_1.365   against the kings {of Judaea and Arabia}, she prevailed
Joseph:BJ_1.371   dents, and pretending that all Judaea was overthrown. Upon
Malal_206   the high priesthood of Judaea, and he turned the Jews'
Malal_223   us, and the tetrarchy of Judaea, which was ruled by Herode
Memn_18   Syria, Commagene, and Judaea in two battles, and drove
NicDam_136   within the kingdom [of Judaea], but by the people of Syr
Oros_7.3   sooner had Herod, king of Judaea, learned of His birth than
Oros_7.6   when Cumanus was procurator of Judaea, a commotion broke out in
Oros_7.9   leaders would come out of Judaea and seize control of the
Plin:HN_5.66   called Palestine, and Judaea, and Coele-Syria, then
Plin:HN_33.136   in the regions adjoining Judaea {63 BC} to have
Porph:Fr_35   by someone who lived in Judaea at the time of Antiochus
Porph:Fr_50   by the Egyptians, he came to Judaea . . . and plundered
Porph:Fr_55   the glorious country", that is Judaea . . . and he fortifi
Porph:Fr_45-47 *   had gained control of Judaea, Scopas the Aetolian was
Poseidon_70   who live near the Dead Sea in Judaea. [71] [282.K] & Stra

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