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  Labienus   (T. Labienus) - tribune of the plebs, 63 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
63/10 Labienus and Caesar accuse C.Rabirius of treason, but he is defended
63/12 ests is transferred back to the people, on the proposal of Labienus.
58/35 Caesar and Labienus defeat the Helvetii by the river Arar.
54/52 Labienus defeats and kills Indutiomarus, the leader of the Treveri.
53/26 Labienus defeats the Treveri.
52/48 Labienus defeats the Gauls near Lutetia.
49/9 Labienus deserts Caesar and joins his opponents.
48/9 tart talks with Pompeius' army, but Labienus opposes any compromise.
46/4 Caesar's army is attacked by Labienus and Petreius, and suffers many
46/9 Caesar beats back another attack by Labienus.
46/12 Labienus insists that Scipio should reward a brave soldier.
Oros_6.9   battle, in which the tribune Labienus lost his life. In a
Oros_6.10   to destroy the camp of Labienus and the legion which the
Oros_6.16   over the whole earth. T. Labienus and Attius Varus were slain
ValMax_8.14.5   who had acted bravely, T. Labienus advised him to give a

  Labienus 2   (Q. Labienus) - son of T.Labienus, who defected to the Parthians
Wikipedia entry
42/3 Brutus and Cassius send Labienus to gain the support of the Parthians
40/5 Q.Labienus and the Parthians invade Syria and defeat the army of Saxa
40/21 Labienus overruns Roman territory as far as Asia Minor.
39/5 Ventidius drives Labienus out of Asia Minor, and defeats him near the
    Within translations:
Festus:Brev.18 Parthians, with Labienus, who had been of the Pompeian
Just_42.4 made an alliance with Labienus, and, under the leadersh
THI_9 (c. 30)   t by the ravages of Labienus; and because they fo

  Labienus 3   (Q. Labienus) - a supporter of Saturninus, killed in 100 B.C.
Oros_5.17   next forced Saturninus, Saufeius, and Labienus to flee for refuge
Oros_5.17   next forced Saturninus, Saufeius, and Labienus to flee for refuge to

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