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  Jupiter   - king of the gods in Roman religion; equivalent to the Greek Zeus
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  + Jove , Jovis
293/4 Fabius dedicates a temple to Jupiter Victor.
292/1 iumph over the Samnites, and dedicates a colossal statue of Jupiter.
278/5 temple is dedicated to Jupiter Summanus.
211/31 C.Claudius, a priest of Jupiter, is forced to resign after setting
194/20 dedicated to Juno Matuta, Faunus, Fortuna Primigenia, and Jupiter.
183/9 .Scipio visits the temple of Jupiter on the Capitol before making imp
155/21 fig-tree grows on the altar of Jupiter on the Capitol.
146/9 paved floor is laid in the temple of Jupiter Capitolinus.
144/11 tellus constructs temples to Jupiter and Juno within the portico
87/62 itius reports a message from Jupiter, promising Sulla victory in the
84/35 L_683, recording the dedication of a reservoir to Jupiter at Capua.
69/25 buildings, especially the temple of Jupiter, on the Capitol at Rome.
57/20 enate meets in the temple of Jupiter Capitolinus, and summons citizen
52/68 pounds of gold are stolen from the throne of Jupiter Capitolinus.
32/20 Octavianus starts to restore the temple of Jupiter Feretrius.
    Within translations:
[Tib]:PanMes_118 to your prayers. Jupiter himself rode in airy chariot
Aelian:NA_12.33 mself and the Citadel of Jupiter would have been captured
Cic:Brut_121 sophers tell us, that if Jupiter himself was to converse
CIL_10.809 cate the spolia opima to Jupiter Feretrius, after kil
CIL_1.1 15 legitimate {or be . . . to Jupiter} 16 god . . .
CIL_1.4 ith a curse? By the gods Jupiter, Veiovis, and Saturn
CIL_1.10 worn the honoured cap of Jupiter's holy priest: Death
CIL_1.20 the people gave a twentieth to Jupiter. CIL_1 .26 L
CIL_1.60 ortune, first-born daughter of Jupiter. CIL_1 .62 L
CIL_1.1816 Paid as a vow to Jupiter willingly and deservedly by
CIL_1.1920 edly on Mercury. [b] Sacred to Jupiter of the Styx. C
CIL_1.2235 lave of Marcus set up image of Jupiter God of Freedom.
CIL_1.360 deservedly to Juno Lueina in Jupiter's Fasting-time.
CIL_1.361 Juno Lucina, after celebrating Jupiter's Fasting-time.
CIL_1.364 On one side. To Jupiter Juno and Minerva a gift bes
CIL_1.366 all make sin-offering to Jupiter with an ox; if any
CIL_1.386 this as a gift deservedly on Jupiter. CIL_1 .387 L
CIL_1.394 this as a gift on Hercules, Jupiter's son, for fav
CIL_1.546 cloak of a bronze status of Jupiter. District of Or
CIL_1.675 to Venus, daughter of Jupiter, and held games, in the
CIL_1.682 atively the foremen} for Jupiter Fellow-villager sh
CIL_1.688 [ix] An altar to Jupiter; origin and
CIL_1.725 tors, a statue 'Rome' to Jupiter Capitolinus and the R
CIL_1.990 gave this, for a memorial, to Jupiter of Oaths; from
CIL_add.7 (early 1st cent.)   iness; Public Holiday. To Jupiter Victor; To Jup
CIL_add.8 (1st cent. A.D.)   iness in Court. Vinalia. To Jupiter. [A libation of
Diod_37.11 & "By Capitoline Jupiter , Vesta of Rome, Mars the patro
ElegMaec_1.69 ender fitting service to Jove bent on love, until in Ida's
ElegMaec_2.1 I not sink in death, O Jupiter, before young Drusus' nar
Ennius:Ann_* 57-60 * assage of Homer he had read of Jupiter feasting there. [58
Ennius:Ann_63 made answer, [63-4] & Jupiter foretells to Mars that
Ennius:Ann_66 plains. [66-9] & Jupiter orders Tiber to subside : FRONT
Ennius:Ann_101 for quam . . . - Jupiter! Yes, truly relies he more on
Ennius:Ann_106 had built a temple to Jupiter Feretrius, be caused grea
Ennius:Ann_150 Republic & & L & [150] & Jupiter's omen to Priscus on his
Ennius:Ann_207 [207-8] & A soliloquy of Jupiter (during the battle of Ben
Ennius:Ann_253 to my commands. Jupiter stands on our side.' Ennius in
Ennius:Ann_293 RVIUS : In Ennius, Jupiter is introduced as promising the
Ennius:Ann_354 'Give them destruction, Jupiter, with utter hell! [356]
Ennius:Ann_448 all upon him not only as Jupiter but also as lord of the
Ennius:Ann_450 smile.' He represents Jupiter as happy and such as he
Euseb]:Chron_287 claimed to rival the power of Jupiter. When there were
FastCap_p88 the nail" (in the temple of Jupiter). Censors. Two cens
GranLic_13 ind, sat [13] on the throne of Jupiter. Therefore the Capi
GranLic_6 amous temple of Olympian Jupiter at Athens had long remain
Joseph:AJ_14.36 Rome, in the temple of Jupiter Capitolinus, with this
Just_11.11 went to the temple of Jupiter Ammon, to consult the ora
Just_11.7 city, in the temple of Jupiter, was deposited the yoke
Just_12.15 to be buried in the temple of Jupiter Ammon. When his
Just_12.2 Macedonia, so that of Jupiter at Dodona had admonished
Just_16.5 imes called himself the son of Jupiter. When he appeared
Just_17.3 going to the temple of Jupiter at Dodona to consult the
Just_18.5 us, where the priest of Jupiter, with his wife and childr
Just_24.2 most sacred temple of Jupiter, held in high veneration
Just_32.2 sault upon the temple of Jupiter in Elymais, hoping that
Just_39.2 ich was in the temple of Jupiter, to be removed, palliatin
Just_43.1 een dislodged from his seat by Jupiter. After him, third
Malal_225 he built the temple of Jupiter at Rome and renovated the
Naev:Pun_1 You daughters nine of Jupiter, harmonious sisters, Naev
Naev:Pun_13 Venus complains to Jupiter, who gives a comforting reply
Nepos:Att_20 that when the temple of Jupiter Feretrius, built in the
NicDam_130.73 the temple of Capitoline Jupiter, saying that it was more
NicDam_130.116 ely went up into the temple of Jupiter, and sent them afte
OGIS_762 (c. 167)   up in the temple of Jupiter Capitolinus in Rome a
Ovid:Cons_165 chiefest care of mighty Jove?" He spoke, and in anger lef
Ovid:Cons_199 the great hall of eager Jove, strong in the thunderbolt,
Ovid:Cons_21 her, to pay your vows to Jove, to pay your vows to the arm
Ovid:Cons_299 less than the wife of mighty Jove. You were his freely
Ovid:Cons_377 ready made gentle. Jupiter before gave the baleful sign
Plinius:Ep_1.7 that Homer attributed to Jupiter, Best and Greatest:- "One
Plinius:Ep_2.6 that they do." And, by Jove, the fact is that if you kee
Plinius:Ep_3.6 ally had in mind the Temple of Jupiter. For the statue see
Plinius:Ep_7.6 speech : "Excellent, by Jove, excellent; but what is the
Plinius:Ep_8.8 red temple, where stands Jupiter Clitumnus himself clad
Sall:Hist_3.34 are waiting for the advice of Jupiter or some other one
SelPap_1.199 ht. Sun in Pisces, Jupiter and Mercury in Aries, Sa
SelPap_1.200 Leo at the beginning; Jupiter in Virgo 2 [.]' ; V
SelPap_2.340 of the interests of our god Jupiter Capitolinus. In

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